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  1. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=4ADh8Fs3YdU&...feature=related Don't know how to make it a linky, but Gordon must know this well. Bx
  2. Quarterly rents due 25/12. Bailiffs by New Year.
  3. My very rusty legal knowledge suggests to me that the term of the lease must be no less than 20 years to qualify. Lease can be sold on but the freehold cannot be bought off an unwilling landlord. Leases like this are quite common on old Estates that are seen in central London (aristocracy). Repair stuff too not unusual, just more reminisent of Victorian times!
  4. Lot 2, Bell Lane, Twickenham I know that patch, it's nice, I'd live there. Nice houses but tiny. Whoever bought that did not do badly at all. That said one of the neighbours had the hobby of car vandalism a couple of years back.
  5. May I suggest that this has happened already! There is not documented evidence because not enough deals/rent reviews are being done and as most rent reviews are upwards only, they cannot fall leaving very rare new leases as the best evidence of a fall.
  6. Interesting thread but can I add that I would expect that your neighbour is on an Assured tenancy, not an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, thereby on a 'Fair rent', not a market rent and has Security of Tenure ie cannot be thrown out, unlike you. Sad to hear of your uphavel. If you want to buy, next-door would be cheaper than your home, but until she leaves/dies you couldn't get her out, either. Just a thought. I know this point has been made before, but I'm not sure you quite understood it, so here are a few more soundbites to google, if you are so inclined. Good luck.
  7. I have a friend who works in employment law, who has never been busier so I have to agree with you. In fact he represented me this year!
  8. Is not 'temporary tax cut', mass unemployment? That's my experience. This year I get a refund.
  9. Oh guys That is not great. I lost my last job last December, a wholly dispiriting experience. One year on, I do have another job, but haven't started yet. Salary is 2/3 of the old but enough to get by on. Would say that nightschool and the continuance of my hobbies (some free) were the best things to come of this. Good luck. Bridgetx
  10. 'Try not to stress about negative equity. There is nothing you can do about it. Instead, I suggest putting your energies into working hard to ensure you don’t lose your job.' Okay Kirsty, I lost my job in December are you suggesting that I don't work hard? A complete batch.
  11. 32 I don't remember much of the 70's. The 80's also passed me by albeit my parents had a bumpy ride, they kept the family together and us kids did not mind having no central heating and second hand clothes. My Dad worked in North Wales to ensure my and my sister's 'untroubled' childhood. He was with us so little that my mother had a dubious reputation! The 90's were tougher based on my limited memory. My Dad lost his job after working in Rotherham for two years after his employer moved there, apparently you could get hydralic engineers of the street in Rotherham, so they imported one from India. Noughties, I lost my job last December, but have just got a new one. My salary is what I was earning in 2004 (ignoring inflation) as a new and inexperienced graduate in a practical discipline. I am however very pleased to have got a job at all for as long as it lasts. As someone who has real, serious health issues I see employment as worthwhile only because of it's partial potential hedge against inflation, and employment doesn't sit easily with me. My Dad was laid off last year, so was my Mum (both engineering). My mother now works for an accountant, my Dad looks after us all. Bridget
  12. I suspect they will be too busy to write back!
  13. My understanding was that dividing a house does not need planning permission, so parking is not tested. Combining dwellings does need consent. Rusty knowledge, so shovel of salt required.
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