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  1. Anyone think that a thread celebrating media types/celebs who think that a crash would be a good thing is worth starting?
  2. Timm- If I did have 777 on my bonce I would make homes more affordable. However,seems this no longer requires devine intervention. Peace. t-a-k.
  3. Could only bear a couple of mins of that tripe. The BBC p1ssed me off too stating that one punters budget was a MINISCULE 125K. Miniscule 125K? Hello BBC,hello C4 what the hell is going on? Average wage x 3.5 ? Anyone remember X 3.5 ? Thank god I found this forum you guys have saved me from losing it big time. Thank you.
  4. I have nothing intelligent to add other than Krusty could transplant the hair from her top lip to Phils head and I wish they would go away quickly. :angry:
  5. How do you make a hormone? Dont pay her!
  6. There once was a woman called Krusty who was a little bit posh and well busty her baldy mate Phil said "are you on the pill"? then increased the size of his portfolio.
  7. There once was a redhead called Hazel who never stopped for a breath she went on and on and on and on and bored herself to death
  8. Krusty had a little bike She rode it back to front Every time the wheel went round A spoke went up h...................
  9. Maybe the reposessed can live in the gap between her teeth.
  10. An auction live link from Costa Del Chav would be a tad interesting. Especially if a few with low reserves.
  11. Mr Brown he went to town on the 8:21 But he comes home each evening And hes ready with his gun So who do you think you are kidding Mr Cameron ? If you think were on the run.
  12. Worst may still be to come? Understatement of the week! Keep em coming RB.
  13. Thats it I have had enough! Im going to do a Max and Paddy and live in a mobile camper. Hmm how much is Diesel again? Beam me up Scottie.
  14. Dont buy to let now pet All you'll do is fret pet You wont join the jet-set pet Just end up in debt pet.
  15. I think the banks know more than they are prepared to share.Some of us can only guess, and the majority just have not got a clue.
  16. They are now saying on Sky News that the Boris bounce could help propel the Tories back in. This really is looking more like an old Ealing comedy.
  17. Now the Brown bounce and spring bounce are now non existant and in reverse,can anybody predict a candidate for the hatrick?
  18. I dont like the radiation hazard to my brain from the microwave while watching corrie.
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