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  1. If you don't have a P45, the new job is supposed to put you on emergency tax coding where you pay more tax than usual, not no tax.
  2. It's always down in December, because no one much is completing property purchases in the second half of the month. The only valid comparison is with the previous December. The figures in the report clearly distinguish between mortgages for property purchase and remortgages.
  3. It depends how old you are. If you're retired and you MEW to get enough income to pay the interest plus some more on top that you can use for living expenses, then it's releasing the profit in your home. If you expect to have to pay it back some day, it's secured debt.
  4. World Tracker is not as horrific as you might think, because you can only use it to locate a mobile phone if the owner of the phone has given prior permission for you to be able to do this. So parents can use it to track their kids' phones, but stalkers can't use it.
  5. Here's one: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/4648940.stm Aircraft builder Airbus is to create 650 new jobs with an expansion at its wing-making factory at Broughton in Flintshire, north Wales.
  6. Sooner than that. Nationwide will be out on Monday, I think.
  7. No, it's mostly because ten years ago the average person walked around with ten quid and a pocket handkerchief, and now they walk around with ten quid, a pocket handkerchief and several hundred pounds worth of easily fenceable electronic goods.
  8. I wouldn't use income multiples at all -- they're too much of a blunt instrument. Look at what you can actually afford, based on your income and outgoings now, expected changes over the next few years, and your worst-case view on changes in interest rates over the life of the mortgage. Depending on your circumstances, 3X salary might be too high, or 6X might be quite affordable.
  9. Where do you get your 25% from? Manufacturing output is up by a little over 1% from October 1996 to October 2005 (the most recent figure available). Are you by any chance referring to manufacturing employment rather than capacity? In other words, you're talking about massive improvements in manufacturing productivity?
  10. Except that houses are selling, which answers your question. We just finished the busiest fourth quarter for transaction volumes since 1988.
  11. As it happens, I don't work in the public sector. But I find it odd that you think public servants should be at work at 7:16 in the morning when I posted the comment to which you were replying. No, but it means that fuel can't cost nothing. Oxygen is not scarce. And it costs nothing. But if it there was any unfulfilled demand for it, it would have to cost something.
  12. There are around 25 million houses in the UK. There is demand for over 100 million (the average person would have at least two houses if they cost nothing). That sounds like scarcity to me.
  13. If you don't agree with the RPI figure, then fine. What is your figure, and how is it derived? If you can't answer that question (both parts), then your criticism of the RPI is entirely pointless. It would be preferable if you could answer the question in a similar level of detail to the information on the RPI available on the National Statistics website, in order to allow meaningful critiques of your figures.
  14. Let's try it this way, shall we? Bull "You will never be able to afford to buy a house relying solely on your own financial resources" Bear "That is odd, I earn more then 80% of the population, where will I live?" Bull "You will have to find someone else to help out -- buy jointly with your girlfriend, inherit some money, receive financial assistance from your parents. You're competing for scarce housing with people who do any or all of those three things, so of course you're going to have problems if you don't do any of them. And yes, I know that at least two of those three options are
  15. You can't find transaction numbers from monitoring estate agent websites, because you don't know if a property comes off the market because it's sold or because it's been withdrawn unsold. Some sites have "Sold" flags, but they don't necessarily apply them uniformly.
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