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  1. Why do you stay here then? Why not go back to Germany?
  2. Just listened again. "Tongue in cheek" probably wasn't the correct phrase, but I still don't think there's much to it. The words moutnains and molehills pring to mind. He giggled like a little girl after he said it, then took it back and apologised when challenged. He apologised again, and his apology was accepted. It was a silly comment that (I think) was obviously meant as banter but not taken as such.
  3. Erm. I thought it was pretty obviously a joke. Admittedly not very funny, but neither of them came off particularly well from it. Campbell for making a pretty poor joke, and then having to apologise, and then Fawkes for overreacting to what was obviously a tongue in cheek comment. I can't say I saw it as further evidence of the BBC "losing the plot" and disintegrating with fear at the thought of Labour losing the next election.
  4. It's already here. As I understand it (and I could be wrong) the father is entitled to take 6 months of the mother's 12 months maternity leave. So in theory you could take 6 months each. And fathers are entitled to 2 weeks unpaid paternal leave every year for the first x years of the child's life (can't remember the number - it may be 5).
  5. McEwans Export up to £4.48 from £3.93 for 4 cans in Sainsburys. All the essentials are going up.
  6. There's a great (apocryphal?) story about a Scottish crofter getting into a heated debate with the snooty landowner who owns the piece of land his croft is on. He tells the landowner the land should be his by rights, because he has lived on it all his life, tended it, worked it and made it the productive piece of land it now is. And the landowner tells him no, it is his by rights because his father, and his father's father etc owned it before him. "So how did they get the land?" the crofter asks him. "They fought for it" his landlord replies. "Okay then" the crofter replies. "I'll figh
  7. I've stopped buying food now as I expect to be able to buy it for much less in 6 months time. At a shopping bill of about £80 a week for the family, I reckon the savings could be enormous.
  8. But there's a quite simple (but ingenious) logic behind this solution. As it is such a bad time to sell a property, what with the credit crunch, and falling prices and all, the smart thing to do is to take out another mortgage and buy a second property. Then when it all blows over they'll come out the other end quids in.
  9. We don't believe that - it's you idiots. We just collect your money at the side of the loch.
  10. It's unlikely that taking out a mortgage now to buy is as good as renting, but ten years ago it was different, and in a couple of years time it'll be different again. I've lived in a few places in the last 10 years, and until maybe three or four years ago, anywhere I've been, buying was always cheaper than renting. The risk that I see with your plan is that you could be busy saving through the trough and then you'll be ready to buy when the market is back at the peak again.
  11. And the referendum wasn't for independence? And the majority actually did vote for devolution - the 40% rule scuppered it. The fact is, the country is fairly evenly divided on the independence issue. hence the ongoing debate. I suspect Salmond has an ulterior motive in asking for one beellion dollars. (Doesn't he always have an ulterior motive - he's slimy, but he's not stupid). With Broon saying "eff off you're getting nothing," Salmond can now go back to the Scottish people and say; 1. It's all Broon's fault, 2. An independent Scotland wouldn't have to go begging. The idea that an ind
  12. I suspected this as soon as the new bailout package was announced and Lloyd's was revealed as one of the banks requiring funding. If they need government money, how can they afford to take on the HBOS shortfall too?
  13. I thought he'd have been funnier if he'd said - "If that's a bank looking for another bailout, tell them I'm not here." But then I'm great at thinking of funny things to say after it's too late to say them.
  14. Good article in the Sunday Herald here Edit - because the article has already been posted (it's worth posting twice though). Note to self - read the whole thread before posting
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