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  1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2009/feb/1...-prices-renting
  2. I wonder in what sense that house is detached, perhaps they were referring to the relationship of the price to reality.
  3. Interesting article on ponzi schemes, history and similarities to the housing market. http://www.debtdeflation.com/blogs/2008/12...t-ponzi-scheme/
  4. The article covers a lot of ground with some interesting links. I've picked out the part on house prices but he covers a lot, worth a read if you are interested in the background to the Madoff affair. link
  5. Anyone know how this turned out. None of the sold information is put up yet which is unusual as the sale was at 12.30.
  6. It's a current study, the last time it was conducted was in March, these figures are a comparison with the March results.
  7. The NSPCC didn't come out of the Climbie enquiry with any glory either. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/1781399.stm
  8. It is a U shaped piece of land which wraps round another property. It is probably useless except to the owner of the adjoining land. From the tiny map it looks like it may also have access issues. As ever interesting stuff. Great work Tommy.
  9. I think you are right. Rosie Millard was just the tip of the iceberg. Many of the left leaning media types who were so delighted in 1997 bought into the whole 'no more boom and bust' idea. Why else the endless property porn? I'd love to do lots of renovation and redecoration to my place all in one go, but sadly I have to have an eye to budgeting and am doing it piecemeal. FWIW I think that a lot of places featured in home decor magazines will be on the market soon because the cost of their renovations seemed way out of proportion to the likely salaries of the owners, there'll be some well designed bargains out there.
  10. I don't know the areas so far, but some of those properties are not unattractive from the outside. Surprising the number of 'no bids' so far. (Unless the auction is being held in a phone box ).
  11. Glad it's not just me who thinks that! Seems from the little he has said, and reading between the lines, that he has made some bad choices along the way, and compounded them by the way he has acted recently. Perhaps if he or his partner had looked for some work as a stop gap rather than acting as if anything other than teaching was beneath his dignity, then things may have been better.
  12. Norwood does seem to be in the doldrums compared with elsewhere. Anyone know the reason it is doing so poorly?
  13. You heard right, have a read of Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano it is truly scary about the Comorra mafia involvement in designer fashion production and retailing. http://www.theluxechronicles.com/the_luxe_...02/post-19.html
  14. I considered buying in Spain a couple of years ago but prices were crazy in the areas I liked and I wouldn't want a new build apartment anywhere. I have been keeping an eye on Galicia where prices are a lot cheaper, but as I'm not in a position to spend too much time abroad at the moment I am happy to wait to see prices drop a lot further.
  15. Badly timed move if the OFT is right then surely the supermarkets will just raise prices to cover the cost of the fines. Perhaps the people buying up all the rice in supermarkets at the moment know something the rest of us don't.
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