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  1. Does anyone know whether there is a US equivalent of Hometrack or Rightmove?
  2. I've just attended a seminar by WIN investments, who claim to be able to teach people the tools to read the charts for trading on the stock market. Just wondered if anyone knew this was a bone fide company and whether it was possible to teach a begginner?
  3. Sorry to go off topic, but dies anyone know why a friends computer on dial up is only getting half a picture of this web-site. Would be grateful for any ideas to correct this. Thanks.
  4. It would appear that they are Faithman. They clearly are unaware of the value of agricultural land or else are so narrow minded that they cannot see that land can have a change of use. Maybe we have a lot of VI making comments too?????????
  5. High quality off-site constructed houses are a great idea. Steel framing is the best option in my opinion. The cost can be lower and quality higher that bricks. HOWEVER, the must be a relaxing of planning laws to reduce the 'tax' on land usage. It is this that causes the massive increase in housing costs. The perception that building land is expensinve would appear to be associated with ignorance. It would appear much more reasonable to view the false restriction on building land as a tax. The beneficiaries are the local councils. If the restrictions on the use of land were withdrawn, the
  6. Sorry for the delay - been busy! I rang first direct and it works like this. From the day (any day) that the money is deposited, it earns interest. However, no interest is paid on the entire account for any part of the month that ANY withdrawal is made. This means that all withdrawals should be made in the first few days of any month. I know this appears strange, but I suppose it allows them to post interest at a rate that assumes no loss, whereas most people will need to withdraw quite suddenly e.g. to buy a car and take the hit. I stress, even a withdrawal of £10 from an account of £10
  7. I'm in a similar position and trust that the loss of a month's interest is not unavoidable. I will e;mail them with the question, as the literature is not clear. Obviously, this account is not one for regular use
  8. It is a traditional log cabin. Probably quite cheap off the shelf in USA. Watch out as an ASDA - I mean Walmart near you. Seriously, we are talking the value of land here. Does anyone know how much and how well protected the views are? Corus and others are now selling very high quality OSC modular, so let's not knock anything that is not made of brick/stone.
  9. NAME AV PRICE (£) QUARTER ANNUAL SALES Sheffield £133,598 -2.6% 15.2% 2122 Doncaster £117,210 4.7% 29.6% 1157 Rotherham £114,620 4.5% 25.8% 1004 Barnsley £106,413 1.7% 25.4% 1042 Source Link:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/in_depth/uk_house_prices/html/ce.stm Although the South seems to be suffering a drop, figures for the North are not that bad as usual. Surely the crash hasn't started yet!
  10. Isn't this programme Government spin aimed to slow the housing market down without them interfering in the Economy?
  11. Why don't the bank raise interest rates by a full 1% to make the point! After all they could reduce them again after two months when the message has hit home.
  12. If this were done, when would it be politcally expedient to do so?
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