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  1. Interesting. Spoke to one of my work colleagues who's parents live in cyprus (for work), living on the Turkish side, apparently his mum asked him about transferring money to a Cyprus bank, apparently you can get 18% interest there. Lots live off the interest! Not sure if this impacts just the Greek side or the turkish side, or even if there still is that split there these days???
  2. You loose control of your supply chain, you get horse meat. Same is true for IT ....
  3. Don't give a stuff about Carr - however it may be dodgy, it also may be grey, but if its legal, its fine by me. If the law is wrong, then Cameron should change the law or else shut the f&&k up, he's hardly one to moralise given the MP expenses.
  4. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-27793786.html
  5. Mrs. Z Nuff here, hi-jacking the OH's right to reply because this is something I feel very strongly about. I am a qualified librarian (Yes, you have to have a degree and post-grad qualification to be classified as a professional librarian, and I'm not talking about a degree in events management here, something more academic is required). I run a school library - not just nice little reading books, but material for sixth form and staff. The two greatest gifts that we can offer to our children are firstly the ability to read and secondly the ability to judge what they read and to question what they read. Otherwise all we turn out of our schools are brainwashed, unquestioning clones. I'm sure many posters on this forum are grateful that they have the ability to ask questions and not to swallow the BS hook, line and sinker.
  6. Hmm - a house is only worth what someone is able and willing to pay for it, and also what a (non-distressed) seller is willing to sell it for. We were in exactly the same position in 1992 - and we really wanted to move cos I was commuting a long way (company gone bust, needed a job quick). We were moving to a more expensive area - and we had a low offer, which I'm sure the person thought that was a right amount, however - we rejected and waited. The person came back with a different estate agent and offered the same again - to be rejected again. We sold a few weeks later at 10% more that the low offer. The thing is - its a market and you take your chances. We still sold at a loss, and had to move on - that's life. However there are two sides to every story and for the people that have over committed, maybe through greed, maybe coz they just wanted a home - but I don't enjoy rejoicing in peoples misery!
  7. Hey most modern music depends on valves for the sound - guitar amps & most studios have valves somewhere in the chain (pre-amps etc) . Transistor amps are and will probably always will be shite in comparison, and while software emulations are okay - but nothing beats a cranked up valve amp.
  8. Haha its the estate agent - probably a frustrated photographer - some spectacularly pointless photos My link
  9. :-) That's is pretty funny - I hadn't seen that thread. It must be estate agents with too much time of their hands!
  10. My link I think the estate agents must be bored - look at the pictures!
  11. My point isn't that this isn't a good thing to do, but we must decide, given every other thing that must be done - whether it can be afforded in the grand scheme of things. So, if who ever manages the budgets that we simply cannot afford to do what is done today - then WE have to adapt. If it means that meat is no longer safe, then we will stop eating meat. If the supermarkets wish to continue to sell meat, then they may decide to test it themselves - and pass the costs on, or people may choose to take a risk. The point is that there are many solutions, not just the centralised prescribed current solution, some better, some worse - its all about how much society is wiling to spend.
  12. Couple of points 1) Its all risk versus reward - food agencies are relatively new in terms of the history of the world - we are skint, if you haven't noticed. So perhaps we need to return to and earlier and most cost effective model - and now take some risks, cos we can no longer afford the gold plated solution. 2) I never eat food which smells off, irrespective of if its marked in eat by date or not, and I cook everything myself from scratch. As a result, I haven't to date suffered from food poising/jippy tummies. I also try to source locally where possible - whereas most of the mass produced crap, with all the checks in the world - is the stuff that people generally get ill by eating. Still, you can never tell (fear - always the socialists argument)
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