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  1. But the coloured chap (Christ I hate that word) didn't say anything about the BNP did he?

    I did briefly leave the room for a cuppa and bag of crisps, so maybe I missed that part.

    I was shocked by the quality house price comment from the dark bald bloke to listen carefully to the rest but did not think he mentioned BNP.

    Perhaps Heather5 knows him personally.

    Heather5 do you know him ?

  2. The slump across global commercial property markets has accelerated since the turn of the year, with the emerging markets in particular struggling under the combination of capital value and rental falls.

    The pace of decline in capital values accelerated in the first quarter, while almost every country in the world is reporting a slide in rents, according to the global property survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, released on Tuesday.

    Oh, Gordon was on about global something or other.

    Countries across Europe suffered price falls, with particularly significant pessimism over capital values in France, the Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland.

    Surveyors expect little easing in the pace of price declines in these markets. However, there was better sentiment in Spain and the UK, where the extent of the market slump means many hope to see a bottom soon.

    Hope :blink:


  3. I don't know about anyone else, but for me the events of the last few months - and this latest saga with MPs allowances and 2nd home "expenses" show up what, to me, was a glaring and disturbing factor of the last decade of the awful house price bubble: Those ruling over us simply had/have absolutely NO idea of REAL LIFE for the ORDINARY person here in the UK [and elsewhere too].

    So many times, over the last near-5 years here on HPC, and to many friends and acquaintances, I have kept insisting that MPs [and others] just cannot have any idea that, in order to rent a very ordinary property for the average of around £550pm, the ordinary person has to find at least £10-11,000 pa AFTER TAX just to cover the rent, the council tax and the bills: And THEN they have to find the money for the rest of their living expenses!

    And yet, if you look at salaries for LOCAL jobs in the majority of LOCAL areas, particularly outside the SE/M25 area, the going "average" salary is, most often as far as I can see, around £14-17,000 AT BEST. I am talking here about ORDINARY people, living ORDINARY lives, doing ORDINARY jobs.

    So, to me, those MPs who have effectively had there housing costs met by "expenses", and their 2nd homes - [let's face it, so often bought for "investment" purposes, paid for by "expenses", and then often "flipped" for massive profit in the rising market] - simply have completely lost touch with ORDINARY people and their concerns.

    This is what is so revolting and sickening about the recent shenanigans about Bankers' salaries and "bonuses", and MPs "expenses". They have no inkling about the dreadful struggles of ORDINARY people to just keep themselves and their families housed and fed.

    Well said Eric, although in my mind they know full well that many are struggling to make ends meet, it's just that they are so far removed from it and occupied

    with the way it is in their camp.

    The pinnicle of the bullsh1t for me was watching McFall question the bankers, what a completely stage managed farce that was.

    Sometimes I like to look at lists of people like in the link below and go through the names (especially UK) in wikipedia to see what posts they have held, who

    their spouses/children etc are and their previous/current positions, it really makes my mind go wandering in regard to 'the big scheme of things'.


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