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  1. Thats the most exercise he's had since Tracy Temple.
  2. 'Quick we're sinking, drill another hole to let the water out' !
  3. Politician Top Trumps Vote count x Salary £x Expenses £x Protection costs £x Staff payroll £x John Lewis list £x etc Edit : spellog
  4. Just said on the BBC news that Darling and Osborne are both on tomorrow. Hopefully on the same sofa, could be worth a watch.
  5. Not wrong, massive variation in prices going on at the moment. Those still in denial v. those priced more realistically I presume.
  6. Some gumph for you here scott- http://www.reuters.com/article/newsOne/idU...0090205?sp=true
  7. On my small Northern Lights crop a few years ago one of the buds was coated in resin so much that you couldn't see any green. Edit : not a stoner any more, honest.
  8. Would have been good if it was set to explode on the trigger word 'global' and take Browns fecking head off.
  9. Loony Air Need shops that sell sandwiches Worth about the same Cheers for that Eric, got any more ?
  10. Mr Lydon tells it as he saw it. Caution this clip contains spitting, swearing (including the N word) and grim reality. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=nDci8BcAn2w Mods please give this time on the main thread.
  11. Well played Sibley & to Liz too. HPC kicks ass. Edit: Sibley- let us know when you save some cash too, lol.
  12. Too true, and some that have lived beyond their means go for the bankrupcy liposuction treatment leaving the rest to pick up the bill.
  13. It's like what some watching their weight say 'A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips'.
  14. Only giving a quick heads up to a programme subject that many HPCers appreciate, not trying to deflect anything. I shall try to be more accurate in future.
  15. Riots in Greece, Iceland and France now small protests in UK.
  16. Heads up, looks like might be worth a watch. Edit: title for accuracy, not spellog for once.
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