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  1. I thought I over paid in 2003. Last december next door sold for another £40k on top of that. A right dump as well, not even a kitchen to speak off. They've only just moved in after four months of non stop renovating. As they walked down the path with their 50 yard plasma screen, I had a strange feeling. I've felt it before, when my mate loaded up his pigs before heading to the abattoir!
  2. Erm er...(exit strategy) I was c*cking a price fall at the time, but needed somewhere to live (even a dump). Plus living with the inlaws became just too much in order for me to retain a clean criminal record. Yes 03/04 should of been the time when prices were allowed to run their natural course. Then came: 6x income lending 100-125% LTV 2yr discounted fixes Brokers working out 'affordability' instead of net monthly income. We all know what happened next.
  3. mmm 50% fall?? That would put me in negative equity on my 2003 £68,000 home. Oh well, for the greater good and all. I always thought 40% was a nice bear shaped figure.
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