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  1. the house next door to me sold for £154,000 in August 2007 - and yo be honest, thats sort of a good deal and because its a bit of a low value i cant see any fall seriously damaging its worth. Sure a bit of negative equity might be a bit uncomfortable but the long term picture is pretty safe. I would love for her to make a huge loss as i hate her but i really cant see it happening. A 50% drop would be nice but the reality in this area is that there is no house price ctrash. I have a business parter in a side line venture and he just brought, I cant be assed to look it up but its a terrace north of london, Hatfield way I think? and it cost £280k and that was November 2007 if my memory serves right. Again, I cant see hime suffering. He made financial plans to repay a certain amount at the time and I cant imagine him missing that. The only thing he will have missed is a bargain. That might suck a bit, but again, the long term is that he has a house and a home. I havn't discussed it with him as I dont want to upset him, it might appear rude to say, Hey have you lost loads of money yet? Its interesting because it was like he was beating me to the punch to buy and making me feel a bit crap because I was renting. It sort of put a bit of pressure on me but I was still sure that buying was not a great idea. So i'll be keeping an eye on him, thats for sure. I have another pal that brought an industrial unit in 2006-7 for £500k. I sort of talk to him agout things but I think its a bit of a sensitive subject. I dont think hes stung yet, so we'll have to wait and see. He was always like, BUY BUY BUY - You have to buy, property is a full proof bet. Even speaking to him in March he asked me how much I had and said he would meet that and go halves on a house with me - Financially - he is married and about 65 years old. I said no but we bet that the graph on the front of this site would have dropped 'significantly' by August. The wager is a pint of beer. Im interested to see if he thinks its a significant drop in August. It sort of only looks like a dip right now.
  2. Basically reccession is all about the powerful kicking the less powerful (the poor) back down the ladder. Its a trickle down scenario, as such the people at the bottom will suffer the most. But more accuratly, this recession will mean that the powerful and the rich will get richer and more powerful. Reccession is also a government tool to force their services on people. Working year after year to force people to have faith in the system, then mess it up so that people need the government. The need for more council houses, creatinf the causes of knife crime and then stepping into the breach to save us all from evil terrorist knife weilding children. Our government is evil. This reccession is going to be a wet dream for them, especially the tories who are going to applauded into position, the public guiding their cerrated dick into the ******** rape of our society, all because labour have been tearing our ******** passage up etc etc. bit gay i know, but government are rapists so its a good analogy. Watch out for the war against long words as our government kills 1 million welsh people because they have waepons of gynfildiochateoochylldyldtuffomgthegovernmentarecuntsand*****ershiddenmessage. I think retail people are also going to suffer.
  3. i wish they would f*ck off to Zimbabwe where their investigative skills into the bleeding obvious would be better suited. They could be property billioinaires in no time with the best shanty shack in the camp. If they post here enough we could send them some corrugated steel. Thats unless the secret internet police do intercept their cries for help on the grounds they were encrypted terrorists instructions to blow up Parliament with medium range artillery pilfered from some British Artillery regiment and such other non sensical fiction.
  4. this isn't even a joke, it just doesn't make sense, but they should diversify into Brick Sh*t Houses because they would never depreciate in value, primarily because they are small, sensibly priced, functional, and not prone to the whims of women wanting to decorate with the latest glits. actually if you google image search brick shit houses the 'other' pictures are much better: http://images.google.co.uk/images?um=1&amp...use&spell=1 Sureley this is a BTL opportunity:
  5. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/powerofattracti...mopostcard25Jun You have to put the e-mail graphic together in your head to get the true impact. Just saying is all. I think they should be sucking my d*ck and letting me sleep with their daughters, to be honest. otherwise im waiting until 2015. my lifes already over, not much left at all really.
  6. will i be alive in 2050? at 80 years of age probably not. and to be honest, I couldn't give a sh*t who runs that country then. the indians already have all the corner shops. taxi companies and sari discount centres. Its not far off of world domination.
  7. yeah!!! I totally wanted the rates to go up 4% I cant believe there isn't a thread on thinon news. Its the highlight of the beginning of the month for me. how can we see sqealing BTL's if they dont turn the gas up? little piggies!!! I'll Huff And I'll Puff And I'll Blow Your BTL Portfolio Down.
  8. It must be really hard for Merv to do sweet FA http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7500149.stm
  9. boring!!!!!!!!! i want explosions and massive earthquakes please thankyou
  10. i guess Iran wont be bidding for it. dont underestimate Irans military aerospace program. The all Iranian Built Saeqeh not an F5 at all.
  11. oh, its like two xmas's in one go, halifax and boe. i hope they put interest rates up by 4% that should do it.
  12. Safari? They're joking arn't they? Surely they belong at Butlins? Do they think Sambo is daft? Like music, Stupidity is an international langauge. I wouldn't be surprised if they're ethnic landrover was found by a wateringhole full of bullet holes and the hub caps missing (shiny things you know - like what sambo likes to hang from his straw hut).
  13. Dont worry, it'll be ok again by springg 2013. but seriously, i dont know what it is, but i would get it out of there ASAP, load in a fresh disk woth OS and get the pc up and running. Then you'll know if its disk or board or something else. Then you can use a usb disk reader/thing to access what files you have from the old disk and also check it for errors and then refomat it. 9 times out of 8, according to government statistics, hardware is not the issue. Software can do all sorts of things. you can get a hard drive from pc world or maybe even Tesco? maybe not. and a drive reader. ask one of the estate agents on their one month induction to show you a spacious recently manufactured drive with accomodating usb thing and stuff etc and make him an offer about 60% blow asking price.
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