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  1. My employer was shut down two months ago with the loss of virtually all employees (100+). A token force was kept on to avoid the >100 = 3 months consultation period vs <100 = 1 month consultation period situation.
  2. Yeah, it's amazing how attitudes can differ due to upbringing. For my own history, my mother's father lived through the Great Depression and after suffering that he never wanted to be without work again. He walked from one major city in the North West to another major city in the South West in order to find work and after he got it he never let go. In the end he worked himself to death because he never wanted to take time off for fear of anything going wrong. As for my own parents, they bought at the peak of the 70s housing boom and I can recall as a child having a lot less than my peers. At
  3. I was assuming it was similar to the situation a friend of mine has had. First off, he bought a place years back when it was dirt cheap and run down. He did it up bit by bit and then property went off like a rocket. After that, he met someone, they also had a place, so they decided to move in together. The plan was to sell each of their respective houses and move into a bigger/better/nicer one. His partner succeeded in selling. He, on the other hand, took a more complex route. He decided to extend the house in order to increase its value and then sell it. The extension bit went fine. The s
  4. I think it's the bit where they try anything to avoid coughing up when the honest and genuine claims come in. I remember years back a friend having his car stolen, joyridden and torched, and he was fuming when the insurers would only give him something like 50% of its market value.
  5. There's a handy website for non-motorway places just off the motorways...can't remember what it's called though.
  6. I've had something similar with Scottish Power. The first guy was so shifty I thought it was one of those "guy at the front keeps you talking while someone nips round the back to steal something" type setups, so I reported it to the police. They said they'd heard this sort of thing going on before and that it was usually genuine but that the salesmen were notorious for shifty and forceful behaviour. The next time round, next dodgy character, I contacted Scottish Power directly and they said it was against company policy to do this sort of thing and apologised. If it happens again, I'm going
  7. There was the case of my mother pranging another woman's car last year. Oh, except it was in fact the other woman who reversed into my mother's car while my mother was in the process of getting into it and hadn't even started the engine. Said woman was very apologetic but somehow by the time it reached the insurance stage, the story had morphed into how my mother had driven straight into the other woman's car. It escalated and escalated with increasingly threatening letters from the other woman's insurers, demanding more and more money for compensation as time went by. When it finally went t
  8. Sounds like everyone is largely OK... Cept me. I'm glad I've been in "recession mode" for a little while and have sizeable savings...because my employer is going bust. I'll be unemployed in a month or so. Let the job hunt begin
  9. Wow, it's like you live in my house! Can't wait to move away from them...if only we could find somewhere with a reasonable guarantee that the next batch of neighbours won't be just as bad or worse... Couldn't agree more with that one. The current lot are infuriating but they're nothing compared to the alcoholic mental case at the last place.
  10. I think this is the most spot-on post in this entire thread. I'm glad it's not just me who's been noticing this. What seems to be happening is that kids are over-sexualised, pushed to grow up faster, and are sometimes (through lack of proper parenting) ending up having to make adult decisions before their time. On the flip side, the adults are having decisions taken off them by nannying government interference, or refuse to take responsibility through selfishness and laziness. The end result is this sort of settling into the lowest common denominator - it seems to me we're becoming a nation
  11. The sign of things to come? My current situation is that my landlady has "reviewed her finances" and decided to sell the house. After 1 person looking around a few months back, all has gone very very quiet. Since we're absolutely fed up of the area anyway, we were already looking for somewhere to live, so it hasn't made that much of a difference. Anyway, about a month ago we looked around a rather nice little place out in the country. We were happy to go ahead and apply for it provided it was agreed that either the place was cleaned up or that the first month's rent was reduced or removed co
  12. That was precisely the first thing that I thought. I honestly don't think you (we) have anything to worry about because I reckon someone somewhere will break any such story regardless of the government's ideas about secrecy, and everyone will find out anyway. It's a complete waste of time and empty gesturing, like most of the government's ideas.
  13. I noticed that too. For anyone who hasn't been to America, our pickup trucks are essentially car-sized, maybe a bit bigger, whereas American pickup trucks are on a different scale of at least 1.5 times their average car size, and they're so cheap that anyone can afford a monster. On all three occasions I've been, spanning 20 years, I've found the radio was unbelievably awful. On the other hand their driving is a million times more relaxed and less aggressive. The last time I went I enjoyed driving again for the first time in years. No chavs tailgating you, although the one idiot driver w
  14. It sniffs like spin to pin the blame on the nasty city people - who, granted, are involved in some of the shady deals, sure - but without any mention of the too-low interest rates and BTL and various other peoples' greed.
  15. Disappointing, ultimately. I suppose it was supposed to focus on sub-prime, but it seemed to be spending too much time trying to pin the blame on crooks and whatnot without taking account just how expensive things have become.
  16. Hrm...this is going downhill. Basically the gist of it seems to be that if you're an idiot or poor or a crook then you might have been had by a bunch of mortgage cads. How awful, etc. Come on! What about the huge costs to the average joe? Is that not going to get any mention? Love the boarded up windows on those executive "apartments"...
  17. Can't believe this is actually the BBC. It's just one big beargasm so far. Although there seems to be a lot of "this is affecting people with little/no income" as if to imply that everyone else can easily afford it.
  18. From the BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7016634.stm
  19. Maybe I've missed something but the first thing that occurs to me is that this: "These people cannot afford to buy will buy as soon as they are able." is not necessarily true. I suppose you could argue that: "Assumption: the average buyer or seller does not think too much about the 'market' and forms views based on media opinion and the views of friends and family." covers it, but if the market is dropping I would suspect that a certain percentage will NOT buy as soon as they are able because they believe (1) prices will drop further thus getting them a better house later on and (2) the va
  20. I pass that factory on the way to work every day. You could see the chimney looming out of the low-lying mist. You'd certainly hope they don't build houses down there, it's really damp except in the summer.
  21. Hey, I've crossed that bridge! Didn't see any bears though.
  22. Can they borrow more cheaply from Europe anyway? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?
  23. There was an Ocean Finance one on last night. "Where can I get the money I need?" the bloke asks. "Northern Rock maybe?" says me. Plus that sodding Spanish property ad. Buy Spanish property. Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! Some of it may even have been built.
  24. "I won't let you down." In case it's escaped your attention, and apparently it has, you already have. ***** :angry:
  25. Dunno if this is relevant, but I tried to buy some GBS this morning and it simply wouldn't go through. Two messages, can't remember the first one. The second one was something about exceeding a limit on purchases. Tried again about 30 mins later and it worked.
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