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  1. Me to hence the purchases in 2011 and these levels go back to 2006. It went downhill when I joined Amazon Prime with the promise of free one day delivery. I just think it is a promise they can’t fulfil all of the time. If you use free super saver and I arrives in two days that fine but if you pay for a premium service you expectations levels are higher.
  2. I spent £2300 with Amazon in 2011, 2012 will be a massive Zero from now on their customer service is shocking using HDNL as a courier who give delivery slots of 7am to 7pm only to find out it was never dispatched as Amazon’s stated on their website. What a waste of time I can’t be only the person who has experienced this level of service. For book purchases I’m now going to pay NBV at a local seller my time is far more valuable than saving a fiver! I’m ranting but this is not the first time I’ve experience this with Amazon!
  3. Just listening to Radio Five live about 20 minutes ago and there was a HPC gem on there, a lady who has seven children called Freya has benefits of about £600 pw so £30k + a year. So would be affected by the legislation. During the interview she said the government needs to look into the cost of housing before capping benefits.
  4. I wonder how many of the 2003 registrations was MEW money.
  5. You need to get outside quickly if the high street gets looted, so with a flat above a shop it is extremely important!
  6. Any company that allows me to pay on a credit card without charging a fee, gets paid with a credit card because I earn 1% cash back and never pay any interest. Its also a handy way of budgeting because most expenses are easy to transfer to a spreadsheet.
  7. This makes sense imagine how many HMRC staff they could get rid of.
  8. I'm furious with Germans setting a Market up in the centre of Birmingham slowing down my walking!
  9. The annoying thing about this is the couple with the privately educated daughter said “thanks to these wonderfully low interest rates our mortgage is £440”. They are spending £750 on her private education; they could no way afford this if it wasn’t for ZIRP. So savers are paying for her private education!
  10. Merv said the people queueing outside NR were acting rationally.
  11. I got unemployment down below 1% and still got the sack, it was at the expense of Weimar style inflation!
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