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  1. SaintJay - OT, I know, but I have to commend you on your choice of avatar. Brilliant.
  2. I wonder how many of them will still be teaching a year or two after they start? Teaching in many of today's classrooms must be an absolute nightmare, although I can understand that it could also be very rewarding in the right environment. The government has also contrived to mess about with education so much in recent years that many experienced teachers have had enough of the bureaucracy that now encumbers the job.
  3. Isn't this roughly how it used to be before Brown's inspired tripartite arrangement helped to bring the banking system to its knees?
  4. I can cope with a 'real' socialist, but the champagne variety like Toynbee and the majority of the current government just make me sick.
  5. Well said campervanman. I, too, am a (despised?) boomer. I've never MEW'd, always saved a bit for a rainy day, don't own a new car or a plasma TV, still have the same low-cost kitchen that I installed myself nearly 30 years ago and still use the same cooker that my wife and I bought when we married in 1971.... Yeah, I've reached that time in life when the traditional caring role between parents and children is suddenly reversed. It will happen to many more of us. Fortunately my children inherited an independent streak and are not suckered-in by the 'consumer dream' that we've been spun by successive governments in recent years. Edited for spelling.
  6. I don't disagree with the need for a firm regulatory framework, but the implication of what you say is that we need to rely on governments and regulation to control every aspect of the financial industry. Banks lent money to mortgagees who didn't even manage to meet their first monthly payment. Banks lent silly amounts of money to people without verifying their income or assessing their ability to pay it back. Do we need specific regulation to outlaw such practices? I don't believe so. We need banks that can operate their businesses with a smattering of commonsense - something they seemed to do quite successfully until relatively recently. Edited for typo
  7. It's Brown, his failed regulatory structure AND the bankers that are to blame. Brown sat back and let it all happen, but the 'bankers' are equally culpable in that they failed to identify and manage the risks. They're all to blame as much as each other. Their unwillingness to accept their responsibility for trashing the economy just makes it so much worse. Without proper recognition and admission of what has happened, why it happened and who allowed it to happen, we are increasing the probability that it will all be repeated again at some future date. The then politicians and bankers will all be saying "no, its nothing like the run-up to the great depression of the 2000s - its different this time" Edit for typo.
  8. In that case it's a shame that Clarkson didn't include a reference to 'snot-gobbling' in his description of our esteemed dear leader.
  9. I wonder to what extent that disparity is due purely to language. Sure, EU legislation provides for 'free-movement' of labour throughout the EU, but you can't get a job unless you speak the local lingo. It seem to me there's bound to be a bias in favour of migrants moving to the UK to work simply because so many Europeans speak English fairly fluently whereas far fewer Brits speak French, German, Spanish, etc well enough to get a job in those countries. For that reason alone I think the free-movement of labour within the EU was always going to result in more immigration to the UK than anywhere else.
  10. Was that a typo? Shouldn't the last word have been 'swings?
  11. Alas, I am far too old for that young lass. ...Besides, my wife would have something to say about it. I'll admit that I do like a girl with a brain, though
  12. I have avatars turned off at the moment.... I'll have to remind myself.... ....Oh yeah, I see what you mean. C'mon, though. This is a serious subject. I think I'd prefer to retain my own 'young, clever boffin' image of Miss Madam. Besides, if she became influenced by Injin, her posts would be reduced to one line and just wouldn't be the same.
  13. How does anyone expect the average Joe Public to understand climate change when the standard of education of so many in the country is so dire? Add to that the problem of people's natural cynicism about anything that comes out of the mouth of a politician, the dumbed-down media and the limitations of the 'soundbite generation' and we're all stuffed. And that's without considering the massive behavioural changes that would be needed throughout society to actually put the problem right.... Miss Madam, it's a treat to read posts by someone who clearly knows her subject.
  14. I will never, never, never ever resign. The world is MINE!.
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