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  1. Hi Rant, tis I. Capitulated in 2014 so don't keep my hand in much, but the HPC call beckons... Hope things are well?
  2. Doubtful, just another 1% stooge saying the right things. Cameron was making all the right HPC noises after getting elected 2010, and look how that turned out. Expect more of the same.
  3. They tried to build some FTB prefabs, and we said no, no, no. Eventually the electorate demography will swing in favour of the young and rented to the extent these myopic protests will be laughed at by the authorities.
  4. If your EA and Letting Agent are as thick as my previous they'll forget to conduct an inspection prior to you moving out. Then once the inevitable leeching commences you can sweetly point out that the onus is on them to prove that any damage/wear and tear occured during your tenancy; and that the small claims court tends to favour the tenant in such disputes...
  5. No rent rise for me since moving in February 2010. Which is odd as a similar property has risen from £800 to £1000pcm in that time (Dagenham).
  6. Same position, possibly wishful thinking but I can feel something in my waters.
  7. Exactly. Haven't got mortgage protection insurance? You can go whistle Dixie. As a previous poster mentioned half of all SMI recipients are pensioners, who presumably won't be in any hurry or able to secure paid employment in order to repay the remaining principal. Got to keep those distressed props off the market somehow. Can't have our number one asset class devalued.
  8. Be that as it may, if previous incarnations of these 'schemes' are anything to go by, the take-up will be somewhere in the double or - at most -treble digits.
  9. The right message but the wrong conclusion, from yet another govt teat sucker. 'In stark contrast, housing is now the most affordable for first-time buyers for a decade, mortgage rates are at their lowest for 14 years, and home-buying costs have fallen by a third over the past four years.
  10. Exactly, it's just another desperate throw of the dice to keep the bubble inflated. Admittedly, Labour and the Coalition have succeeded so far in maintaining nominal house prices. It's not so much that HPCers have been proven wrong, just that we're on the wrong end of the sh*tty stick. With real term falling wages and increasing cost of essentials the boiling frog allagory is very appropriate. Still, it's all about following the money; we all know how the builders' share prices were effected by the newest help to buy scheme. It's one massive reach-around between the rent seekers and backed up with state mandate. Much love.
  11. Blimey, if you think that's ad hom wait until I get started. Perhaps i'm wrong; I highly suspect i'm not though. No sign of any righteous indignation yet; 'how very dare you, sir'. Reads all the world to me as a 'dive in now before you face ultimate wealth destruction' bollix. The 'get on before prices go to the moon' argument no longer holds any validity; now it's the currency devaluation boogeyman for the those holding savings. A big fat 'meh' from me.
  12. The bulls are getting restless, far better to drag the unwary down with them. The OP is, allegedly, about to make a huge financial commitment and is seeking others' opinions. Were this a legitimate thread, they'd be all over it like a rash. Just another variation to the 'dont miss the boat' meme.
  13. 24 hours later and no response from the OP? I call bullsh*t.
  14. What this poster said. In order of preference it would be Upminster, Hornchurch, Elm Park. I live in Dagenham (which is a shite hole), once you get past the country park it get progressively nicer. Back to the OP i'd say the 250k is a fair approximation for Elm Park. Nice place, not too shabby.
  15. They've got a re-election to win soon, best get the blue-rinse core vote back on side.
  16. Hold on, I think i've got a loaded revolver knocking about. Oh yes, there is is.
  17. Good ol' Howard Archer, he's value for money but he's been banging that drum for years now. Still, better than the constant ramping from the usual quarters, I guess.
  18. Exactly, good article in the Guardian re: Pirate Party. Just goes to show the power of t'internet, a grassroot campaign, and people's desire for genuine change/mischief (delete as applicable).
  19. Thanks, he does/did have links with UKIP so I guess that stands to reason. The principle cornerstone is tax-reform (ie LVT) which I assumed would appeal to HPCers. Though, yes, our tripartite system is a damning indictment. On the other hand you can look to the relative successes of the Greens, UKIP & BNP in recent years to take heart that perhaps this hegemony may be weakening.
  20. I'd like to think it's more a case of not having anyone f*cking each other over. Pie in the sky? Possibly. Though the alternative is more of the same.
  21. Hmm, you may well have a point although, by and large, the electorate vote in who will best serve their needs natch. That voter turnout for the 25-34 and more so 18-24 has been declining since 2000 is arguably indicative of the absence of political options (naysayers will of course point to apathy pure and simple) which of course creates negative feedback since they can be dismissed more when formulating policy. In this sense it may carry weight in a purely USP pov. Perhaps.
  22. A long time HPC contributor and all-round decent chap has formed a legitimate UK political party; the Young People's Party. Please bear in mind that it's very much in its infancy however i'd like to invite the opinions/criticisms from fellow-HPCers. Here's a link to the blog complete with manifesto: http://yppuk.blogspot.co.uk/p/manifesto.html In essence, what do people think of its policies? Does the 'cause' have potential? If you think it's a non-starter, why? Regardless of what happens, kudos to him for actually trying to do something about our society. Thanks in advance.
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