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  1. Seems like the bulls are back and having a field day and the bears are leaving in droves from this site. Why? The Liebour government have managed to keep the bubble going with QE, everyone is parking bum to chair so sales of houses are silly low and after the GE the brown sutff is going into the fan. Bears just hold tight. The HPC will happen, you can't beat economic reality.
  2. what are the useless plebs who run this site doing about this new skin?
  3. Can't they just pump £1,000,000,000,000 (that's a trillion in us notation btw) into the UK and fill everybodies pockets with tenners so we can all go out and spunk it on whores. It would really get us out of recession with a bloody big smile on everybodies face.
  4. The Lib Dem totty tonight wasn't too bad. I do think if women want to become politicians they do have to pass some sort of tottie filter first. Italy has some cracking birds doing politics and we need to adopt their practices. No more Margaret Becketts please. Someone like Holly Willoughby would make a nice politician. http://i37.tinypic.com/2mz01fo.gif
  5. Just watched it, wasn't actually that bad. Harperson put in a sterling performance worthy of a knighthood. The Tory was on the sherry, the drip was talking the usual party nonsence and the other two were instantly forgettable. Still only 38 more episodes in this series and they got a GE to cover very soon.
  6. I think the theory with Global Waming is "we will make it up to fit our political agenda. Jump on the bandwagon and wave your flags".
  7. The only thing the toffs sorry Tories will do when they get in power next year is repeal the hunting ban. Nothing else matters to be fair.
  8. It's been the 3rd year running now for dire weather in the West Country. June wasn't to bad and I'm sure most people in the industry in Devon/Cornwall were banking on that heatwave that the Met Office predicted in April, but as soon as Wimbledon finished nearly every single day has been overcast and full of rain throughout the summer season. I really can't see to many of the stay at home crowd coming back next summer. It's Benidorm all round whatever the Euro rate next summer.
  9. Steam in big style, sell your house your wife anything you got and buy them shares!!
  10. Mundic. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mundic The house will fall to bits during the next Micheal Fish incorrect weather forecast.
  11. 404 - Page Not Found Seems the Beeb are getting the message at last.
  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8191007.stm Don't you just love Estate Agents?
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