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  1. Ex council I think, yeah. I was tempted to buy it, pay the mortage for 2~3 years (instead of rent where I am now) until other houses have found similar drops, then move to a bigger house, but it's not a nice area and I wouldn't save much (plus the risks involved in finding a sale and the loss of being a 'no chain' buyer), so I decided it's not worth it. I'll stick with my original 3 year plan. When I say it's "not a nice area", all things are relative - the local newspaper headline when I moved here was "Christmas decorations not as good as last year" and that's about as exciting as it ever gets round here. rofl
  2. I haven't looked at NetHousePrices to see when it was bought TBH, but I'd hedge my bets that that massive price drop was because it was repossessed, and the most likely reason it was repossessed was because it was bought 2~3 years ago and the person stretched themselves.
  3. A genuine sale at a >50% fall and no-one even comments? Silly me talking about HOUSE PRICES.
  4. Here is mine. I don't have Property Bee at work, but IIRC it was put on the market for £125,000 in June 2008. The asking price was nibbled down to ~£90k by Decemeber - a reduction of 28% - but wait for it... It was reduced again at Christmas and has now Sold STC, for £59,995 - a reduction of 52%. (which is about what these houses were selling for in late 2000 when I moved here). http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-10453251.html
  5. ... Full story here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/7812010.stm
  6. I watch the propertysnake figures too, and they grew at a broadly constant rate for month after month; until RightMove changed their website (and put pices up? remember the agents' upset reported a month or so ago?) and the numbers then started to drop off. With the tie-in to the changes on the website, I suspect less agents are advertising through rightmove and the propertysnake screen scrape isn't working as well any more. The crash is still on.
  7. Thanks for checking for me. I think I'll add that to my watch list, as one of many indicators of sheeple sentiment.
  8. Genius how about this one; another "fixed" price? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-100...p;mam_disp=true (I don't have access to property bee from here )
  9. "£110,000 (Fixed Price)" http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-185...p;mam_disp=true I wonder how long it'll stay "fixed" for.
  10. I saw some chaps 'moving' building materials into a van (I suspect looting) at a smallish, looked-like-it-had-been-mothballed, development near Evesham as I passed through on the train the other week. Does that count?
  11. I may have to break out the last bag of microwave popcorn on Monday.
  12. Look what's on immediately afterwards: Panarama <spit> BBC1 How Safe Is My Money? "Reporter Jane Corbin heads an in-depth look into how current crises in the financial world could hit Britons in the pocket further down the line, looking at how banks, mortgages, insurance and pensions may be affected. Presented by Jeremy Vine" EDIT PMSL - and then immediately after that, over on Ch4!.... The Price of Property: Fool's Gold "Journalist Jon Henley continues his journey around the UK with a trip to Manchester. He meets the architect of the city's regeneration, as well as some of those most affected by the changing fortunes of the housing market, including a woman among the first to buy her council house and another who lost so much on her seven properties that she is losing her family home"
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