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  1. Yes good find Tinker, seems the FSA investigated then passed their findings round the office, eveyrone went 'ooh' and they shoved it back in the filing cabinet.
  2. Thanks for the link, I put in SW1 postcode, self contained flat - £365 per week, fecking unbelievable If claimant was on incapacity while saying they were an alcoholic with mobility issues they could claim £30k per annum I reckon, plus free dental and scrips. All tax free too.
  3. I read on here a while back that a single bloke on benefits can claim the best part of £900 pcm housing benefit in parts of London. WTF ? That is one shocking statistic if that is true.
  4. Thats almost enough for an average house for every taxpayer at the end of last crash. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZvQEvH0fOo
  5. Nick Cage(IIRC) posted this link up months ago, well worth a read. http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/198202/diamond Edit : changed linkage to correct page, not spellog.
  6. His signature looks like 'Girly Bang' to me seriously check it out http://www.realhelpnow.gov.uk/economic-future.php
  7. Shame it was only on for about 15mins, after an hour of poor Jade.
  8. I came across this just now and was wondering if anyone knows anything about this malarky ? http://www.claimland.co.uk/ I remember ads like this in the Exchange & Mart in the 'part you from your money section' lol. Just wondering, thats all cheers.
  9. Gordon: "I will do whatever it takes to get in your knickers"
  10. Gordon:back to mine then for some quantitive easing
  11. There is a govt. spend clock, just goes steadily onward and upward. http://www.iea.org.uk/ Edit:added linkage.
  12. Or even wheel in Fern Britton from the other side for a move heavyweight discussion. No pun intended (sort of).
  13. My favorite reply to one question was "I am claiming less than last year" At that point Andrew could have gone for the throat, "So that makes it all right does it" ?, or so you feel that you claimed too much last year"? I'd like to sneak into the beeb and spike the tea ern with something high strength to liven things up a bit.
  14. This week Andrew will be stroking Jaqui Smith with his furry mittens. What a lovely image to start the day with.
  15. That is quite surprising, I would love Steph Flanders to take us through that one on the six O'clock news.
  16. Arnold has never been shy of speaking his mind http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgN-lGkVu0U...feature=related
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