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  1. Asking price means very little on its own except that the owner is really looking for more. Hound the EA for the home report valuation as that will give a better indication of what is being looked for. There is a wide variety as to how the glasgow EA and solicitors are pricing the asking price on properties in relation to the valuation. compared to the solicitors, the EA usually have a lower asking price as they are trying to drum up interest in viewings (whether or not the viewer can realistically afford the property) as it makes it easier in theory to attract big bids if you are made to think there is alot of competition. Most of the EA are reluctant to release the HR until you have viewed as in alot of cases you wouldn't bother if you knew how much they are actually looking for. By contrast you can get the HR in advance on the GSPC which I personally think is better as a buyer as it is upfront about the expectations. Look at enough HR's and you will get an idea about how most of the EA's are pricing their properties as there are usually trends.
  2. There are large numbers of benefit junkies in this country, whether they are unemployed, incapacity or receiving 'credits'. Labour has created a fear that voting anthing other than for them will lead to an immediate reduction in their income, hence you have guaranteed Labour voters. That is despite the fact the country may actually crash in the (slightly) longer term. There has also been poor discussion about the debt and deficit throughout the election campaign and I think a large number of the voters respond more to simple talk of "locking in the recovery" than sound fianancial figures.
  3. watch out though as you could still be liable for inheritance tax on the remaining £100k, as the tax (to the best of my knowledge) is based on the 'freeby' differential at time of exchange if valuable items are seen as undersold.
  4. quoted from the Expresses own 'Property Expert' http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/171330/Scotland-on-brink-of-house-price-bonanza- “The sticking point at the moment is mortgages. Especially first-time buyers, who are stuck because they can only get maybe an £80,000 loan, yet property prices often start at £130,000 to £140,000. “Once that is sorted out, we can really expect the market take off.”
  5. America also seriously over diagnose because they get paid a hefty sum for each diagnosis and each treatment. In America, the health service is a business and functions exactly the same - they know that by running excessive expensive tests etc, they can run up a nice profit. They also need to ensure you keep coming back, which often involves the weird and wonderful and the totally unproven diagnosis. The NHS is different in that the aim is to diagnose and treat rather than provide a nice environment. Unfortunately by being free, the cr*p filter effect is lost. This creates potentially infinate demand, where the main limiting factors are the patients time and effort to get to the hospital, rather than the cost. For many regular attenders in hospital they have all the time in the world, so the service is bogged down with turge.
  6. I've seen some 'optimistic' home valuations recently of properties which have not been owned for long. I know anecdotally of home report surveyors asking the vendor how much they were looking for... property 1: bought June09 for 335k, mild redecortive work, rewired and new boiler, now 360k! property2: bought Aug/sept 07 (peak) for 352k, valued now at 350k (nothing changed)
  7. If you would like Bungle and Zippy to do your operation fine, but I would still prefer someone with some knowledge and experience. Working on an object, and working on someones body are completely different. The real question is whether you support the principles of the NHS, or whether you want a two tier health service, where those that can pay extra get someone with experience and if you cant you get Bungle.
  8. biggest problem is that the NHS is run by the numpty governement. First step should be to stop all the expensive political Labour schemes ie the national IT, Darzi/Polyclinic centres, national targets - the NHS was much more efficient before Labour tampering. Cutting things like hip replacements is a bit counter intuitive as it is one of the best proven treatments to improve quality of life and improve mobility - which usually reduces goverment healthcare burden. I imagine there is a large management section working on which part of the front line to cut.
  9. your quite generous with your wages of doctors. most of us earn alot less than the government would like you to believe - not that the wage is poor. I am on about £36k basic after 6 years of work, and most of my colleagues are on the same payscale. Even consultants will earn a (still respectable) 50-70% approx. of your figure. The 150k is cloud-cukoo land figures usually based on GP Practice earnings and not salary. Funnily enough these kind of 'doctors earnings' stories got trotted out regularly when the MP's were getting slated for their expenses...
  10. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-28558148.html?backToListURL=%2Fuser%2Fshortlist.html%3Ftype%3DBUYING spoken to selling agent. couldn't get exact figure (though will be on zoopla etc soon enough). Final sale price was close to £325k (ie £45k above valuation/ 16.7%). Final bid may have been as high as 328ish. We had property revalued as we thought the £280 was possibly a little low, but survey came up with more work required than in HR and 'generous' value estimate at £300k.
  11. Holy Cr*p - missed out on a property in glasgow southside which has gone for >12.5% (>£35k) above HR valuation. And i thought our bid was a little generous for the current climate...
  12. I would rather give my money to a charity than pay another government 'green-tax'. How much would actually be spent as intended anyway?
  13. Have been in a similar situation with seller in Glasgow. House in question on the market for over a year and seller refused to get home report. We went to effort of survey despite lack of effort on sellers behalf which showed a valuation £15k below what the seller is wanting. We bid valuation which was rejected though seller reduced to asking only 10k over. Have spoken to the EA again today after 3 months to attempt to put pressure on them (ie. unreasonable seller; EA will wish to cash in after over a year on market etc). There has been no further interest since our last bid and I've attempted to make to EA realise that if they want their cash, they will need to seriously persuade the seller for what is a reasonable bid. Waiting to here back though not hopeful.
  14. Hi. It would appear it's been on since 30th October, price unchanged. Ground floor flat next door to a pub, with a food trailer also in the cul-de-sac bit on Google maps. I would request the home report first. I would also want to see the seller statements and quiz the seller to see if there have been any problems with the flat ie vandalism, noise, neighbours how long they have owned for etc. Resell may be a little more difficult in view of the location, but the price probably reflects that.
  15. LD was a Labour stooge and realises that his time is up. He is a very bitter failed surgeon who eventually followed daddy into public health - a lesser choice for Donaldson. From his CMD role he has subsequently reaped revenge on his surgical career failure by destroyed medical training and introducing hugely expensive and pointless changes to the GMC in the form of licencing and revalidation. He will be fondly remembered for forcing through waves of Labour dictat - Unfortunately the damage of the Donaldson era is done. For his role in the destruction of medical training, he was referred to the GMC himself - this was unsurprising turned down by the GMC given his high political role and his close association with the GMC heirarchy, however the action remains on going through the High Court. This should be heard in the new year, and hopefully then Donaldson will be brought to account as the chief architect of MTAS. http://www.remedyuk.org/ Going, but not forgotten. Good Riddence.
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