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  1. "Nevertheless it said low mortgage rates and flourishing job prospects would continue to support prices."
  2. Yes they do seem pretty ineffectual don't they? Now if only they could achieve what the thousands of us at HPC have achieved in the last 10 years sitting behind our keyboards, now that would be something..
  3. Dammit! I was sure this was going to be the month..
  4. "Calling Plunge-Protection Team, calling Plunge-Protection Team..!"
  5. I'll have a go.. Is it because they're financially illiterate?
  6. Something tells me I would be angry if I read that link..
  7. The sellers clearly know something we don't!
  8. Just a quick warning - they're changing this next month, taking out the 5K-7K band :angry: Swines
  9. Indeed. Mine are doing very nicely, but then I buy my shopping and fuel and suddenly don't feel so smug anymore..
  10. Yep, they haven't over-estimated in the last 12 months and were .5% under in May, so I'm going for a nice round 6% RPI CPI 4.2% and we remain in awe of the BoE and their fan-charts.
  11. I've heard the women over there are pretty expensive, if you know what I mean. Any foreigners looking to marry will be hoping for a spouse-price crash. (don't worry, I've already got my coat..)
  12. Interesting, although wouldn't you (somewhat ironically) risk overloading Zopa's website / services on that day?
  13. Interesting. Does anyone know of a website which shows average mortgage rates here, other than this one: http://www.houseprices.uk.net/articles/future_interest_rates/ ..which I found really useful but doesn't seem to have been updated since about June this year?
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