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  1. Ha, you must be a mindreader Exactly my thoughts, and it does seem much harder to get a mortgage these days. Do you think its the issue with mortgages that are causing the SSTC coming back on to the market you're seeing ? Latest mortgage approvals from BoE show a big fall off in September.
  2. There's a few properties that we've been looking at, that all have gone SSTC in the Mumbles, Sketty & Derwen Fawr area in the last couple of weeks. We'd probably have put an offer in if not for a family bereavement, and holiday booked ages ago. It's upset the missus a bit, as she'd really liked these, and we've also been looking for a while. I was just trying to assess the chance of one of them coming back on the market.
  3. Hi Tulip Any particular areas you are seeing SSTC coming back on the market ? Or is it just generally across Swansea ?
  4. Says detached in the title header ?
  5. Same old story though, isn't it. Unless the "seller" is trying to move on due to death, divorce, job move/loss etc they are not that motivated to be reasonable on the pricing. For those with a mortgage, low interest rates continue to help them out. Until unemployment or interest rates go up (hitting sellers on the breadline, but also hitting affordability for buyers) the current situation will just grind along re prices.
  6. Does anyone know what this means in the title description of properties on Rightmove (r-p) Example link http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-35623558.html Does it mean repossession - seen a few with this in the title ?
  7. Which one was that Tulip - got a link ?
  8. That's interesting Tulip - any links you have I can read up on ?
  9. 2k a month, I hope you mean ! Where you been looking Tulip - still West Swansea / Mumbles ? I've been eyeing up llangennith, Reynoldston or some of the remoter areas of Gower lately - but I agree with you in that they can be very isolated
  10. Possibly. I also get the feeling that some know that the asking prices are ludicrous, but know if they state to the seller "you're pricing too high" then they run the risk of upsetting them and them buggering off elsewhere. The ones I've met haven't been the sharpest tools in the box, either. They even pissed off the owner of the last viewing I had with some of the inane and blatantly false drivel they were spouting at me about the location, schools etc
  11. I've rung up a few agents lately, enquiring about the odd house or two to view. I have then been beseiged by what feels like every other agent in the office ringing me pushing the other properties they have , even though they fall nowhere near my stated requirements in terms of location, price etc The hard sell during and after the viewings has been laughable, really.
  12. Assume 10 % off asking as the price you complete on (I would say the norm in the current market if the seller is serious), takes you down roughly to what was paid for it
  13. In relation to this bit..... "However, a sharp downward adjustment to house prices would improve affordability but would have severe wider consequences on the housing market and housing supply" Did you ask them to clarify or expand on what these sever wider consequences are , and why they are so severe ?
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