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  1. Love the betrayed wife analogy. I have a friend who works in finance as an analyst and he too is saying watch and wait...expect job losses end of October...we may even have a 2nd wave....and unless the government find more money to splurge...people will have to sell. That is the problem with the current market, lots of people just listing their houses but not actually needing to sell. Way better to look again in October....only people selling at the mo imo are those willing to take offers of atleast 10% off or those who have priced their houses more reasonably to start with (not many of the
  2. Noticed in Cambridgeshire where I've been looking over the past few months that some new builds are putting downward pressure on the market, as they are getting cheaper and cheaper....I suppose they actually need to sell these new builds.. rather than some people who just seem to put their properties on Rightmove for the hell of it. Hopefully over the next few months we'll start to see who actually needs to sell....and prices will correct...downwards.
  3. Hmm if I want to buy a house at 450k and it falls 20%, I could potentially save 90k. Is a saving of 12.5k on stamp duty, going to make it worth my while buying an overpriced house sooner rather than later....comparing 12.5k definite to 90k possible... Some people will benefit anyway from this cut, but I'm not sure this policy will have that much effect, other than the government being seen to do something.
  4. Exactly my predicament too....I'd be in at 20% below current prices. I've been monitoring the market but planning to seriously start looking in September when more financial pain will be being felt all round and furlough etc starting to run out. I've been slightly discouraged by ridiculous asking prices for properties I'm interested in. I've informed agents I'm around and interested in a few properties but not at anywhere near the asking prices. I'd be in at 20% below asking prices and am a cash buyer. What I would say; last year if you'd contacted agents re wanting to pay 20% le
  5. Sorry it sounds like you're feeling pressurised about this. It's a difficult time. Although it's a hard choice, it's for you to weigh up the property's pros and cons. It does sound though like you have significant worries about the cons...and that some of them may mean that it may not be the right property for you. With this coronavirus outbreak, it's perfectly acceptable to say that with everything going on, you need to pull out and will reconsider your plans after lockdown has ended. Yes you risk losing the property. The price may be ok, it may not be - if you really loved t
  6. Yes think that's only the beginning. If our death toll starts to mushroom alot of people are not wanting to go take their chances...particularly since this thing seems to be airborne and not just transmitted via touching things
  7. In a similar position to some others on here. Due to buy a house (there have been delays with planning permission which isn't yet signed off). Think the impact of this coronavirus will be massive - no one will want to view houses let alone buy them for months....Went to see a house yesterday (as am thinking of pulling out of the other one and wanted to see what else was available) and the agent said they had alot of cancellations for viewings. Our death toll is currently not huge - if our death toll starts to look like Italy, think alot of people will go in to lockdown mode as far as possi
  8. Imo it's unreasonable for sellers to put Offers Over in the current climate. Deluded. It puts everyone off, I was told this by an estate agent last year so can only imagine what they are saying to vendors now! I was also told that reducing the price by 25k opens you up to a whole different market as like someone else said, some people don't like to negotiate too much, to a level they would deem as cheeky, so won't even consider those houses listed above a certain price level. Generally I just avoid houses listed Offers Over like the plague now as it says they aren't truly interested in s
  9. I'm actively looking at the moment. Been looking for a while now following getting divorced... Just put an offer in on a house near Colchester, priced at 450k. Started at 10% below then went up to 420k, both offers rejected. Agent indicated 425k would probably be acceptable but not sure I like it enough as I'm thinking I'd probably rather be closer to Cambridge than Colchester (v flexible on location), so going to let it go and 5k extra still has to be earnt at the end of the day. Also garden was a bit small for me and the cat (really the cat is running the house search lol). O
  10. Thanks for all the feedback. I'm ideally looking to buy in Suffolk or Norfolk. I do think we're seeing signs of the bubble making hissing sounds from London and that it takes time to spread out. I remember someone I knew in Hertfordshire a few years back now who also had a property in London and was desperate to get shot of the London property when the whole Brexit thing started....so it's all taking time to filter out. I presume it will take even longer to impact on markets like Manchester etc (may be even a year after things start to change in the South East). Starting to see reductio
  11. Currently looking for a house, post-divorce, but will probably sit it out until after end of October to see if there is much movement on prices. Anyone else been viewing properties recently? I'm looking in East Anglia and have noticed a few differences to when I last looked in 2009....most estate agents aren't aghast when you say my budget is x, this house is on for 10% more, is it worth viewing it. Instead, the response is, I'll ask the seller and the answer is generally ooh it's too low for them but they'd consider mid-way (between the asking price and what I want to spend). I am gene
  12. Some people start businesses in their 50s https://www.hiscox.co.uk/business-blog/how-age-can-be-an-asset-for-entrepreneurs-the-rise-of-the-50-startup/ If I had time to start a new business I think some website and app Uber style for car washing services to people’s doors or window cleaning would be worth looking at. Or dog walking services; connecting people and ideally getting the walkers to wear company t shirt and wear a camera recording their time with dog, that would reassure a lot of owners (you’d have to think of some way to ensure people don’t bypass your website, perhaps by givi
  13. Haven Immigration is only part of the story and definitively not the most significant imo. It will have boosted btl but low interest rates and cheap credit have all played a bigger part imo.
  14. Agree with this. Even post Brexit we will not see an end to immigration imo, we will instead see immigration in return for trade deals or such like. Immigration alone didn’t cause the housing crisis. It probably has had quite an influence on the BTL boom though, most immigrants have bugger all assets for quite some time so I doubt huge percentages have bought houses.
  15. Not good news for Uber who may struggle to retain workers but I’m not sure I feel sorry for that company.
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