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  1. Offer them 10% lower than you're paying now, if they don't take it, leave, and refuse the rent increase. Legally, they cannot take it without your permission if you agree to leave. Usually scummy housing associations will not increase the rent, but they will increase say, car parking charges and use of furniture. I was in Ducane Housing, and they pride themselves on low rents.....however they put the car parking charges up by £32.50/month and use of their crummy furniture by £50/month...at the same time....no increase their then.
  2. On shared owenership schemes, where you buy 50% and pay rent on the other 50% (but Gordon will now put the other 50% up - so WTF he is talking about is beyond me).......the worst scheme ever created and only a dancing, blind monkey on crack would even consider one. Fern says 'Where does the government find the money' Gordon says 'We put money aside for it actually, we put money aside'. That'll be in with the 50 billions with Northern Rock Fern, the new killer political activist, let him escape with that. Gordon failed to mention he'll only back the Northern Rock shared ownership schemes, honest guv! be happy
  3. The link: http://www.itv.com/Lifestyle/ThisMorning/default.html Ding ding!
  4. Hi Ticking clock, interesting first post. I'm afraid to say they will have increasing problems if they wish to sell their home to buy bigger, and still have the huge debts they undoubtedly have. Many in the UK are in their position. After the initial failure to see the market as it is, and being bewildered by the politicians lying through their teeth not helping matters, things will get worse. To be perfectly honest with you, you can make a huge difference to their lives in the near future. I believe once the banks have a sniff that there is a problem with any repayments, the credit card companies will cut their cards up, and their house/cars will be reposessed faster than a flying bullet. But that is the least of their worries, they will need a place to stay and food in their bellies. This is where you come in. I know this seems incredulous, but it will come. They are lucky to have you as their friend, many in similar postions aren't so fortunate.
  5. 1. Change it yourself and get the cost taken off your rent. Maybe get a mate to do it, forge some documents as a VAT reciept, up the price by say, 400%, and go halfers with your mate. 2. Hack into neighbours supply and get it for free. 3. Honetly, even I can't see a way ou of this one. Sorry mate, you're fooked. Oh, it is late.
  6. The link: http://www.itv.com/Lifestyle/ThisMorning/default.html Ding ding!
  7. That'll be the 1% yoy fall kicking in
  8. That's not a crash, this is a crash (just the start though ) Welcome to propertysnake.co.uk, your source for reduced house prices across the UK. Updated daily, our database currently contains 170,385 reduced prices, at reductions of up to 43.66%.
  9. The Sun 'Mum and Dad with three kids get a good beating from bailiffs', court told. Ferret, the bailiffs solicitor said 'ha ha ha'.
  10. Heather5...you seem to have been to hell and back just to get a couple of landlords to fix what they should already have done! LL treat tenants like absolute scum. Your post is a testament to this. As for the LL having emotional problems, er..I think I'll withold my rent for 6 months and er...tell them I've had a few emotional problems too. Also, I'll take you to task on the point saying you have to allow viewings...er...WRONG! A tenant does not HAVE to allow anyone in, without their express permisssion. For all the tenants out there - if a LL/EA or anyone with keys to YOUR rented place comes in without your permission, CHANGE the LOCKS, and demand the LL deducts this from your rent IMMEDIATELY.
  11. Are you addressing me, sir? OK then. Become a BTL LL. Bailiffs need work too.
  12. Er...can you put a subliminal message in the acknowledgments calling all BTL LLs *****ers?
  13. Don't talk about Brazil! 50-60% mortgage rate is very cheap there. A bank loan is possible, if you wanna pay 90%! Unbelievable!! To buy a pair of shoes (I mean a crappy pair) one would have to sign a twelve month agreement paying 40%+ on top of the equivalent of 140 pound+ (450 Reals)! 300 Reals is the average wage. The prices there are fooking outrageous. How the normal person in the favellas can survive is beyond me. And to activate a mobile phone...fook me!!!
  14. Matt, i must disagree with you...the advice you gave was weak at best. Tenants should start shafting the LL like the LL shaft us. When a LL/LA knows they'll get a fight from a tenant, they are scummy little cowards. Fight back!!!! Forget voice recordings in UK courts, they mean nothing. I repeat, the ONLY way for tenanats to fight back is to FIGHT. Take the fittings when you leave for goodness sake.
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