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  1. Maybe it's 8.75 times (=70/8) more in demand? sjiff
  2. Admittedly in a very different field, a manager at the first place I worked after university used typos and grammatical errors as his first coarse filter of CVs. One error, no matter what or where, meant it went into the bin. I was amazed at how many highly educated people would send a formal letter with a spelling error or a glaringly missing word. Luckily he missed the subtle typo in my own covering letter (I'm not kidding!) sjiff
  3. Promises to pull out are rarely to be trusted. sjiff
  4. I was actually referring mainly to your writing style, but having just reminded myself of some of his political quotes, there may be more to it than that. It's been 15 years since I read it, but at the time I concluded that his Mother Night was the best novel I'd ever read. A couple of quotes therefrom: 1: "You hate America, don't you?" she said. "That would be as silly as loving it," I said. "It's impossible for me to get emotional about it, because real estate doesn't interest me. It's no doubt a great flaw in my personality, but I can't think in terms of boundaries. Those imaginary lines are as unreal to me as elves and pixies. I can't believe that they mark the end or the beginning of anything of real concern to the human soul. Virtues and vices, pleasures and pains cross boundaries at will." 2: Drawn crudely in the dust of three window-panes were a swastika, a hammer and sickle, and the Stars and Stripes. I had drawn the three symbols weeks before, at the conclusion of an argument about patriotism with Kraft. I had given a hearty cheer for each symbol, demonstrating to Kraft the meaning of patriotism to, respectively, a Nazi, a Communist, and an American. "Hooray, hooray, hooray," I'd said. Anyway, back to biscuits. sjiff
  5. Have you read any Kurt Vonnegut? At times your writing style reminds me of his. sjiff
  6. Flogged back to life, it would seem... Ag in GBP sjiff
  7. "constitutional right to form a government" I've been hearing that phrase all morning, but Britain doesn't have a constitution in the way most people think of the term. In the present context, it merely has conventions, which are more or less traditions generally observed. Getting back to Gordo and his sewage settlement pond, obviously there's some schadenfreude to be had if he ends up in control and things turn to merde. However, I wonder whether his incompetence is actually just what we need to cause some fundamental changes. There'll be more pain in the short term, but a "proper" crisis and collapse might be preferable to months or years of attempting to keep the plates spinning. Big bubbles need a big pr1ck, and Gordon's the biggest one around. sjiff
  8. Who could possibly have imagined weeds would adapt? Honestly, the level of stupidity on display in the human race is breathtaking. sjiff
  9. The seller I bought from had great feedback, had the charity banner on her ads showing she was donating 10% of proceeds to charity and took paypal. All the signs were good. Still, situations like these are what paypal protection are for (although luckily I didn't need to use it in this case). sjiff
  10. "she REALLY wants to buy a house (more accurately, she wants him to buy a house as she has no savings)" It would be a short conversation - and possibly relationship - if a woman I was going out with started making demands in relation to money I had saved without her . If she REALLY wants to buy a house, perhaps she should start saving. I agree with Toilet-Currency: option C is, presumably, a joke. If your mate is an HPCer and isn't sure about buying his own place, why would he buy BTLs as an "investment"? sjiff
  11. I've only ever bought one piece of gold on ebay. I say "buy" when what I actually mean is "Won a 'sovereign' in a hideous mount at a very good price, only to learn that by 'sovereign' the seller meant 'half sovereign'". Coincidentally, right before I paid, I found the same hideous mount for sale by itself and it mentioned it was for a half sovereign, so I asked the seller to confirm. The seller's position was that she didn't say it was a "full sovereign", so I should have asked if I was interested in the difference! Amazing. I pointed her to various sites that made it clear a "sovereign" always means a full sovereign, and that even ebay's categories use "sovereign" and "half sovereign", but she didn't budge. I mean, she was very nice and all, but was clearly clueless about what she was doing. Luckily I noticed before I paid and ebay sorted it out in the end, but what a pain! I've bought tons of stuff from ebay in the past (admittedly not so much lately) and have never had a moment's trouble before. Typical it would be a gold purchase that caused my first problem! cheers sjiff
  12. If you haven't already found it, you should look at www.forexfactory.com Go to the commercial forum and read the Jacko, Silent Service and James16 threads all the way through. Should take a few days Then look through some other 5 star threads in that forum, plus those on the first page of the tradings systems forum. cheers sjiff
  13. Yes, I'd guessed that was the case. Putting the word "scrap" (with or without a "not" in front of it) does seem to boost prices compared to just listing the coins themselves! It also seems that sellers who go to the trouble of listing out all the dates and take scans of both sides of every coin get no more than those that just say "Here's 103 grams of pre-1947 silver coins" and put a single fuzzy picture of them on a kitchen scale. Another factor I've noticed is where there a quite a few of a particular type of things finishing close to each other, prices can sometimes fall off as each sells. Makes sense if there's a limited appetite in the market for a particular thing. Anyway, thanks both of you for the reply. cheers sjiff
  14. Absolutely true. That sort of behaviour (which I have to fight a strong a tendency to, I'll add!) also assumes your time is worth nothing. Paying £5 or £10 higher to get a better quality sov, for example, makes sense if it's going to take you hours of searching to find one cheaper. Interesting, I hadn't heard of that one before. Rest assured that when bidding on anything like this it will be at a substantial discount. I'd rather whiz through and put 20 bids on for a significant discount, knowing I'll only get one of them on average. Might as well do that as read the paper when having morning tea! cheers sjiff
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