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  1. Evan Davis from 2004 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/3701070.stm
  2. Bump to remind peeps it's on tonight and to ensure no more threads appear.
  3. What gets me is the amount of time it takes to switch suppliers. One would think that you could phone your current supplier on say monday and switch within 7 days maximum, but it takes about 4 to 6 weeks. What's that all about ?
  4. Thanks for the heads up juvenel, says 9:15 over here BTW http://www.radiotimes.com/ListingsServlet?...ls_fullpage.jsp
  5. Bumped for the bendyone. I remember a post a few months back from a conveyencer who was saying that people in general don't appreciate the costs involved of a house build. The thread involved other mutterings that some if people are expecting to pick up a house on their wages they were having a bubble bath. Sorry I can't help further, but you got a nice bump.
  6. The BBC News channnel just showed a small clip of the interview of Kate Silvertongue and Jackboots. Jackboots voice was wavering and she looked very uncomfortable. Well done Kate !
  7. I do, Krusty under a car, hanging from a tree, found in a large freezer on a skip........etc. Edit : spellog
  8. Haircuts £0. Are they both slapheads or do they do their own ?
  9. Ruth Langsford : Don't go away after the break we have property queen Kirsty Allsop. FFS
  10. Fat @rse Ramping Minger Call This Morning on- 08000 30 40 44
  11. The FARM is coming up at 11:30 and taking calls. Calls have to be in by 11:10.
  12. You can't fatten a thoughourbred.
  13. I can only remember because I was making up silly verses to the python lumberjack tune. Memory shot to pieces usually.
  14. Was this the lady who was on London Tonight IIRC in the lumberjack shirt ? If that is her people on here were slating her for her looks and others sticking up for her because she was talking sense. Edit : Ah, yes it was just seen previous post.
  15. Never listened to this programme before, good thing about it is they spend some time on the topic. On other shows it just starts to get interesting and they say we'll have to end it there. Hope the farm gets a good half hour kicking.
  16. Him : Aaarrrggghhh, I've got something crawling up my @rse Her : I told you not to sit down you silly fecker
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