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  1. You must PM me his number - both my wife (log term illness) and myself (unemployed) currently on benefits, refused a medical card. Our GP has no issue taking €50 from us each time.
  2. The Job Seekers benefit is €204.00 p/w source: http://www.welfare.ie/EN/Schemes/Jobseeker...t/Pages/jb.aspx (scroll to 'rates'). Some benefits also accrue for additional children. In addition to this, every parent gets €166 p/m per child as non means tested child benefit. You can also claim benefit for mortgage interest / rent relief - they will, in some cases, pay the entire element of your mortgage payment. Source: http://www.hse.ie/eng/find_a_service/Older..._Services_.html. There are also benefits for back school, fuel and even the TV licence. As GP vists here cost €50 a pop, you can also claim for a Medical Card. This gives free public cover - the equivalent of the NHS. No council tax in the ROI.
  3. Won't have impact on ACC, or tax payers for that matter, as they are owned by Rabo (Dutch) and not underwritten by the Goverment guarantee. A mslla player in the pyramid / ponzi / bubble as well. They are trying to get in and get what they're owed ahead of Nama. It's Carroll's exposure to the irish banks (AIB, BOI) where things start to get interesting....
  4. you are indeed a **** end. And and ignorant one at that. Back to your bacon butty.
  5. Don't think the government here have the balls to face down the public sector unions. I would suspect soft targets will be cut - social welfare and schools mainly. Anyone interested in the Bord Snip Nua (aka Special Group on Public Service Numbers and Expenditure Programmes) report can read it here: http://www.rte.ie/news/2009/0716/Volume%201.pdf Anyone wondering what An Bord Snip is can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bord_Snip
  6. People travelling further than Dublin - Cork. Waterford. Limerick. People driving 500 mile round trips. They regularly had 2 hours tail backs into Newry - full of ROI regs. All of the supermarkets here have reduced their prices (allegedly) in line with Northern stores. Have noticed a small drop, so maybe someone else here can attest to the Newry frenzy witnessed earlier in the year.
  7. No, just poor - houses and cars worth a fraction of what they paid for them. People here went the whole 9 yards when it came to MEW - Mercs (know of his and hers on some houses), jacuzzia (pl?), holiday homes, all end of other expensive an unecessary shite. There's an element of the population here that has ******ed themselves and their children up for years to come.
  8. Sigh. And assholes like you posting such arrogant comments. What a toss bag. You might have noted in my post I have spent 8 years in education. Not exactly the profile of your average welfare cheat. believe me, I would like to be in work in the morning, and I hope you don't find yourself in this situation.
  9. Yep, heard a figure of borrowing €400 million a week to keep this going. Someone's going to lose an eye....
  10. I have the misfortune to be unemployed here - am desperately trying to get back into work, but not feeling confident in the short to medium term (i.e. several years) of finding work. Looks like my 8 years in higher level education has gone to waste, for now at least.... Anyway, here's a summary of the benefit's per week: €204 pw - this is the basic social welfare allowance for a person (doesn't matter whether you're married or single, I think two married people on SW get slightly less than €204 doubled, if you follow). Also, if you start your own business you will be paid this for a maximum of 1 year. Actually, your'e probably better off doing this anyway (costs nothing) cos it avoids that nasty monthly queue at the dole office (I calculated the one at my local office to be 150 metres long when I signed on last week). They will also pay the money directly into an account of your choice, so don't even have to get up of your **** and go to the post office. €13 pw - allowance for the little fella to keep him in nappies and baby food. €166 - monthly children's allowance for the little fella to keep him in nappies and baby food. The governemt here will also pay a portion of the interest on your mortgage. Mine is €1200 p.m. - currently on IO, so paying €450 approx p.m. My allowance could be €100 p/week, so left with (hopefully) a balance of around €50 to pay per month on moy mortgage on IO. That will last for a maximum 1 year. Now, as I delve into the benefits further, and look like I am going to be unemployed for a long period of time, there are a raft of other payments (e.g. TV licence, electricity, fuel allowance as well as contribution towards child minding costs) that can be claimed. So will have to look into these. There was a story published in a national newspaper here some time ago about a guy who ended up on the dole here, married with 2 kids and was on a salary a bit above the average industrial wage (€37,000 AFAIK). The gist went that he was circa €10k nett better off one the dole. Did his golf handicap no end of good apparently. Edit - found it and stuck it in here - http://www.independent.ie/opinion/letters/...rk-1708412.html Edit No. 2 - since this letter was published, the economy has indeed collapsed
  11. Yep, dusting off the CV as I write this, as for Ponzi Brown, 70 years of one party governamce has lead us to this mess.
  12. Not the case - the basic wage in Ireland is actually higher thean the UK - hence Dell et al moving to pastures new. This is one of the big hindering things to this economy - the cost of doing business here is too high. The min wage currently site at AFAIK €8.65. This will have to change.... We won't be able to export people, not to the extent as before. People are already looking far and wide. I had a recruiter called me the other day about a job in Chine (Project Manager - Construction).
  13. OK -I'll go first. Time to get back potatos / lucky charms / tarmaccing driveways. Now be of with ye. Begorrah.
  14. I would say 20% was a reasonable figure in the 80's here.... this could be easily reached the way things are going. The safety valve of emmigtration is not as easy as the 80's though.
  15. The usual anit-Irish / Eurpoean approach expected of the Mail. Interesting to see if it appears in print in the Irish edition. Some points are definitely valid - the greed here has been truly astounding. Recent media reports put the State workers at Dublin's main power station on between €90 - €142k p.a, oh and they've just got a 3.5% pay rise. So a long way to go for the pubic service - it currently has a €20 billion annual wage - for a country short of 4 million. Come to think of it, we might be better off here with plenty of spuds and more sheep than people - it looks like the British public is buying up all the beans and spam available..... maybe a new potato bubble just around the corner?
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