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  1. This thread is turning into the Alan Partridge pitch to a TV exec scene, which gave us such TV show ideas as; Arm wrestling with Chaz & Dave Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank Inner-City Sumo Cooking in Prison And the last, most desperate attempt Monkey Tennis
  2. Voted By the way, 250 people voted 'don't know'. Who takes the trouble to vote in poll 'don't know'?
  3. I see your London & raise you a Birmingham. It may be difficult to sell this for the asking price; http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...s%26index%3D350 When an apartment in the same development and to the same spec sold (at auction) at the end of 2008 for 54.44% less; http://www.nowinnofeesolicitorsuk.co.uk/hp...1570&lid=67
  4. Go E/W on the 33/1 shot 'Clothes Horse'. Put your shirt on it
  5. Already leaked by the Indy, a 1% rise for March; "ON CUE with the arrival of spring, and the surge in interest that the season traditionally generates, the Nationwide building society reports a 1 per cent rise in house prices for March. This coincides with reports by estate agents around the country of increased activity and shows that, following a similar rise in January and a 1.4 per cent fall in February, the big slide has practically stopped." HOWEVER, you're only allowed to read this link at 00.01 tonight for obvious reasons........ http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/ho...nt-1453087.html
  6. An item on the news just stated the annual expenditure for MPs in the past year was 93 million. I'm assuming a good proportion of this was claiming 2nd home expenses for non-London MPs. Wouldn't it be easier, more efficient & less expensive to the tax payer in the long run to have 600 odd homes purchased in London for current MPs? The houses would be owned by the state & the MPs would be shipped-in/out after every GE.
  7. http://www.reuters.com/news/oddlyEnough Any jokes about astronomical prices, the shuttle service to work or towns with a lack of atmosphere are welcome. The cheesier the better. Maybe the first man on the moon could become HPC spokesperson (Moon Division). He could even join up with our old spokesperson, they could call themselves Armstrong Davis or something. I'll get my (gravity-free) coat
  8. As the info will be in the public domain in 3 months, give the EA a bell & just ask them. You never know, they have no reason not to tell you
  9. Superted, was that a propeller in the first house, or just pleased to see you?
  10. Obviously, I didn't mean that all people were corrupt all of the time just some of the people some of the time. The system doesn't make the people corrupt, it's the other way round (although, some 'systems' are more susceptible to corruption than others). Thanks for the invite, but no need to read Desmond Morris et al. I trust my own experiences of human nature (both bad & good, mostly good as it happens)
  11. Capitalism isn't corrupt per se, people are. Always have been, always will be
  12. I blame Gordon Brown, he promised no more booming busts...... I'll get my coat
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