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  1. edit : Yes income withdrawn will be taxed , i think the 40% should be viewed as an increase in buying power rather than a handout. I agree that sipps are unlikely to be of interest to younger generations who are building a pensions, however for baby boomer generation with a healthy pot, there is now an alternative to buying dwindling annuities, which looks attractive in comparison even with taxes and hassles. I get the impression most hpc'ers are in denial about this issue which is ironic since we so often claim vendors are the ones in denial. I also agree this could be a big plus for the hp
  2. "the individual would then be obliged to buy an annuity in 2005" -Thats one major change as I understand it , in the new environment there is no obligation to buy an annuity , so makes sense to consider longer term investments like property and attempt to hold onto some assets , rather than slowly wittle them down to nothing. "In the event of their death at (say) age 80 their inheritors would receive a lump sum equivalent to 5 years annuity payments. The annuity rate should be at least competitive with rental yields" -Ok , but 5 years of annuity will be far less attractive than a property
  3. - This is still far better than zero to beneficiaries if annuity is chosen instead. - Ok I'm not completely familiar with this option, however, I prefer to look on the bright side beyond 75, in which case as with annuity there'll be little or nothing to pass on. -Maybe , maybe not , if we are in for serious bout of inflation (anythings possible in Gordon Browns mad world) its possible your cash in gilts will be eroded? as they are not inflation linked... Consider this case scenario at the peak of 1990 property bubble , 60 year old man , now 75 and still going strong , how would the gil
  4. Unfortunately i dont think this thing is cleared up at all. There are at least 2 open questions i have on this issue that will have a fairly major impact IMHO: 1. How will IHT be handled ? This one cant be answered yet as the rules are not yet defined , will be defined in December 05 as far as im aware. 2. Can the rental income from a SIPP be withdrawn without winding up the fund by somebody who is already at retirement age? Id greatly appreciate if anyone here can answer the second question , if not Ill feedback the answer Im waiting on from a pensions / financial advisor. To put th
  5. As I understand it, if the economy is heading for recession as you say, thats not good for wage inflation, and if inflation carries on up, stagflation scenario may raise its ugly head.
  6. Hi It's mrs BJ here, I dont usually say anything on here, but felt saddened and compelled to post a few comments when I read your post. Mr BJ and I are in our early thirties and are proud parents to a little boy aged nearly 3 and a 5 month old baby girl. We are renting in almost rural Kent and also like many here cannot afford to buy yet. When I fell pregnant with our first (he was planned) our circumstances were much different to now, we were renting a very small 2 bed house and both worked self employed from home but we both felt optimistic and hopeful. It was funny how things changed for
  7. nice avatar thanks for that one ....i personally prefer anecdotes to all the other stuff. Its a long tiresome wait , they're normally much more entertaining to me than the debunking of spin stuff we see so often. each to tgheir own eh
  8. ho hum , did google it in the end ... article confirming suicide on the rise in JPN (JUL 04) http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Japan/FG28Dh01.html chart showing bottom (so far) of a 15 year bear market. (03) http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=%5EN225&t=my&l=on&z=m&q=l&c= not so far fetched is it ?
  9. hmmm , perhaps is not as over the top as sounds. Was quite a lot of this in 1929 , kind of expected it a few years ago when the market was tanking , but the plunge protection and baghdad bounce saved a few souls i expect. When the time comes and both houses and stocks go into bear overdrive again , it may serve the banks to let it go. If that happens as i suspect it will , then suicides will be in the news. Perhaps not mass suicides , but will be plenty enough in the papers i bet. That will possibly be the bottom , when blood is literally running in the streets. I dont care to look mys
  10. that was just the subnject i done with him , he done Maths as well , was very quick with numbers as I say no fool. Without wanting to give too much away he works in one of the quickest witted jobs in the city , earning silly sums of money....so i guess he can afford to lose a few quid on a misguided adventure. My point was that its not just fools who fell for this crap , and in my opinion they deserve very little in the way of sympathy.
  11. sorry if that sounded a bit like ambulane chasing , i expect a few moral high ground type replies. I have a pal who fell for this sort of inside track course stuff , however he was in A level business with me for 2 years and was no fool...i dont feel it is anything to do with vulnerablity or even ignorance , just pure greeeeed!
  12. Loving this show , one born every minute. Sickening part is the early ones will have made a fortune , and the system and media have supported these shenanigans.
  13. The Dax is quite high at the moment, optimism in a recovery is priced in imo, the time to invest in germany (stock market) is not yet....
  14. Very good point chaps , looking forward to some illusions shattering.
  15. "Here’s how the whole thing will work. From 6 April 2006, the existing eight sets of tax rules for different kinds of pension will be scrapped and replaced with a single set for occupational and private pensions. Of the many proposed changes, those likely to be of greatest interest, says Pamela Atherton in The Daily Telegraph, include the ability to hold residential, in addition to commercial, property in a Sipp (a self-invested personal pension); the potential to avoid compulsory annuity purchase at the age of 75; and the opportunities for inheritance tax (IHT) planning." http://www.moneywee
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