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  1. Dollar is up because US equities tanked today. That's how its worked since the crunch started. All to do with risk/carry trade unwinding, together with financing of bad loans which needs to be done in dollars, so bad news implies demand for dollars.
  2. Owner has moved and wants to sell quickly I am told. Initial asking price was a bit high.
  3. I would seriously consider finding another property if presented with a contract like that. I guess if they agree to you changing it, that is a positive.
  4. No you dont misunderstand, unless I misunderstand. In that case, I'll have to get a newer version.
  5. PropertyBee only shows previous prices that you have already seen, as they are stored on your own computer, but point taken.
  6. It is possible that they do not even have a strong agenda on this issue. It is all about gaining converts to the cause, which in this case is the Freedomworks movement, by taking a strong position on whatever is the hot topic of the day, in this case the house price crisis. It is a bit like herding sheep. Once they are all in a nice herd, members of a movement, you can direct them as you want. It is very cynical and something we should all be aware of and beware of. "Matt Kibbe became President and CEO of FreedomWorks in June 2004." "Matt served as Chief of Staff and House Budget Committee Associate for U.S. Representative Dan Miller(R-FL) from 1993 to 1996. Between 1990 and 1993, Mr. Kibbe was Director of Federal Budget Policy for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Prior to that, he served as Senior Economist for the Republican National Committee during Lee Atwater’s tenure as Chairman." He does not sound like someone who "hopes to own one day" as the website puts it.
  7. You can see who runs it with a few simple mouse clicks. I do not say its fake. I'm just pointing out that it is just a cog in the slick US political lobbying/advertising machine, and not the desperate plea of exasperated renters which is the impression it conveys.
  8. The site is an example of Astroturfing, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astroturfing Its certainly not a grass roots movement of angry renters, which is not to say that I disagree with the sentiments. Check the Fresh and Queasy Tesco's anti-propaganda site for another good example of the phenomonon.
  9. Last year a company credited my account $1,000,000 by mistake and asked for it back a week later. I made then FAX me an indemnity signed by the CFO and do various other things. In the end I got three weeks interest in a high interest account and $1000 from them for my trouble. I thought that was about the best I could get out of it without starting to be unreasonable.
  10. Hi all I've decided it might make sense to buy myself a house sometime in the next few years, so I've downloaded Property Bee to keep track of trends and try and time my entry. Its fascinating and probably addictive. An excellent Cambridge thread as well to bring me up to date. My prediction is that prices will fall faster than most people think, particularly on the shabbier buy to let stuff. No-one can get a mortgage and I think it will take hefty price cuts to tempt cash buyers. Pretty much every house on Sturton Street seems to be for sale right now from my initial look at rightmove. Hopefully that will knock on to the quality two bedroom terraces, which is what I'm after. I look forward to you lot continuing to educate me.
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