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  1. Agreed can’t have it both ways. Wasn’t just debtors who got bailed out. Anyone with a pension or savings account did too.
  2. The same Scot morons who were abandoning risk at Lehman’s, Goldsmiths, Fannie Mae etc? lol Brown jumped on the bandwagon, the global financial crisis was indeed a global one, no matter how much you want to pin on Broon. Every time you blame Brown for everything, you parody yourself further away from credibility and distract from some of the good points you make. Brown isn’t the architect of everything, he simply isn’t that clever. Enabler, yes I’ll accept. Blair on the other hand... it’s a bit difficult to swan about the world stage, giving it The I’m the big b0ll0cks When your country is in recession. Best create the illusion of wealth back home then. Hence tax credits and credit expansion to make up the income shortfalls, feeding the illusion of public spending power. Which of course feed into the bait for EE workers. As for EE migrants, I agree many will leave but it will mainly because their UK jobs are getting outsourced back home. Company I work for already done this with IT support. HR, Finance next.
  3. imo we won't peak anywhere near that. Affordablly extractionable fossil fuels are running out. Renewables won't pay off in time. Resources (water/food) will become more and more stretched. I seriously seriously doubt human population growth rate won't turn drastically negative, even in developing/third world countries unless some major game changer arrives. Even then as you say, you can't event more physical finite space.
  4. Which is why it won't happen, as imo a critical mass will be reached. Trends go down as well as up, even house prices occasionally..
  5. 1 - Absolutely 2 - Makes sense but there are economic arguments contrary to this 3 - Half yes: free up lands for self-building/lots of low scale local builders, not the Persimmon/Barrett etc cartels. Encourage progress and quality by diversifying the market. Build more social housing to make private landlords whip themselves into shape in order to compete, instead of being handed billions in HB for doing nothing, apart from take a risk underwritten by the government's loan book. 4 - Absolutely this, in fact this all they had to do. Just more pi$$ing around the edges avoiding the root causes disguised as another bribe.
  6. Wow there it is folks. Enjoy your freedom.
  7. the article states examples of people earning £10 a shift... That will take a lot of saving... meanwhile wage arbitrage continues its relentless march to the bottom for ALL concerned. Those who are eager to mention wages finding their true market level should check out what they're job counterparts earn in the developing econimies before casting any stones. Then cross compare this to living costs.
  8. Indeed, in the short term at least. Strange how it's claimed welfare is blamed to attract these people to UK, then end up working off grid...
  9. What about those who come here to work for next to nothing? Your logic seems to fly in the face of this article on the other thread: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/08/slaves-working-in-uk-construction-and-car-washes-report-finds Welcome to Galtistan.
  10. I think the good established local ones will always be ok. Yet I agree, there seems to be a concentration of EAs not seen since 2007..
  11. When they resort to lines like that, you know they’ve lost the argument. Besides as already pointed out, global wage arbitration quickly nullifies it to dust.
  12. +100 No one’s opportunities should be held hostage by their date of birth.
  13. Same newspapers spinning Tory defeat as a Corbyn defeat? Despite winning more council seats than l the others combined? Nnoooo...
  14. This has been happeneing clusters of Northern England for years..
  15. That 2nd graph indicates a good buying opportunty circa 2030..
  16. The extra would go into a collective pot, and assigned accordingly. Not everyone's boiler would breakdown, especially at the same time. Don't get too stuck into a house by house mindset. Also extra security in residence brings incentive to look after your surroundings.
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