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    Sold to rent 07, and getting fed up waiting for the crash - armageddon could have been and gone, but the looney vendors around here would still expect their heap of rubble to be worth a fortune!<br />
  1. Okay, if a second job was a real job such as front line nursing, police beat officer, road maintenance engineer, ambulance driver, builder/plumber/electrician, factory worker, street cleaner, territorial army, farm worker, small business owner (and I mean small, like a local grocers, pharmacy, newsagents) etc etc...I think you get the gist... then I would say it would provide MPs with 'real life' worthwhile experience. However, with the exception of the few doctors and dentists who are MPs, the second and subsequent 'jobs' they do are just as divorced from the life of the everyday working population as their political jobs. Many 'work' as Board members of various corporations, and I expect they take as little interest in these companies as they do of the electorate - just turn up for a few meetings, vote as their mates tell them to and collect a nice, fat salary. I'd fully support my MP doing additional work to their parliamentary duties if it was good, honest labour that really contributed to the community and kept them in touch with what was really happening in the country, but some cushy directorship of some multinational congomerate...no way. They get paid a decent wage for doing a full time job as an MP and should ensure that this is their main priority.
  2. When I saw teachers asking for 10% I wondered if they are trying to get their snouts in the trough big time, thinking the government might use this as a way to pump more money into the economy....then again that would be crediting teachers with being able to follow some kind of logic (albeit warped and about as remote as the north pole) Mind you, teachers are one group who might just be stupid enough to carry out Gordons cunning spend, spend, spend plan for him, and willing to keep paying overinflated house prices for their BTL portfolios - every teacher I know has at least one BTL property!!! I work in the NHS and while I wouldn't turn my nose up at a pay rise, I wouldn't expect or ask for one while this sorry economic mess plays out (unless inflation really takes off of course!!!!) I am not insular enough to believe the public sector is immune from cutbacks. Hubby works in private industry, and if we both come through this with jobs in tact we'll think ourselves very fortunate and count our blessings. But none of the teachers I know show such humility or any appreciation of what it is like to live in the real world.
  3. Hi SK and everyone else (at this ungodly hour...off to bed after this) I'm up late doing a project for work...I thought it was about time somebody did something at my place to improve staff wellbeing, and after 5 months of not being heard, I've decided to write a proposal and send it to the directors. It isn't my job, it's totally out of my area of responsibility, but somebody has to do something. I'm doing it because I'm tired of hearing stories like yours SK. We spend more time at work than doing anything else in our lives, and it doesn't have to be crap and stressful, people shouldn't have to put up with being treated like dirt, just to prove they are hard-working and dedicated. So SK, I hope you find it reassuring that a few little people like me are trying to make a difference - even if I do stir up a hornets nest for myself...oh well, who wants a boring life anyway!!! Hope the writing is a new beginning, and that you find it therapeutic too. You're very readable and articulate. Good luck with the studying too...who knows where it will lead you??!! And here's a Buddhist story you might find helps you to live in the here and now, enjoy those walks and your photography, and not worry about the future: The situation we always live in is like that of the wise Chinese farmer whose horse ran off. When his neighbour came to console him the farmer said “Who knows what’s good or bad?” When his horse returned the next day with a herd of horses following her, the foolish neighbour came to congratulate him on his good fortune. “Who knows what’s good or bad?” said the farmer. Then, when the farmer’s son broke his leg trying to ride one of the new horses, the foolish neighbour came to console him again. “Who knows what’s good or bad?” said the farmer. When the army passed through, conscripting men for war, they passed over the farmer’s son because of his broken leg. When the foolish man came to congratulate the farmer that his son would be spared, again the farmer said “Who knows what’s good or bad?” When do we expect the story to end? We may think a particular situation is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but how do we know where that situation will take us... and what calamity was avoided because it happened? Enjoy the moments of your life you are living now, for this moment is your life.
  4. I agree with you Quokka, all the EAs are doing by trying to ramp up prices is dragging out the inevitable fall. All EAs should get together and agree to re 'value' properties on their books at 20% from peak...any vendor that refuses to reprice their property should be taken off their books. Then they should agree to reprice every 3 months to keep asking prices realistic. The sooner EAs realise that realistic prices will increase their sales, the better it will be for all of us (except Mr and Mrs MEWER who thought they could use their home as a cash machine for all eternity!!!) At the most this is a dead cat bounce, at the least it's a statistical anomoly....but the sheeple are too stupid (or debted up to the eyeballs) to realise this. And targetting the North East as an investment opportunity is an insult everyone who lives here, who is trying to buy a home of their own. :angry: :angry: :angry:
  5. WE know it's bulls##t but the idiots who are still barely dropping asking prices will believe they were right - ie this 'downturn' is only a blip. Just when they were starting to get a tad realistic, this stuff on the front page will make them dig their heels in again. Guess my plan of starting to look for a reasonalbly priced place later this year has been put back another 6 months by this stupid headline. Aaaaarrrghhh....getting fed up with renting and just want to get a home of my own. :angry:
  6. I was talking to my hubbie today - who is still convinced the darned vendors will never reduce their prices - but I told him they've got to drop, nothings's holding them up but stubborness. Then I explained it to him like this...the housing market at the moment is like a hot brick on an icey lake - it's moving imperceptibly downwards, but it's burning through the ice, then whooomph, when there really is nothing left holding it up, it'll sink, oh, just like a brick !!! Night night all, I'll sleep soundly with that lovely image in my mind )
  7. Erm Hamish, sorry to disappoint you, but my STR fund interest is still paying my rent - okay, all be it only just paying it, but I'm not losing £5,000 a month on a deprecitating asset!!!!!!! Keeping my £250k until I can buy a decent house without a mortgage.... shouldn't be too long now, by the end of this year I reckon.
  8. Now now boys and girls, there is no need to be insulting about the lady. However, she clearly has no grasp of economics and how her market sits within the UK or globally. I would love to see her, Phil, Beeney and the Irish chap (some property investor they keep wheeling out at the moment as a 'property expert' who's name I can't be bothered to find but I'm sure you know who I mean) on a live show pitted against the likes of Roger Bootle, Jonathan Davis and a few of the HPC regulars who so clearly articulate the current situation, it's history and the reasons why a large HPC is happening, and wIll continue to run it's course. "Allsopp... is prepared to take on the economists. On the radio last week, she accused Will Hutton of exaggerating when he started comparing Britain to 1930s America." And a message me to all FTBs and renters HAVE PATIENCE - DO NOT LISTEN TO THE VI HYPE - DO NOT BUY NOW - THE PRICES HAVE MUCH FURTHER TO FALL AND TODAY'S 'BARGAIN' WILL LOAD YOU WITH NEG EQUITY FOR YEARS TO COME.
  9. I find it really interesting that HPC'ers who have ranted on for so long about the sheeple, VIs, guvmints etc being in denial about an impending/now occuring HPC are in their own, fingers in their ears lala land of denial that... 1) climate change is happening, and 2) climate change is being accelerated by the activities of humankind Plenty of very well written and evidenced posts above to support this (well done guys) Just like the live now pay tomorrow, debt driven institutions, economies and public who have cluelessly and avaricely stumbled into the financial/HPC meltdown are now stunned about where it all went wrong, I can see the same happening with climate change. Guvmints fiddling on around the edges and the masses in denial until one day they wake up and realise they've pushed the eco and climate systems beyond tipping point.... but lalalalala we didn't want to believe it because it meant us making a few sacrifices and changing our rampant consumerist pursuits and desire for sanitised perfection. Guvmints and the gutless wonders who are our excuses for politicians are not helping (do they ever!!!) the sheeple to take climate change, biodiversity and ecological issues seriously - the action they do take is token and wrapped up too much with easy tax takes. Good post way up in this thead about taxing produce from high CO2 emitting countries...such action would show courage and a real determination to make an effective difference. Oh, and on the point about "where have all the birds and bees gone?" answer is habitat/food loss (larger fields, less hedgerows; plantation pine taking over mixed, deciduous native forests; tidy, decked and paved gardens full of non-native plants...you get my drift) and pesticides/chemical based farming and monoculture crops. Please guys, if you take one message from all of this, please stop using chemicals in your garden, and make some effort to make it wildlife friendly. Without the bees, we are all screwed!!!!
  10. I'm amazed at you guys, nobody's mentioned the worst bit...she said a new series of "Knock that wall down, move the bathroom, and you'll have made a killing in a year or two" (AKA Location etc) is on the way. Can't wait to see her and Phil 'phoning EAs with 'cheeky' offers...go on Kirsty, dare you to lead the market down with 30%, 40% maybe 50% off asking price....after all, aren't you supposed to be working for the interests of the buyer - if they are buying in a falling market, are you going to ensure they minimise their loss??!! And if they filmed any with a first time buyer in the past year, and they actually bought, somebody should sue this pair.
  11. Thanks for the regional graph, Meow. The northern region line bears no resemblence to the explosion in asking prices that happened in 2006/2007. I'd always felt the market had been pretty much stagnant during that time, but asking prices for larger detached around chester le street seemed to go up 10 - 15 % last year alone. One lunatic has just put a property up for 345k, when similar houses in same street that have been on the market since last year are up for 270k to 335k...and still no sigh of shifting. EAs have to start refusing to market properties that are unrealistically priced - if they are either too stupid, or too weak to do this, they'll all end up out of business.
  12. Good thought Cheshiredoc - as some of the indices, such as Rightmove, are based on asking prices, you've got a really valid point there!!!! How would it look if June's figure showed a sudden 10% drop as all the asking prices become more realistic (which it should do, but obviously won't!!) As Cogs says, this is becoming a journalist's dream (are there any real investigative journalists still out there??)
  13. I watched the first episode of the current Location series a few weeks ago...worse than a horror movie, I watched through my fingers, peeking over a cushion as Kirsty led an innocent FTB into paying the asking price on a house next to a development site. This was filmed last summer, and even I had a gut feeling at that time that house prices were going to fall or at best remain stagnant for a good while. I'm no expert, and at that point I was just following economic reporting in the Telegraph. If they can publicly provide such bad advice to this poor girl (the FTB) surely Kirsty & co can not be paraded as property experts!!!! Maybe the Location series could be followed up with Location - what's it worth now!!
  14. Maybe they are doing this to provide confusing data for propertysnake.com and property bee. And like you guys I had wondered if EAs are deliberately marking property up and hoping that badly informed buyers will think they got a bargain if they manage to negotiate a reduction. But hopefully most buyers these days look at sold prices data before making their own decisions about the value of a property. I also wonder how legal some of the EAs current marketing tactics may be?? I don't know anything at all about this, but seeing EA adverts with "summer sale - reduced until 30 June" and similar banners, made the words Advertising Standards and Office of Fair Trading run through my head. Maybe they have to legally increase their so called "sale" prices after said period for legal reasons (gosh, I think I've just credited EAs with having a modocum of moral fibre there!!!). But if they are increasing prices and then labelling these properties as "new price" it may well be factual, but in my mind extremely misleading in the current market. I think all EAs should have to show the pricing history of properties, which would also show how long they have been on the market.
  15. A bit of information for buyers in north west Newcastle area... Driving along the A1 the other day, and out of curiosity I called in on the Greenhills development at Kingston Park (oh, sorry, they call it Gosforth cos it's on the extreme edge of the Great Park land!!! The Great Park is tenuously Gosforth as it is, so do they think people are really going to be taken in by this mis-representation??!!) Just stuck my head into one of the sales offices (won't say which one, but I'm sure they are all in the same boat) to enquire what they had available etc and their advertised prices are still totally OTT (IMHO). BUT casually asked about a property (5 bed, double garage, no idea what the plot was like) they need to sell cos it's already built, and being advertised at 440k - all I then asked is can they offer any discounts as we would be ready to proceed, and she immediately said she could sell it for 400k !!!! I have never known an on site sales person be willing or able to discount by 10% on a casual enquiry, without even blinking!!! Okay, I don't have 400k to spend and it's way too far north for me, so I haven't put any thought into what those houses might actually be 'worth' in the current climate. And don't know what prices these houses have actually sold for, so don't know how inflated the sales tag price might be. I didn't pursue the enquiry with any further, but I wonder where somebody who was really interested might get with negotiations ...I'm not very good at bluffing, so I'd have to be really interested in a property/knowledgable about the area etc to be able to test the market properly. I expect that this apparent 10% discount is actually pretty pathetic, but it tells me how bad things really are in the building and housing sectors.... I bought newbuilds in 1989 and 1998 with no chance of a discount or even being able to wangle having the garden turfed!!!!! How things are changing!!! I feel this is just more evidence that buyers who don't have a property to sell should wait for the market to weaken further before they commit to buying - or if they really can't wait any longer that they should only buy if they can negotiate a MASSIVE discount. DON'T BE TAKEN IN BY 10-20% REDUCTIONS on new builds, or older properties - they may seem like a great deal now but you may end up losing out over the next year or two. Where the bottom of all this is, nobody knows, but I'm pretty sure that we haven't hit it yet!!!
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