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  1. Yup. London is screwed. Trouble is, most people round here are still under the belief that the London market will hold up well. The penny will drop soon enough.
  2. Look, i'm sure you feel like you are providing a really valued service, but I do not see the point of PCSOs. You look like a policeman from a distance, but with a uniform to let people know that you are not policeman, people intent on crime will instantly realise you are not a policeman on close inspection. PCSOs are kind of like scarecrows. Why not just train a proper policeman instead of wasting money on PCSOs? One real copper in exchange for three scarecrows would be value for money in my opinion.
  3. Dyslexia is just a New Labour way of reclassifying thick people as 'disadvantaged'.
  4. Clearly you don't need an English GCSE to become a PCSO.
  5. Should be okay but you will need to bake me for longer. More like 2hr 30 minutes.
  6. I think you're quoting the wrong person, and intend to quote me. Also, PCSOs are a massive waste of money. I'm not going to go through the whole argument about why, but they are completely useless most of the time.
  7. Oh shit!!! A PCSO with his dreaded Fixed Penalty Notice. Sorry officer, i've learned my lesson now.
  8. I still screw around on my BMX at Southbank, which I've been doing since I was 14. Guess i'm just a big kid really.
  9. Christ, people have just disproportionate loathing for cyclists. You'd think cyclists were going raping old ladies or something, instead of simply avoiding pedestrians. I've seen hundreds of people ride on the pavement and jump red lights, and done so myself thousands of times, yet i've never seen any collissions between cyclists and pedestrians (apart from when I hit one).
  10. No, i'm really not being sarcastic. I ride on the pavement, jump red lights and piss-off car drivers all the time. One of my most enjoyable past-times is riding as quickly as possible through the pedestrianised area of my local town centre on a Saturday. The scornful looks I get really make my day. I've never hit anyone though, apart from some dickhead who stepped into the road without looking. I make sure i'm aware of my surroundings, even if pedestrians don't.
  11. Basically, you're just jealous the the cyclist's ability to get around quickly and easily at very low cost. I should point out that traffic lights, pedestrian crossing, signs, and other such road furniture is the concern of car drivers, not cyclist. We can ride wherever we like, and you're not looking where you're going you can't really blame us for it.
  12. Brooker is a genius. I've been reading his stuff since he used to write for PC Games mags in the 1990s. I always seem to miss Screenwipe though...
  13. If the tenant buys, the money goes to paying for pointless Govt schemes, inflated Govt salaries, and ridiculous public sector pension liabilities.
  14. Been noticing a few positive trends recently in Bromley, a large and affluent borough of London stretched across London travel zones 4,5 and 6. Thought i'd share so people can get an idea of how London's suburbs are rapidly adapting to the crash. Me and my girlfriend are thinking of moving to Orpington (where I grew up), postcode BR6, at the end of our AST as we don't really like Lewisham so i've been keeping an eye on rental costs there to give me some idea of what I might get next summer. About 6 months ago a Rightmove search for properties priced between 400pcm and 800pcm might yield a maximum of 3 results. Usually at least one retirement flat and a couple of 'studio' flats in the entire postcode. Upon searching today I found 20 places in the same price range, including a number of 2-bed flats and three 2-bed terraced houses in fairly nice parts of the town. Good news for me and my girlfriend and I hope the tend continues. I also check out some other areas in Bromley, including bR3, which consists of the very nice town of Beckenham, and some surrounding areas, all located in Travelcard zone 4. I'd noticed for a few months there have been several 'starter homes' on a street in an area called Elmers End availbe at £650 pcm. There are basically tiny 1-bed houses, and I imagine they are entirely owned by BTL landlords as I can't anyone buying one to live in. I'd still consider renting these purely because I like having a garden, like having my own front door, and am not planning on having children for the next few years at least. They tended to be priced at £750pcm, like the ones below: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-213...p;mam_disp=true http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-235...p;mam_disp=true However, today I noticed one on the very same street, now asking 650pcm, below: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-201...p;mam_disp=true These other landlords are probably going to make sure they keep up, and reduce to at least £650pcm. The first two I posted have been on the market for months, and something will have to give sooner or later. Just my little insight into what is happening to rental prices in realtively nice, leafy suburbs of south-east London to give all you renters a taster of what is to come.
  15. A VAT hike to 18.5% would probably be better than the NI hike i'm facing instead. The VAT cut will make very little difference to me and most other people. The savings would only be noticeable if you spend loads of money on consumer goods. At the moment most of my money is spent on food and rent, which don't attract VAT.
  16. Surely any poor bloke caught in the clutches of the CSA would be completely unable to afford a mortgage. Or even the rent on a bedsit.
  17. You mean getting that barcode tattoed on my wrist was a complete waste of money?
  18. Look mate, he's got a f**king cool name and I won't hear a bad word said about him.
  19. I'm no RB fan, but Vince Cable is a cutie.
  20. Seats in the House of Lords? Oh wait they already did that...
  21. This is true, but it does enhance your security in old age, when you should have paid-off your mortgage. Also, the effects of inflation drive down the actual cost of buying your own home significantly over time. Provided you do repay, then you have no accomodation costs other than utilities and maintenance once you reach retirement, which makes living on a pension much easier.
  22. The problem with 24 hour rolling news is that you have to fill it with pointless guff most of the time. Really important news stories only happen a couple of times a week, and the rest of it is crappy surveys and pointless analysis.
  23. I agree with what Bob says. You contract is with the LL, not the LA, and he has to honour it. If the deposit wasn't protected at any point then that is his problem. You could potentially take him to court for 3x deposit, but it might be more constructive to ask him to place the same amount in a TDS scheme and send you the certificate. Also, you have paid rent to his appointed agents, so he will have to go to them for his money, and cannot kick you out on that basis. Remember, the LA is an agent of the LL, but your agreement is always with the LL so if the LA screws up then it is the LL's responsiblity.
  24. 9 months after moving in to my place I still get a snowdrift of crap for previous tenants. I used to just write "Not known at this address, return to sender" and shove them back in the postbox, but it gets tiresome with the amount you get and they seem to keep coming. Now I just chuck them in the bin.
  25. I think the tenant is liable for council tax unless the AST explicitly says it is are included in the rent. Usually it isn't unless it's a bedsit. If the tenant has lived there for a couple of years then they will owe a fair old amount of council tax, but you won't normally pay any interest on that (I didn't have to after a council fiasco meant they failed to bill me for 6 months). You can also spread the payments so that you can afford them, but it is important you call them to make an arrangement to pay as councils are very persistent about getting their money despite the fact they do so little for it.
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