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  1. A bit of imagination and hard work and you can really make them nice. Most are 1962 time warps decoration wise, but the gardens are usually spot on.
  2. This is an important point. Basically what we are asking is has mass building techniques improved or got worse. I’d say worse, but as already alluded to by Wayward, people still buy them so it’s their look out. Mass new builds are awful, and have been for a while. When you consider the innovations and progress in other countries to the basic same $hit they’ve been building in Uk for 15 years, but with ever increasing cost cutting. That said there’s some cracking smaller scale new houses and of course self building energy saving dwellings. There’s simply no comparison to a new well designed and soundly built home. I must admit I’m a sucker for older houses, especially old Yorkstone cottages... sold my 1920s terrace and it did need a lot of work, but this was mainly down to decades of neglect. Apart from that no complaints. That said I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a well looked after ex council house. Currently in a mid 90s build. Proportions aren’t bad to be fair and decent garden. Windows and doors are starting to shot though. Internal doors light and cheap. Nothing compared to my hard wood Edwardian originals in my old house.
  3. Nope you’re on the Money there I think. If my memory serves me correctly, Belgium and Switzerland struggle too for similar reasons. Which I was quite surprised at. Too much Chocolate and Leffe obviously
  4. Back tracking I see... why don’t you share the safety and performance numbers of the hospitals run by circle and serco..
  5. The beds are blocked because of an acute lack of provision of care thanks to social care funding.
  6. Indeed. But when writing Direct Democracy, which system did Hunt suggest we have instead? Which one do you think we'd end up with? Also EIRE has a part socialised system, but still have the same demand issues via demographics.
  7. I'm not. those responsible should be kicked out of the door and never allowed to practice again. I'm just taking issue with the distortion of perspective as a whole.
  8. I worked with safety data so yes thanks. A surgical feck up would rarely be classed as moderate. It would be a major at least unless it was something trivial. Wrong site surgery for example is a potential never event. Things like pressure ulcers are problematic. Patients could come in from a care home say with a grade 2 (moderate) but can esculate higher if the ulcer progresses. How does 0.4% of all reported incidents classed as major or catastrophic (not 0.4% of all admissions remember ) compare with other health care systems? To be clear I'm not saying 0.4% is great, but it isn't exactly the horrific picture being portrayed either.
  9. nope he insinuated that as many get harmed/killed as treated. Yet giving him the benefit of the doubt and say you're right, where was his evidence? Someone did a quick gogle to suggest the contrary straight away for one case.
  10. Will include everything but it's a sound assumption. Ideally it will be zero, but you'd struggle to find anywhere boasting that. 0.4 percent isn't exactly the picture being portrayed though, is it?
  11. You know Casualty is a TV programme and not real right? As posted previously (with supplied patient safety link), Incidents of serious harm or god forbid worse in Acute Hospitals was less then 0.4%. Off you feck with your BS.
  12. If only the nhs wasn’t already broken up a million times over and semi privatised already .. which is causing most the waste and over spend. but you ready know this.. yet on you carry with your BS
  13. The tables have to be turned, or we all die. Basic Conway's game of life stuff.
  14. Big part of the non-clinical group works to maintain the marketisation ideaology. The reorganisation in 2010 made things much worse. When assessing the headcount moving PCTS to CCGS, they took the latest demands, and actually realised they needed more keyboard tappers, not less. So for example instead of PCTs, you get CCGs, CSSs and GP Commisisioning. Ah but GPs can't commission themselves, so we need another body to commission them... etc etc.
  15. They're interdimensional silly..
  16. Exactly. Tar anyone poking their nose into any financial chicanary as a conspiracy theorist, and people instantly image up some nut who believes in crisis actors etc, instantly disscrediting them despite any uncoverings. Brilliant framing really.
  17. Unfortunately 2 years tops. My mistake before was staying in the same place for too long. Not any more.
  18. It goes both ways. If you over achieve in your NHS band, you stilll get the same pay rise. You can only 'progress' by moving jobs to the band above. Contrast this to the private sector (those without scales/bands) and in theory there's no limit to what you can be paid for your job, it's only limited by your employer's opinion. Sure pension isn't bad at all (not as good as pre 1998 schemes mind), but only if you stay in the NHS for decades, and this isn't feasable anymore for those in non-clinical roles.
  19. I guess that's why I jumped ship from public to private for a 15% pay rise. Should be another 15% next month. Work and act smart. Working hard only gets you so far in this day and age, learnt that the hard way.
  20. Nope. Maybe back in the old days but not now in my experience. Demands for working smarter/more efficiently yes. Also slogging your guts in the hope of getting noticed/promoted is long defunct. Seems that stepping up to temporarily fill in a more senior role, or job hop is the way to get one these days.
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