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  1. Agreed although the above examples probably handle significantly more container traffic compared to here in the UK. OP - Can you provide link to the 70% of imports passing through Felixstowe?
  2. Completely agree with this, in fact I personally think this is the best thing the Labour government has done in this country. I have a few friends that smoke and it hasn't affected them at all, in fact it has made landlords improve their beer gardens from a generally run down outside dump full of dog muck to an outside shelter complete with heaters for those cold winter months and a clean up of the beer garden. I'll agree with the comments about pubs smelling awful shortly after the smoking ban but again this has disappeared, pubs are a much better place for the smoking ban. The main reason why pubs aren't as busy these days is because of the price of alcohol and people not being able to afford to go out after spending their money on ever rising bills etc. The Bustless Boom - a great title for a book in the future once all this has past.
  3. From what I understand all companies which are based on the dock have always paid an agreed lower business rate directly to ABP which own the estates across the country, this has been the case for years but the VOA have decided to back date the full charges from 2005 (as in the article) without consulting any businesses or looked at the impact it'll have. What I can't understand is why the VOA don't notify companies presently on the dock that the new rates will apply from the next tax year onwards rather than back date charges that no one was aware about...then again I suppose the money from the bail outs has to be paid some how.
  4. This has been ongoing for the last 18 months, an absolute disgrace considering companies have already paid their rates for this period. As always the government give all these already struggling companies one last kick in the balls whilst they can, it's going to cause absolute carnage (especially in the Humber) if they demand the back dated rates for seemingly their own mistakes. Cheers Gordon
  5. Because they're not spending their lives on an internet forum plotting the end of the World
  6. Welcome to HPC.co.uk - When the posters aren't wearing tin foil hats they're wishing a slow and painful death to the people who earn "decent money" and are out to screw the average Joe on the street
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