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  1. Cracking post newp. Three.co.uk, I do believe try to p1ss me off on perpose so I have to phone them on their high charge number generating profits because their call center pr!cks are on half a rupee an hour. Kunce.
  2. Do you think that the recession is global and are you doing whatever is necessary or whatever it takes to combat this and are you getting on wirh the job and do you think Jaqui Smith is doing a good job ?
  3. Barclays on Viagra this morning, broke 200 and climbing on my 15mins delayed feed.
  4. Immediately made me think of this little ditty, not surprised after reading the info bit. No appologies if posted before- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VYJy05T70o
  5. Yes IIRC sharing it with his OH, he was loving it on the checkout though.
  6. New mortgages too, only another 24 and a half years of bullsh1t and grief to put up with.
  7. Also on ITV 1 at 9:00 pm something involving camembert.
  8. Q : Name 3 football teams with swearwords in their names ? A : Arsenal, Scunthorpe United, and Fecking Manchester United.
  9. "it's not on tonight 'cos of economic wot ? whod did he say" ?
  10. Nice down to earth chap I know says that there is a bloke at his workplace that everyone hates becase he is a right governers man. They have found out that the house he bought years ago has been MEWed till the pips squeak. They ( the bloke and his wife ) then went onto interest only mortgage to reduce the monthly payments around peakiola price. Ouch ! Edit :clarity
  11. I have just seen this on the news and they said it is not known why she went in there. I think she's bi polar.
  12. I'd say late forties judging by the pic, but dread to think what she looks like first thing in the morning after a heavy night out.
  13. I'd like to get a job as one of the family day face painters so I can paint HPC & LIAR LOANS on their kids faces.
  14. Looks like these peeps are responsible for that loads of codswollop.- http://www.lpgf.com/content/default.asp?PageId=2603
  15. If they bought near the peak Their @rse will squeak And sooner or later The're up sh!t creek.
  16. I have always had a dislike for you know who, and wondered why other folk didn't seem to feel the same as me. Then I found HPC and discovered I was not a lone voice in the wilderness. Thanks peeps !
  17. She phoned the estate agent to ask 'why hasn't it sold' ? I'd love to pop round there and put a little note through her door- Hi saw you on the telly, don't believe the EA visit www.housepricecrash.co.uk Regards HPC'er Then see if the asking price drops.
  18. The banker on Deal Or No Deal, what a piece of p1ss that is.
  19. I thought that was pretty good for a gadget as gadgets go, although I'd prefer a clean flat floor big enough for a lion to sleep in rather than any gadget on the market given a choice.
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