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  1. My mum bought an £8k terrace with a £1k deposit at the age of 21. Min-wage factory job. Crazy interest rates and a deadbeat husband stopped it from working out, she sold it (before the bank had a chance to repossess) and spent the cash on a multi-year holiday in New Zealand while the UK was in the grip of the early 90's recession. Doing a similar thing today would take a fair bit more effort. That same house now costs £130k.
  2. Awesome, glad you remembered that. Only thing that has changed from my second post in that thread is its now clear that the UK is going to make feck all from graphene, China will get there first. What's interesting is how far the tech has come in such a short space of time.. the stuff I posted was a very basic concrete laying affair mainly intended for rough single-storey third world country usage, this one looks much more involved and complete, capable of easily making a western home with all the luxuries. I fully believe that technology will eventually be the thing that causes the HPC, not the free market, which will absolutely never ever ever ever be allowed to run its course by politicians... they were willing to kill our economy and deliberately start a 5+ year depression all for the sake of making sure not that house prices fell, but to keep them rising. They are insane and will do anything to stop HPC.. they'd even start a war for the sake of stopping it if it wasn't counterintuitive (massive casualties lowers demand). I sometimes wonder if mass immigration is to keep house prices rising. However, if a truck can print a house shell for £5k, and lots of these start to fall into private ownership and houses can appear in a week... well, kiss goodbye to planning permission standing a chance in hell of ever being enforced. Even if the bulldozers move in you can just go ahead and print another on whatever piece of dirt you feel like. Picture a traveller family getting their hands on a bit of this kit.. suddenly it won't be "oh, a caravan park just appeared", it'll be "oh, a housing estate just appeared". China is already using construction technology that is even more impressive, skyscrapers in a matter of days. Interesting that NASA is in on this, I can see the potential for robots building habitable structures on the moon or mars.
  3. Not bad, but I'd rather see forced purchase of all the derelict undeveloped brownfield first (for building the homes on), and refurbishment of boarded-up existing council property. I've seen lots of places knocked down over the last 5-10 years and the land just left there, presumably with the developer holding on to it as an investment. Having 100% of the council newbuilds out beyond bowthorpe sounds more like an outer-city ghetto. I imagine they'll all be sardine can 1-bed studios, too. That said, any building at all is good and should have been done ages ago. Not going to fix the inherent problem of urban decay that occurs in any population centre larger than 200,000 though. I'm considering bailing on the city personally, enough of my friends have moved out for me to not have any real attachment to the place. Somewhere smaller and cheaper will do for me.
  4. That 1 mil ticket is pretty easy to figure out when you realise that a lot of people buying those will have already bought a s**hole london flat for £100k-£300k, sold said s**thole london flat for £800k+ to some idiot, are very very familiar with what London is like after having lived in their s**thole flat for 10 years, and want out of the place. The money from London is starting to seep out to those who want to get the hell out of London, for obvious reasons. Of course, you'd be an idiot not to simply retire with the cash, but some people are tied to the city 100% and don't want to live too far away.
  5. We have over a million empty homes in the UK as it is, so really we're not far off China, and with a much lower birth rate too.
  6. You want Branston, Heinz are crap these days, just as watery as crosse and blackwell, you open a can and half of it is sauce, takes a while before you even get to the beans. Definitely something to keep in mind for building your tinfoil hat stash.
  7. I have actually been doing this recently. Due to being really ****ing poor, and the electric bill being 150 ****ing quid per month on top of all the other crap that needs paying. Food draws the short straw, it's the only thing I can cut back on! Here's the contents of my last ASDA shop, £33.69 in total (after multi-buys, which aren't included below), so only a few pence over £1/day.. £1.08p to be totally exact, all of this was eaten in January: Qty Product Price 3 ASDA Battered Pollock Fillets £3.00 3 ASDA Breaded Pollock Fillets £3.00 1 ASDA Choco Cornflakes £1.48 2 ASDA Cucumber Whole £1.00 1 ASDA Distilled Vinegar £0.48 2 ASDA Freshly Frozen Baby Carrots £2.00 1 ASDA Honey Hoops £1.58 1 ASDA Malted Wheaties £1.38 2 ASDA Peas £2.00 1 ASDA Smartprice 80 Tea Bags £0.27 1 ASDA Smartprice Apple & Blackcurrant Squash (No Added Sugar) £0.42 2 ASDA Smartprice Bolognese Pasta Sauce £0.78 2 ASDA Smartprice Broccoli £2.00 2 ASDA Smartprice Cheese Slices 10 £1.08 2 ASDA Smartprice Chips £1.86 2 ASDA Smartprice Sponge scourers £0.36 2 ASDA Smartprice Sweetcorn £1.96 4 ASDA Smartprice Toilet Roll £2.68 3 ASDA Smartprice White Medium Loaf £1.50 1 Clover Spread Lighter £1.00 4 Moo UHT Organic Milk Semi Skimmed £4.00 1 UpperCrust 2 Beef & Vegetable Pasties £1.00 1 UpperCrust 2 Steak Slices £1.00 As you can see, that's a fairly good diet there, not rice and vitamin pills, or bread and noodles! Not many of you have lived on a poor man's diet have you? Lots of frozen veg, they had nice full-sized pollock fillets for 25p each (4 in each £1 box). Cheese and cucumber sarnies for lunch. Meat and Veg for dinner, cereal for breakfast. Could have cut things a little further if I'd gone for powdered milk (you can make up 8 pints for a pound with that stuff, and it's loaded with vitamins A and D). That's an extra 3 quid saved. Same goes for cereal, a big bag of porridge oats is dirt cheap. Easily done, anyone who says you have to have a bad diet if you're poor is just lazy and ignoring all the cheap vegetables and things... fresh is cheaper than frozen, too!
  8. This isn't really an energy club in the sense of what you're all thinking. It's simply a thing where you sign up, plug in the numbers off your leccy bill and it tells you whether to switch or not. It's simply an automated system to make sense out of the confusing crap that energy companies throw at you.
  9. This is exactly what Finland does, shoves it 1km underground in geologically stable basalt. Here we shove it in a rusty old warehouse and try to forget about it. Or leave it in the reactor pool which is even worse.
  10. Fantastic to see a "get the knives out for the benefit-scrounger scumbag class" attitude in this thread in full force. Keep blaming the unemployed and poor, the government is entirely right, they are the cause of the recession. Never mind the tax dodging from multi-billion pound corporates, never mind the government continuing to throw cash at banks. It's a little depressing to see that a large proportion of HPC posters have turned into your typical DM-commenting stereotypes. FYI, I am currently living in an private HMO. I do not have any particular desire to see those who are less fortunate than me pay even more, and do not begrudge them any small luxuries that may exist in their lives (if any). I do not support any kind of "cram them in like sardines" housing policy when we have a huge amount of empty homes and a massive amount of land that could be built on for an extremely low price. Which is what this is really. You're banging on about spare bedrooms and completely ignoring the post I made that explains that this effectively means that it is require for 2+ people to sleep in 1 bedroom. In some cases, a 4-bed council house containing a family of 5 will have to be emptied out and the occupants move into a 2-bed flat (if all children are the same sex). Either that or pay an extra £80/month. Hobson's choice, really. Maybe if the extra money raised from this was going towards building new council homes I'd support it, but it fething well isn't... it's a budget cut that had to be made because the idiots in charge decided that throwing money at banks was more important. I've lived in unsuitable housing before, and have no desire to wish it on anyone, especially when perfectly suitable family homes are going to be left empty as their occupants are evicted to move into flats. I am of the opinion that social spending needs to fall during boom years and increase during recessions, to genuinely help as many people as possible without encouraging it to become a "lifestyle". The problem with both Labour and the Tories is that they both do the exact opposite of this, Labour throw out money when there's lots of work going, the Tories kick the unemployed when they're down.
  11. Surprised y'all haven't heard about this yet, a lot of councils are rolling this out to reduce their benefit bills, and it charges certain people a *lot* more than the upcoming council tax benefit reduction if they're not crammed in like sardines. My mum will be paying this too (Norwich), she's a carer living alone in 2-bed council flat, will soon have to pay an extra £10/week just for having that extra bedroom. And of course, there aren't any 1-bed properties in the entire damned city, pretty much everything is 2-bed minimum. The 1-bed stock is generally sheltered accomodation, tower blocks, or other such s***hole housing stock where they shove all the druggies and asbos. So, basically, this is a tax on single people and couples on a low income (if you're dating the person you live with you count as 1 person). Also, all children under 5 only count as one person as they are expected to all share a room. Children over 5 of the same sex count as one person too... so a working couple on a low income with 5 kids (7 people) would count as 3 people for the purposes of "empty bedrooms", and would pay an extra £30/week bedroom tax if living in a 6 bedroom council house that actually has room for all the kids. Extra £1500+/year charge for "hard working families" there, not going to be a very popular pill to swallow. Very surprised that the Tories are rolling this out before the election, it's looking increasingly likely that they want Labour back in to sort out their own damned mess, while trying to use the Lib Dems as a political shield to take the brunt of the fallout (a tactic which is working absolutely brilliantly for them so far judging by local elections).
  12. Well, I'll be paying more. I make bugger all from my work, and therefore qualify for a 50% discount. I intend to protest by cancelling my direct debit, messing them around and only eventually paying the bill quarterly, in cash right before the bailiffs are due. A giant jar of spare change will be part of the payments made. If they complain, I'll mention that I'm desperately poor and only just managed to get the money together by going without food/heating.
  13. The British are ****ing lazy and love to use snow as an excuse for not doing anything. Case in point - near me there are 5 large recycling bins.. went out half an hour ago to recycle stuff and they were covered with 8 inches of untouched virgin snow, which had clearly built up over the course of the last 2 weeks. Naturally, this blocked the holes you put stuff in, but instead of clearing off the snow, everyone had simply dumped bin bags full of recycling next to the bins (which were also covered in snow..) Not one lazy fecker in the entire fecking 100-household area that those recycling bins serve (I live in a block of flats) bothered to scrape a bit of snow off to unblock the holes instead of just slinging their rubbish on the pavement "because snow", at any point in the last 2 weeks. I scarped it all off and it only took about 5-10 minutes to clear the tops of all 5 bins using an empty milk carton. I really, really despair at the attitude we have as a country, it's like we're living in Cambodia or something where everyone is out for #1, only without the excuse of actually having Cambodia-levels of poverty. I realise that has nothing to do with the economy (although I did save the local binmen some trouble ), but it just goes to show the kind of "always looking for the slightest excuse to do **** all" culture we have.
  14. People buy the ticket for entertainment, not to win.
  15. So, according to your view, there's an infinite amount of the stuff in the ground? Why aren't we sucking it up instead of screwing around with shale and fracking, then? Argh, let me guess, it's all for show and it's all a conspiracy led by big oil cartels to jack up the price when they've got thousands of trillions of barrels just sitting around in a reserve somewhere? That might be the case with diamonds and such, but I'm pretty sure we really are running out of oil.
  16. A lot of this will be old hat for most of us, but it's still an excellent educational piece that covers everything from peak oil, use of oil for *everything* and a global economy which requires infinite growth to avoid collapse. Was started in 2005 and only just finished. Essentially it's an essay rendered into an easily-digestible animated format. Definitely a good one to bookmark and to link to people to give them a basic understanding and education on the matter.
  17. So, Labour is changing its name from "New Labour" to "One Nation Labour"? That's insane. How can you come up with a name like that and no-one in the party thinks there's anything even slightly weird or utterly creepy about how it sounds? It's like it crawled straight out of George Orwell. Hell, the Brotherhood of Nod from the good old Command & Conquer games come to mind: .. "One Nation" .. Miliballs looks to be even worse than what came before him. To me, him saying "We will make things fairer for renters" reads as "We will make damn sure that there will be a lot more people renting in this country and tailor our government to the new buy-to-let paradigm".
  18. Damn straight, that £100/month of vouchers is going straight on ebay and being sold for £90 that can be spent on ciggies and wifebeater. Even with a card system, you can still buy expensive and easily-shipped goods to trade for cash.
  19. This. I posted a thread a few months back about a giant 3d printer which can build a house, complete with wiring and plumbing in under 24 hours.
  20. I buy a lot of my food out of date from those online shops that sell the stuff the supermarkets would otherwise throw in the bin and then pour bleach over to keep the tramps out. One of the bigger scores was delicious couscous for only 4p a packet. Added some fresh veg (local greengrocers is still cheaper than the supermarket) and a bit of butter to go with it, delicious meal! I bought 120 packets of the stuff. 4 months of healthy lunches for under a fiver.. call it £20 maybe once you factor in veg and butter, but still really damn good.
  21. I'm 25, the only pub I go in regularly is the one that gives you a voucher to get in the local club for £1 if you buy a drink. The pub is a dive (the speakers have NIN and such on full blast to scare the chavs off, as well as a "dress code" which might as well state "no chavs"), and the club is an even bigger dive (its all about the commercial rock), but it will still give me a triple vodka for £3, and the barmaid pours it more like a quad. Then get some £1 shots at the club and I can usually get a good night out for less than a tenner. That's how a doley does a night out! Oh, and the cheap places are always packed and a pain to get served in, so I tip the bar staff whenever its my round.. they don't get paid a lot and almost no-one tips bartenders so it tends to get you quick service and a bit of extra fire in your spirits. If the pub is empty, go to a s***ier pub where its cheaper. It's bound to be more fun... the young people aren't avoiding pubs, they're just using them as a place for everyone to meet up and have a quick drink before buggering off to either the club or someone's flat to get properly hammered. That, and preloading. However poor I've been, there has *always* been vodka in the cupboard.. sometimes no mixer which gets a bit rough, but as long as its on the rocks I'm happy. "Old Man Pubs" don't really appeal to me. There is a lovely local that brews its own cider that I'm happy to visit, but other than that I'm not really interested in hanging out with crusty old boomers and the feeling is mutual!
  22. Yeah, we are probably quite literally going to reach the point where a house costs no more to build than the raw materials it is made of, and electric to power the robot that builds it. At which point, the price of land is going to start looking really ridiculous as people start realising that the house itself is worth bugger all, no more than the car parked in front of it which is also created by robots and much more complicated than simply laying down a few layers of concrete. One other interesting thing that this could open up - illegal building on a massive scale. When all you have to do is get your hands on a builder bot, and load it up with raw materials to make a house in the space of 24 hours, it will be so much easier to wave a finger at the authorities and just build your own place wherever you want. Remember, these 3d printers are all designed to be able to self-replicate! Imagine this future headline from the Daily Mail:
  23. It's true that developed countries will continue to screw people over with planning permission. The potential for developing countries is much greater. Lots of technology is just around the corner. Combine cheap and easy mass-desalination via graphene tech (something which is going to be huge for the UK economy), with existing desert reclamation tech which is already making good progress, advancing solar panel tech with armies of robotic builders and there is going to be a lot of potential for countries with a lot of spare desert land such as Australia (extremely likely) and North Africa (less likely) to become terraformed and highly habitable within the space of the next few decades. Stage one will be getting rid of the deserts and replacing with grassland and forest via a series of artificial waterways supplied by massive desalination plants. Stage two will be drawing up areas reserved for agriculture and habitation, and setting up sustainable habitats in mind. Stage three will be sending out armies of robotic builders to automatically generate a large network of well-planned small cities of around 100k dwelling each maximum each to avoid symptoms of urban decay. Ideally, we'd have some AI in place at this point to determine the most optimal city design and size for human happiness. Terraforming and robotic structure building on Earth will be excellent practice for making it happen on other planets, too... send robots there to do all the heavy lifting and make it fit for human habitation using materials sourced from the planet itself. Mars and the Moon would look a lot cosier if we had massive enclosures encased with 4-metre thick concrete walls (to protect from cosmic rays, the #1 problem) waiting for us when we got there.
  24. Hah, they say "forced to rent" like its a bad thing. I'm 25 and renting currently and absolutely loving it. No real attachment to this place, if I get crap neighbours I can move, if the boiler breaks (and it has twice already) its the landlords problem, I can bugger off and move anywhere else in the country at will. I am of course sharing, which is cool, because living alone is expensive and depressing. My living expenses are less than £5k/year total... whereas if I had a 90% mortgage on a flat, I'd be paying that much just on the interest. I don't understand why young people would want to be tied down. I might buy in my 30's with a hefty deposit and hopefully in a post-crash/ inflation-riddled environment, but for now a mortgage looks like a big pile of stress and nothing else. Plus, I only have £10k of savings (which isn't as bad as you might think for someone my age, you'd be surprised at the amount of crap people buy and throw into a charity shop/ dump 3 years later as if they don't even care that money exists.. a friend gave me a 42" TV for free simply because they didn't want to have to pay to have it dumped.. I don't have a TV license, so I took it down to the local pawn shop and got £100 for it. Winner!).
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