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  1. Good Point. Britain has been dumbed down thanks to years of reality TV, Poperty Ladder ,Changing Rooms......the list is endless!
  2. Its no wonder there are short falls 1 We pay money into pension funds. 2 Pension fund buys shares. 3 Hedge fund borrows shares from pension fund to short sell. 4 Share price and pension fund value drops. 5 Hedge fund buys back shares and pockets the profits. 6 Pensioners are shafted. 7 Hedge fund and pension fund managers get bouses. Its criminal. Pensioners should be able to sue pension funds for knowingly lending out our pensions to be devalued!!!! Its deliberate mis-management.
  3. Ever had one of those calls from your bank? "We have looked at your account with us and would like you to make an appointment with our financial advisor so you make improvements to your finances" Considering the current harvest they are reaping from their ill sown seeds of prosperity shouldn't we be advising them?
  4. With the new runway go ahead given 700 homes will have to be demolished in the process. Is this the goverments plan to kick start the home buying market?
  5. Administrators involved in winding up bankrupt companies are doing well just now......they are the first to get paid when a company is wound up.
  6. Apr 20 2008, 04:36 PM Post #73 HPC Newbie Group: New Members Posts: 11 Joined: 20-April 08 From: Scotland Member No.: 13,775 Bull or Bear? Bear QUOTE (Errol @ Apr 19 2008, 04:10 PM) More than just a local issue. This will affect all supplies across the country. Your right this will affect the country as it will shut down a lot of rigs in the north sea, due to the refinery power station shutting down which supplies electricity and steam to Kinneil Crude Oil Stabilisation plant, which processes a million barrels of oil a day, before it goes to Hound Point crude oil terminal on the Firth of Forth to be shipped all over the country. So Mr Brown will lose a lot of revenue from the north sea and have to import a lot of crude oil to make up the deficit. By the way there is only 4 days worth of diesel left in Scotland but 2 weeks worth of petrol, before panic buying of course!! Dont say I didnt tell you
  7. Thanks for letting the little man have his say.

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