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  1. If its legit then they just cough up the paperwork, e.g. business accounts from Nigeria, and be on their way.
  2. Quite a reasonable income for someone part time... house worth 190k and he owes 112k... where did all the money go from the past 40+ years of working?
  3. Its the fact that this is news. Was I in the papers when I bought as an FTB? No because it was not remarkable! Houses were very affordable...
  4. That's the key! My first one in 2003 was 34k. I had just turned 19. Oh and it was built from proper bricks and stone!
  5. Its prudent to do this the other way around: investigate first, invest second.
  6. I assume this is a specialist case and there will be an insurance policy in place?
  7. Go on, call him a snowflake I think we're close to getting this thread shut down with this discussion. I suggest we keep it on topic...
  8. Do you have the URL that gets you to the old style Google finance charts? I lost my link and can't find my way back to it, only get the new ones with a lot less functionality!
  9. The gay Putin auto correct has gone btw Perhaps give it another shot?
  10. DBs primary thread is now elsewhere (a continuation of this one)... he will answer questions here when he can though is what he said yesterday.
  11. Gone far enough, any more will jeopardise this thread. We may have already done so. Its a useful archive, don't want to lose it.
  12. Discounters in trouble too... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44383097 But the prospective buyers seem to have got cold feet.
  13. Up to the last full month before the collapse. I didn't get any after that while waiting for it all to be sorted out.
  14. Dozy pillock. If £1300 owed makes you 'short of funds', perhaps you should think again about a £330k flat? Jeezus, the world is MAD!
  15. But who will enforce? Who will bring about prosecutions? Unless they give local councils ability to fine and keep the money (revenue raise) , I suspect no one will give a damn.
  16. NS&I are about as safe as you'll get for cash savings, they don't have an investment/casio arm. I'd still stick to the 85k limit though, as even though they'd just print money to bail NS&I savers, they'd probably haircut at 85k just to be bastards.
  17. As someone who had 70k in Icelandic banks and had several months of worry when they collapsed... think hard and look at the banks in depth before you save with them! (I was young and they were all over MSE etc. To be fair, the FSCS protection worked and I didn't lose anything but at the time it was pretty scary!) I'd chose NS&I at present, to be safe.
  18. They won't be free... they will have other assets, namely, their own home - the bank will find it worth while to chase them for the outstanding balance after the BTL is auctioned off. In the past this only worked if you had no worldly assets worth chasing you for.
  19. Ex Blueyonder area here No idea if they were the ones that laid it, I came here in 2001 when I was 18 and before that had been suffering a DAX'd 11mile long line for 4 years. 512k was a blessing in 2001!
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