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  1. Has the article taken into account demographic variables (ie boomer homeowner die off) or just extrapolated from current trends?
  2. yep when the credit taps got turned fully on, barring the dotcom bubble burst and then post 9/11 mini wobbles.
  3. Just like Chilchott, the Progress Spin/PR machine soon got people to forget about that...
  4. As to answer @iamnumerate's question. Difficult to say. Easy to point at big jumps 2000-2002, and then the mega HPI 2004-2007 when banks abandoned all risk.. and of course >2009 when said banks and the market was bailed out and propped by their goons. Yet I'd say late 90s. The frogs where boiling even before New Labour wer inflicted on us. IMO we just only remember the big jumps, not the steady creeps in one direction. It was then that the foundations were laid.
  5. As I've said on here many times. Even up fooking noortthh, those in my school cohort (>16 mid 90s) with the best houses are those very few who did very well (worth >£500k now, bought then >£80k), or those who skipped College/Uni and bought as soon as they could working straight from school/sixth form (£250k - £300k now then £40k). Essentially those who left school in my cohort who did poor to ok career wise started out in housing back then which heavilly qualified professionals can bearly afford now.
  6. OO rate in decline but still looks healthy on the graph here: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-2568559/Home-ownership-England-slips-lowest-level-seen-25-years.html http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-2568559/Home-ownership-England-slips-lowest-level-seen-25-years.html#i-5e370d43 But as awlays, demographics. Now imagine we're 15 years in the future, and a large portion of property owning boomers die off.... will it be homeowners or landlords allowed to hoover them all up?!
  7. London centric link, but I'm more than happy to add beef to this: http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/politicsandpolicy/what-is-the-role-of-overseas-investors-in-the-london-new-build-residential-market/
  8. Good post. My much shared theory is that anyone born after 1973 will face progressively worse hurdles than those born a year before them. So someone born in 1980 will have it a tad tougher, housing, career wise etc than those born in 1978. Where as someone born in 1990... It's no coincendence that in my old school cohort, the ones in the best housing are those that either did really really well, or those who got a job as soon as possible after leaving school, ergo got on the housing ladder mid to late nineties.
  9. Ok, so you're saying graduates in Engineering/IT (add subjective in demand discipline here) with extensive networks aren't in similair positions eh?
  10. it was a very clever but craven and duplicitous false dreamworld for sale. A false construct to convince the gullible that Unions, rights etc are no longer necessary, and all the jam can be eaten today not saved for tomorrow. Here's your council house deed. You’re a stakeholder now son. Welcome to the Layer Cake more like.
  11. Ok I'll bite. What current laws/powers are they refusing to enact to allow this? In my mind councils appear toothless. Best way to beat slumlords is to add competition to the market no? Best competition in my mind would be a massive social housing programme. Would instantly force slum lords to raise their standards in order to compete, plus grants councils direct responsibility for their housing stock. So no hiding behind claims of inadequate central funding... How can anyone even those of a pro market persuassion be against this?!?
  12. Hasn't someone already debunked this......on another thread? I remember the debt interest payment currently being 6% of expenditure.
  13. Well all instances of right to buy I've come across (admittingly only 3) the purchase was made AFTER the council had finish upgrading.. Most bribes are short term. We're paying for it now, renters doubly so.
  14. Very poor taste absolutely. As for the Beeb they’re as much a state bias broadcaster as RT
  15. We were saying that last year... But i hope you're right. Brexit is a Tory construct. Should it bring either success or outright bedlam, they're the ones who should be in power to take the credit/fall out. If fall out, that will be them out of power for a generation. Off you go then.
  16. Well he's done many a stupid thing which got blown further out of context. If someone was trying to twist the truth ti suit a certain narrative, then yes.
  17. likewise she hasn't said that she didn't. Now (and think very carefully before answering) in a court of law, would this be sufficient evidence to convict in absense of any doubt?!
  18. You want free univeristy and a return to affordable housing, two of the main pillars which drew so many young voters to Labour (a demograhic who usually don't bother). and how will voting UKIP deliver either of those?!?
  19. Right. So if I posted that Harry Enflield satire clip about women knowing their place, that means it represents exaclty how I think does it? No it doesn't. You're desperately trying to over egg this one.
  20. Ah constructive criticism finally. I picked up on that as well. H2Buy is a difficult one, as saying "we're doing away with it" (which they should) would come across as well as May's death tax. Prices need to be allowed to fall, and imo a simple "we need funds for something else" might be away round it.
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