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  1. Yes you can connect a TV to a computer monitor - you need a VGA cable which you can get at any Maplins/Currys etc I think most TV in this country is bad, but like another poster said, try watching it in Spain or the US and it makes our TV seem like heaven. I choose to watch select programmes and don't turn it on to just sit and 'veg' and channel hop. You have to take it with a pinch of salt and remember that it's just TV like films are 'just movies' - it's not always a refelction of reality. After spending some time away from the UK in recent years, I have returned to find many ideas that have been pumped into the public over and over again until they've become 'the norm' for example 'your 5 a day', 'carbon footprint', 'binge drinking'. Im sick of hearing about your bloody 5 a day - like were all going to an early grave if we don't eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day - my gran lived well into her 90s and I doubt she had her 5 a day! BBC peddled BS.
  2. I thought the shows have been quite bearish especially for the BBC. I was talking about it to a work collegue who had also seen last nights show - and she said "yes, but now is the time to buy isn't it?" - err, well that's certainly not what I gathered from last nights show . I also thought why didn't James Dean just rent with others/friends - at least it'd be bigger than that box room he's living in. Oh yes that's right because he wants a ROOF over his head - silly me! The blonde with the Hove flat - well, what a hole that looks! £135K my GOD! The kitchen is non-existant and the 'friends' bedroom - well put it this way the camera man couldn't even get inside it to pan around - cut to blonde imagining where plasma TV will live.....ahhhhh. Im sure the neighbours will love that! Merryn is an absolute heroine and a speaker of sense. Kate is annoying, but think - it could be worse - we could have had that chubby, pudgy Declan Curry instead! AHHHGGRR!! He is alway trying to ramp on the Beeb - "house price crash? We don't want to scare people do we?".
  3. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/4/20090504/tuk-en...rn-dba1618.html "......The centre for economics and business research (cebr) said improved conditions suggest property prices only have about a further 8 per cent left to fall. But it warned that a "sluggish recovery" in the economy meant prices would only rise by 6 per cent during 2010 and 2011. Cebr expects properties to cost 28 per cent less in the first quarter of next year than they did in the third quarter of 2007. House price growth is expected to pick up again during 2012 or 2013, with the average cost of a property recovering to £170,000 by the final quarter of 2013, up from a predicted £144,000 at the end of this year. Benjamin Williamson, one of the authors of the report, said: "We have recently seen some more encouraging data on the housing market with the Halifax and Nationwide surveys showing a marked slowdown in the rate of decline in prices, and Bank of England lending data showing a modest but still noticeable increase in mortgage approvals." He added: "This data, coupled with anecdotal evidence from estate agents and surveyors has led some industry insiders to call the bottom of the market already but we feel that these calls are slightly premature. "Worsening conditions in the labour market and the wider economy seem likely to counter-balance historically low interest rates and slowly improving credit conditions." Ridiculous article purporting that we are seeing the signs of recovery - again - yawn I love the bit that says "anecdotal evidence from EAs" !!! Well, goodness, it MUST be true!
  4. Hi everyone, Myself and OH have been renting a house for the past 6 months. We signed a 1 year Assured Short Term Tenancy Agreement. I have been working FT the duration of our tenancy. My OH came from overseas on a spouse visa and, despite his best efforts has not been able to secure work here. He's been out of work since September 2008, so I have been supporting us on just my income of 19K. He has 'no recourse to public funds' as a stipulation on his visa - so no JSA, no council tax reduction, no tax credits nada (believe me he'd rather have a job ). The past 6 months have been miserable. We have decided to move abroad to where my OH is from. We really want to get out of this house but I know that by law we are legally bound and would be liable for rent and bills up to the end of the term, unless another tenant could be found. My OH has left to go back to the USA whilst I wait for my visa, in the mean time I want to move in with family so I could save 90% of my income - whereas now i'm spending 80% of it on this house and associated bills. I have spoken to my LL about the situation, they are sympathetic to it, but said that they would have to find another tenant before they could release us from the contract.......how long that could take - who knows? The LL has taken out a rent guarantee insurance policy - I understand that this would cover the LL's rent in the event that we abandoned the property..........supposing I did just say OK im leaving and the LL claimed on the policy, would the rent guarantee people come after me for the money?? Any advice? Thanks for reading.
  5. http://www.crosbyhomes.co.uk/index.php?u=3...4&view=1416 A 2 bed new build flat in York for Almost £200K!! Outrageous!! No parking either. 1 beds are going for £150K and up. Townhouses are asking 1/2 a MILLION!!
  6. There's about 7 in Sheffield at various places in the city centre - we'll send them your way if you like!
  7. We are drawing up a tennancy agreement and he's willing to be flexible if we need to leave early. As he was unable to sell the house with no viewings whatsoever, it was a great opportunity to move into a house without going through an agency. and also being able to not have to get our deposit back and put it down on a new property -we can use that money (which is much needed to get a few items of furniture). We been with an agency for our present prperty and they've been useless - simply a middleman to go through for every issue and of course taking their cut every month. My issue with this renters insurance is that surely if it's insurance for the landlord then they should pay it? Wouldn't it be like saying, well we the tennants want contents insurance so we want the LL to pay for it? I think we'll negociate to go halfs on it - with no buyers or time to get others renters I think we could swing it.
  8. We are about to rent from a friend and he said that rather than paying a deposit, we could pay to take out an insurance plan whereby we pay £140 for the gurantee and credit & reference checks for the both of us. Im not sure which company he's planning on using for this 'gurantee' but it basically pays out rent to him (the landlord) if we weren't able to pay rent - ie. if we lost our jobs etc. Is £140 too much? It seems like alot for a few background checks, also we wouldn't get that money back - unlike a deposit where we would hopefully get nearly all of the money back. Is this soemthing that the prospective tennant usually have to pay for? Confused! Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. This is one I look at frequently http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-204...=1&tr_t=buy Can't be 100% certain but I think it started off at £69k. Now £49k. This for an ex-LA flat in a not particularly stunning area of Sheffield. Under Right to Buy it probably cost no more than 25k (guesstimation). And I wouldn't even pay that for it. Yeah, its a dump! In the middle of a massive rundown coucil estate (chaville). Also see this one in another council estate for half the price....guide price at auction mind you! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-214...=1&tr_t=buy
  10. http://www.channel4.com/4homes/ Ahhhh a new series of Location x3 and a new Property Guide show about how to find the best buys around. I wonder how they'll be seeking to ramp up the market here??
  11. I have been in my rented flat for 6 months on a 12 month agreement. My husband has now arrived in the UK from working abroad and we have prior consent from the letting agency for him to live with me at the flat. So, I went down to see about adding his name on to the lease for the remaining 6 months. They told me they have to draw up another lease for 6 months at a cost of £70! This seems like money for practically nothing - they said they're not doing credit checks or references as he is new to the country - so what is this fee for? How can I challenge them on it? All thats involved is priniting out a new agreement with his name on and new dates. Can anyone please advise? We did think about just not bothering with adding him, but we legally should and also its proof of residency and address for him at this stage.
  12. QUOTE "Anybody have any thoughts about the S11 area and how it will hold up over the coming months/years. I've been monitoring 3 bed-semis in this area and there seems to be large slowdown in the number of houses. However, given the lack of supply and the high regard for the schools in the area, perhaps the falls reflected in other parts of the city may not hit as hard here? I'm currently renting in S11 after selling my house a few months ago (above asking price )" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I too live in S11 area and have been monitoring rentals and some house prices. A lot of rentals have been on the market for months if not up to a year and I have seen the asking rents being dropped to finally get a tennant - one flat on dobbin hill and one flat at hunters bar - which is still empty. Parts of S11 are very desirable with good schools and the shopping and nightlife of Eccy rd - plus all the lovely parks around. So, I'd agree that many of the larger family homes may still sell, but I had noticed some on proprty bee being reduced by quite substantial amounts - 20K off 35K off. Although this is considered a wealthy or well-to-do area, it may not be immune to HP falls - as purchasing power is reduced for many and the cost of borrowing for everyone goes up surely less people will be able to afford family homes at the current prices of £300K-£450+K? I mentioned it in another post, I saw Blundells on Ecclesall rd near Banner Cross now have a section in their window allocated to auction properties.....hence, maybe a lot of their 'regular' properties aren't shifting? to add another twist to the debate I have a theory on the student houses in this area...............................................................along Ecclesall rd and around Hunters Bar there are many shared houses for rent for students. I have noticed many are still empty from beofre the last academic year - they are just standing empty and don't look to be in great condition (check out the strip off ecclesall rd between Napolean Casino and Endcliffe park, To Let signs for houses that look horrible enough from the outside!). I think that with the new student villages near West Street and Netherthorpe (to name just some) the owners of these shared houses will have to buck up their game. They willl have to rennovate these student squalors and find renters from the 'professional' market - why would students rent a cold, mouldy shared house when they can rent a purpose built flat near to their Uni? Also, with the closure of the Arts campus at Psalter Lane, I think there will be more shared houses around hunters bar being left unrented by students. Im not saying all - just the worst of the bunch!
  13. Just noticed to day (in Sheffield) that Blundells have a new section in their window allocated to Auction properties - this section certainly wasnt there last week! There were some nice looking houses on there too - some nice 3/4 bed detached houses for guide price £155-£195 which is cheap for Sheffield at the moment - you'd struggle to get a pokey 2 up 2 down terrace in the more desireable areas for less than £180K. Bring it on!
  14. This whole idea does seem to fly in the face of the current economic climate. Time will tell I expect! Velocity Tower is going to be all rented flats - from the developer (I presume) so maybe they're hoping to catch some of the renters around the city - based on the assumption that less people are buying and more looking to rent for the short term? Perhaps - although there are many many empty flats at the Wards Brewery development STILL asking way too much for rent - like £550-£675/month for a 1/2 bed flat!! So how would another big development here as well as the St Pauls tower going up fairly near by create such demand? Ive been keeping an eye on the S11 rental market (as this happens to encompass Wards Brewary)and rents are steadily going down and there are a lot of properties sticking and not being shifted.
  15. Eye thats the place - interesting how he doesnt want to list the price on RM. I've seen him years ago driving up and down ecclesall rd in a silver sports car - then while at some traffic lights - revving his engine to show off to everyone walking past- only to then stall the car when the light turned green!! Ha HA!! What a twit - hope his mansion wont sell for 9 mill asking price.
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