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  1. I saw newsnight last week (could have been the same one) and Paul Mason summed up at the end saying we don't really know where the economy is going from here could get better or worse. I then switched over and caught the weather forecast and they said we don't really know what its going to be like tommorrow. I then started thinking to myself about the meaning of life itself, gave up then had a cuppa.
  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8002664.stm I think I'm with FP on that one.
  3. We could carve helmets out of it, instead of tin foil hats.
  4. You are not wrong BL, some are definately in Denia(l) http://www.kyero.com/property/899208-apart...-for-sale-denia
  5. Found one on for 713 days and counting, must be much worse out there ! http://www.propertysnake.co.uk/site/postcode/mk13
  6. Employ a few peeps to make a 60% offer off peakiola price on every sodding house for sale in the country, excluding not very nice areas. Splash of magnolia, Bobs yer uncle. Edit :meh.
  7. IIRC he was into BTL but saw the crash coming and sold up. One of his programmes were about this with Pwil Spencer predicting a 10% rise in prices, he looked a bigger plonker than usual. Might be a link around the site for it somewhere.
  8. Third headline read out by Sophie: Almost a million homeowners have gone into negative equity because of the house price crash. didn't someone warn these people ? Edit : changed A million to Almost a million.
  9. With pleasure, I had it lovingly crafted from an old telegraph pole I stumbled across while out picking magic mushrooms.
  10. The geezer just misses the boozer when he's at home IMPO.
  11. Does she stuff her cushions with her plucked facial hair ?
  12. I am or have been all of them apart from stumpy legs, still time for that one though.
  13. On the way to the top you make some glorious feck ups !
  14. Just been on the BBC 6 o'clock news, full report on newsnight tonight. GM call it a 'spunky' car in the vid on the CBS site. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/04/14/...in4945194.shtml
  15. I would love an HPC anti 'spivary' flash mob thingy day out. Pick a town/city where 3 or 4 of the worst companies are based and go and create a bit of chaos and disorder for the thieving feckers. Then go for a piss up.
  16. Nice one apr, I tried this a few weeks back and it said no alternatve number, but I put in the number not three.co.uk. Well chuffed, now I can argue with the money grabbing ***** till the cows come home, it's gonna be a late night I think. Thanks.
  17. Trying to flog you something ? They phoned me trying to sign up for a new dongle last week. The silly fecker was on about free this and free that, he sounded just like the phonejacker 'internet providings' bloke. Upon lenghthy questioning I managed to weasle out of the pr!ck that all I'd get is a sodding free month if i sign for a 24 month contract. I told the pr!ck that what the feck do I need another dongle for as I have two already and I cant get a sodding signal because I have moved house. I took my time though just to waste his, and now I am just starting my terror campaign to constantly phone their freephone sales line pretending I'd like to buy something keeping them talking for as long as possible. I feckin' hate them. :angry:
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