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  1. £550 inc. rates 3 Bed, furnished with Gardens front and back, Detached Gardens and Green house Four Winds
  2. Was in the City hospital last night visiting a relatice and was walking past a notice board at the bottom on the lifts and something caught my eye. There was an A4 print out of a house details similar to one you would see for renting with the little tear away strips of contact details at the bottom only it wasn't for renting - it was for sale! Bit of a shock but it shows how desperate people are getting.
  3. from http://www.finextra.com/fullstory.asp?id=18728This is only the start of jobs being lost in the Financal IT sector. Unfortunately they is going to be alot more banks doing this. I know of one bank that is ramping up it's use of offshore.
  4. Why should people who put a deposit down expect to be baled out, and leave the developer with flats to sell. The very same people bought these in the expectation that house prices would always go up. Some investments are good and some are bad. When investing they didn't properly analysis the risk so have only themselves to blame.
  5. I know that Halifax has had their right's issue 'insured' by an insurance company that have to buy the shares if they don't get sold. At at least one point in the last month the current share value dipped below the issue price - bet the insurance company is bricking it
  6. Yeah, but they where able to value the property on the way up.
  7. I also think you have to have a 10% deposit. Here is Wilson Auctions Buyers Guide for more information
  8. So he wrote the article before the show
  9. I see on property news that cowley have increased a lot of houses by £50 - rounding most prices up to the nearst 1000.
  10. Been lurking for a while so it's time to give this a go. 879
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