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  1. Unfortunately with a barter system you still have to pay tax. in cash! They just work out what the cash equivalent is!!
  2. you can change the compare dates at the bottom of the page, so you can compare 2007 - 2009 if you want.. Lots of lovely -%
  3. genetic replication. More important and natural than money. Wife is expecting
  4. My misses got to the point where she was heavily stressed about her debts. I told her not to worry, we will file her for bankruptcy. Within 3 weeks she had no more phone calls, no more letters. Just plain sailing. Whilst we were at court, i spoke to a lady in the queue. She had never had a job, and had lived completely off benefits all of her life. She had managed to amass £20k of debt in 2 years as credit card companies kept upping her limits!! Would you lend to someone if you knew they had no Job? Bankruptcy will certainly teach the banks a lesson in responsibility over the next several years. But it definitely shows that they really are as stupid as we think they are!
  5. Im just going to sit around and save, pile my money into a couple of other business' so i get greater returns than if they were in a bank. If i miss this boat, ill be better placed to get in after the next Boom / Bust, which lets be honest there will be!!! If not ill wait until i can afford a house outright, i don't ever want to be a slave to the system.. This whole "having to get into debt" malarkey is the biggest con going, even if you can afford the repayments! im a FTB though not STR, i piled all my cash into a business so i have alot of stored wealth just not in bricks and mortar!
  6. kids should not be born when you can afford it. They should be born when you are ready mentally its society that has made it unaffordable for couples to have kids... Seriously if things continued to get more expensive in comparison to wages (Which they are not! Thank F@ck) Then alot of women will never have a family as they would get too old! Society is stupid.. Remember not all kids needs all the latest gadgets, as long as they have security!!
  7. thanks for some really informative points. ill just have to sit back and consider this. On paper i will get accepted for the mortgage as its easily affordable just on my wages. in reality, i doubt the mortgage will go through, Hopefully the probate will take a while. Yes the vultures have truly have come home to roost . i would consider buying it anyways, although not right now! as id rather have a life where i didnt have to get up to work just to survive! Bring back the good life eh?!
  8. Hi Guys, i never thought id be saying this so early on! ill give you my situation; My uncle sadly passed away giving me 1/4 of his home. (No will though) The house has been in my family for 80 years and so my parents would quite like it to stay this way. im really in 2 minds, i know that i can take my deposit upto 40% by the time probate finishes. (hopefully) its a good strong home, which allow my family to grow and live (Good amount of bedrooms for nippers, living area and garden for growing veg and keeping chickens!). The area is ok, not ideal though! My aunties obviously want a quick sale as the market is falling, whereas id prefer to wait and get a better deal from them, which is why i hope probate takes a while to come through as the house will hopefully devalue a bit more. The missus is very keen to move, as i said im in 2 minds as i consider myself quite educated after lurking on this board! I know the market is falling and i just want to really sit down and think about the risks but my head is hurting alot from thinking about it so much!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thankin you! J.
  9. Bloody hell im getting married in 2 weeks too!! Im in the event trade and we supply alot of weddings with equipment (Uplighting, sound equipment etc) So far we havent seen any change in our income. But remember alot of people booked last year for their wedding venue this year, and so are tied in The wives 'to be' will make sure it all goes ahead!!! I imagine loosing their house would be less painful than messing up their wedding day! 2010 maybe a different story though, although we do have some booking for then too.. Lol @ Redalert, so true, every event company we know charges a premium for weddings, NYE etc. we dont! because our company is based on Karma?! Saying that Karma doesnt pay the bills! time to up our charges!
  10. £550 a month??! Thats a bargin! 1 bedroom flats around here are £750! (£180K to buy, easily affordable and spacious for anyone on 60K) Whilst your at it, i think you should get your sales team to add an extra 150% on to each house single handedly your company may be able to pull Britain and eventually the world out of the slump! as your town seems to be flourishing!! all joking aside, thanks for your input into your community, ill go out on a limb and agree with your statement about right houses at the right time! lemmings/2009 bank owned souls: They will stop until the urge to press on causes them to jump off the cliff and start swimming, sometimes to exhaustion and death. wiki I was chatting to the owner of one of our family run local estate agents the other day, he likes to be honest to me as i didnt sue them for considerable sum, im human and showed compassion... which is why that business is still surviving today. anyways! they are selling at "considerably" less volumes although not particularly knocked down prices, 5-10%. Im in oxford, one of the most recession proof cities ive been told! Glad to see your business is doing better, i wish you the best of luck in march.
  11. Im sure there could be some potential for pain here!! ive heard thats what marriage is anyways! but all the debts are unsecured and were wasted on living "a high life" im pretty positive they cant chase me for anything as we will continue to keep everything seperate for a long time.
  12. Getting married in march! ive paid for it all upfront. but now is a good time for her. nothing is in joint and i own everything outright because im not stupid and i know what shes like.. Although she has exceeded my wildest expectations. She has learnt her lesson, she will never be that stressed again! Well the banks wont let her for 6 years at least!!
  13. Completely agree, ive been paying her way for 6 months now, when 70% of her income has been on servicing her debts. She has now promised to pay her own way for 6 months so she now has a shortfall of £250 - £300 a month.. if anything she should have gone under 6 months ago and saved herself 6 months of mental anguish! Bankrupcy is a good way out as long as you learn from your mistakes... except in the case of the banks they should all be shot
  14. Currently helping the missus out with her bankruptcy, Filled in the forms online.. very easy and very quick to do as long as you have received recent letters from your CC companies etc. Phoning the court tommorow to get an "appointment" i used to believe in being moral and repaying your debts and personally have never had any debt in my life (other than a student loan). But currently i think screw the banks im gonna look after our "saving" future... Whats her reason for bankruptcy? She moved into a career with more money and amassed unsecured debt.... She hated it! My general life rule is its here to enjoy even at work! So she quit, went after a career she enjoys, she took a 30% paycut by doing this and now cant service her debts. But atleast she will enjoy her life and ill be paying her loan off with my taxes for the next several years anyway! If you cant beat em, join em (The banks that is!)
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