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  1. 1 - Your wants was basically the last Labour manifesto 2 - I thought one of Corbyn's greatest criticism was that he constantly voted against Blair, not with him. Hardly bossom buddies eh? Hence why Progress and other Blairite lackeys are doing everything in their power to undermine him. Even forming a new 'centrist' party. It's the main reason why I took up Corbyn's cause, the fact that he's anti new labour as much as anti Tory, who I hate both in equal measure. Like it or not, Corbyn is the only faintest possiblity of change. Spoiling your vote of sticking with the political lunatic fringe mearly returns the BAU. Unless you live in a non marginal/swing seat of course, then your vote is pretty worthless.
  2. Did you read your own link? It was a parody article that got retweeted. Bad taste yes but not exactly the same is it?
  3. well your tactics are working a treat, so keep it coming.
  4. Good to know the likes of Byron will do whatever they can from the play book to maintian the status quo.
  5. re: all these posh German cars on the roads these days... Look closer, most are diesel. Due to company/lease car tax changes, the system which favoured diesels will change to favour electrics instead. You watch them start dissappearing off the roads for Nissan Leafs. VW/Audi, Merc and BMW had a good racket going on with the lease market, it was always going to end though, especially given (in VWs case) their emmissions figures to comply are suggested to be gamed.
  6. +1 I didn't even know who JC was until the New Labour twuntery started attacking him. Funny thing is if they just ignored him rather than insist on throwing smeared $hit at him at every opportunity, his challenge would have faded into distant memory.
  7. bless.. a UKIP supporter taking the moral highground..
  8. Despicable. A parody article may I add but still imo bad taste. However I could post every tory mister meaner, but I don't have the bandwidth. Seriously, you and Byron are coming across as an ever more desperate tory shills.
  9. Indeed, but don't crash poster's attempts to inflate their own self esteems...
  10. Ffs it will cost everyone a lot more. How many times?!
  11. Lol Oh I can’t wait to see that... btw most of the bureaucracy serves the bat$hit internal market system.
  12. Was. 10 years private, 9 public. Ive heard mixed reports. One ex colleague was told she was making her symptoms up and still charged her. As above you get the systems you pay for. No way around this.
  13. Yes, because Serco and Circle did sssuuucchh a great job eh?
  14. This is the problem, the services that batter NHS outcomes and performance wise (without ristricting access) would involve paying more tax AND funding your own care suppliement.
  15. Love hating Tories me. Yet I was so glad New Labour got the boot in 2010. Imo it isn't healthy having one party dominate politics, plus I couldn’t stand most of them. Cameron talked a good game, and with Howard's help (predecessor) dragged the Tories away from the doldrums and I thought they deserved their chance... Oh dear, talk about missing an own goal. Tories put their short term self-interest ahead of their long term interest and conspired to inflate debt and housing cost further to another level. They had the best opportunity in a generation to allow the correction, and pin the blame squarely on the previous incumbents. But no.. stuff that, let’s keep pumping the magic money tree they’re so fond of mentioning. So this and Clegg’s tuition fee betrayal pretty much knocked politics out of me. Then something strange happened. A load of noise form the usual, entitled petulant new labour brats where giving one of their own a load of stick, reminding me (and everyone else) of their Progress sponsored nastiness and overall twuntery. Well I’ve not heard of this Corbyn, but his voting record looked sound and if he can work Mandy’s Progress and the banjo playing DM types into a rabid slaver then he must be doing something right.. So please keep up the smearing, trolling, strawmanning and blanket media attacks, it’s working a treat.
  16. But that’s not what you’re proposing is it? You’re saying Nhs is inferior to other systems, not compared to the days when dad had to take little Tim to the barbers for some surgery... and as pointed out to you many many times (so I shall say this again for the last time) these superior systems are so much better because they’re much more expensive. Not only do these countries typically make the tax payer contribute to some individually paid plan, but the state also pays more per capita and/or more as % of GDP too compared to Uk. We could have a better system, just be prepared to pay for it via insurance plans, lump cash payments if insurance not covered AND more tax. Plus as USA proves this doesn’t even guarantee quality. So yes we can do better, but as always the full story doesn’t suit your so called omnipresent narrative.
  17. I didn’t realise you where that old Spy? Oh my mistake you’re simply talking pish again.
  18. For such a busy guy, you do tend to waste a lot of time on here .. Btw how much more expensive does this insurance get once you get older and/or start developing acute long term conditions?!
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