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  1. Thanks, but this is a new trick to me....the same agent puttingdifferent prices for the same flat near me. 1. Rightmove http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-172...1&tr_t=rent 2. Gumtree http://sheffield.gumtree.com/sheffield/72/22248972.html We love Eas. they are so honest.
  2. You like Marmite? Really? Have a taste of this marmite... address type original price current price change days on market postcode Ocean Drive EH6 7BZ 4 bedroom flat £348,395 £219,995 DOWN 36% 219 days (eh6) Ocean Drive EH6 7BZ 3 bedroom flat £304,295 £219,995 DOWN 27% 219 days (eh6) 3 South Lorne Place, Leith EH6 8QN 1 bedroom flat £128,000 £93,000 DOWN 27% 93 days (eh6) Broughton Road EH6 5FF 2 bedroom flat £205,995 £149,995 DOWN 27% 217 days (eh6) The Raeburn, Edinburgh, EH5 1HG EH5 1HG 2 bedroom flat £216,995 £159,995 DOWN 26% 219 days (eh5) Broughton Road EH6 5FF 2 bedroom flat £198,995 £149,995 DOWN 24% 217 days (eh6) 25/6 Piersfield Grove EH8 7BU 2 bedroom flat £184,950 £140,000 DOWN 24% 77 days (eh8) Ocean Drive EH6 7BZ 2 bedroom flat £288,095 £219,995 DOWN 23% 219 days (eh6) Newhaven Road North EH6 4LX 2 bedroom flat £207,495 £158,695 DOWN 23% 219 days (eh6) Broughton Road EH6 5FF 2 bedroom flat £195,995 £149,995 DOWN 23% 217 days (eh6) Edinburgh.......The city is booming with house sales. Maybe not.
  3. Manor Top...apparently the AA/RAC refused to attend broken down vehicles here years ago in fear of being mugged Saw the 'house'. A new build on Windy House Lane S2. It was dreadful...the smallest kitchen I have ever seen, the rooms had a smell of linen not washed and well used for 6 months plus. Polskis were living there. Maybe they're off back home soon. Didn't make an offer, or explain why, just left. Didn't shake the guys hand either, I was more likely to give him a kicking for wasting my time if we conversed - if the missus wasn't there I definately would have pinned the bean. The guy (Sheffield lad, 35ish) had the cheek to say there is no cooker, fridge or freezer in the price. Bizarre. When the Polskis go, he is gonna be in the auctions watching his portfolio go 'puff'. I think he expected us to take it though....his face totally dropped when we left....quite funny really, he is gonna have to get used to that feeling of 'oh f***, I can't rent this hovel out'. Simply dreadful for a new build. He will NEVER rent that now..too many good options elsewhere. No worries, we can wait. I doubt he can. APPARENTLY, IT IS A RENTERS MARKET NOW. HURRAY
  4. Surely, NO BTLers there. Outrageous, after all the money they tell us they are making.
  5. Bloo loo He's gonna wish he is me when his portfolio goes to the wall.
  6. Nice on Scott Here's a snippet from Sheffield. The evidence is clear....EVERYWHERE IS FALLING DRAMMATICALLY. address type original price current price change days on market postcode Paterson Croft, Stocksbridge 4 bedroom flat £154,950 £129,950 DOWN 16% 129 days (s1) Dudley Road, Hillsborough 3 bedroom semi detached £149,950 £129,950 DOWN 13% 129 days (s1) Beechwood Road, Stocksbridge 3 bedroom townhouse £114,950 £99,950 DOWN 13% 129 days (s1) Smith Road, Stocksbridge 2 bedroom terraced £97,500 £84,950 DOWN 12% 46 days (s1) 7 - St Paul's View St 2 bedroom flat £229,000 £201,000 DOWN 12% 361 days (s1) 4 Furnace Hill, Sheffield 1 bedroom flat £124,950 £109,950 DOWN 12% 74 days (s1) Phoenix Court, High Lane, Ridgeway 5 bedroom house £350,000 £310,000 DOWN 11% 129 days (s1) Barrie Road, Southey Green 2 bedroom townhouse £89,950 £79,950 DOWN 11% 129 days (s1) Burncross Road, Chapeltown 5 bedroom flat £450,000 £399,950 DOWN 11% 129 days (s1)
  7. If you health dicates, so be it. BUT Wait another two months and get it for 175K. Or...just rent for a while and put your cash in a high interest account. Then buy after 6 months for 100K. Then, buy a new car, fitted out with your needs,a dn employ a part - time nurse with the cash you saved. If you are unwell...it makes good sense to also have your health cared for too. Health comes before home.
  8. Save this post for three months. Then this dumbass will be telling the truth (at least the bit in bold).
  9. Yo dude/dudess/semi-dude/dikless dude/big ti...geddit...who cares who you are. Just another bank fodder yet to face the reality of your realty. I DONT WANT TO BUY. I DONT GO CRUISING. Go buy a new build and expand your future fu**ability.
  10. Ferret, Wickywackywoo, Steveo the peoples hero, and Grange Hill 6534 tell me you are BTL Profiteer with a full portfolio? They would like to discuss this with you presently. Goodnight all.
  11. You put your money on the northerner if he brings the ferret....me Sheffield, Beefy Manchester. Geddit dumbo? Now go back and drink some milk and eat some cookies.
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