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  1. I liked the comments from the muppet buyers: What?? Fair enough, set your sights low.....
  2. Things seem to be getting interesting in Hertfordshire. I do an occasional search on Rightmove looking at the cheapest liveable flat within three miles of St Albans station, and the best properties available for the £250k threshold. The lowest rates for OK(ish) flats have fallen by about 10% over the last few months (not very scientific as the cheapest flats may well have leasehold problems), and some houses in reasonable locations have fallen below £250k for the first time since 2005. I dont think we are back to early 2005 prices yet but seem to be going that way. Now that events are progressing is anyone interested in a Herts pub meet to compare anecdotes, observations and speculation?
  3. As with the 'how long could you live on your savings' thread this worries me a lot. Id hate to lose all of the hard earned deposit if out of work, when if I'd bought some sh*t hole at least Id have the place to live in.
  4. I thought you'd bought a place in Merseyside?
  5. a j


    Dont worry about him - you know how all the STR's invested in junior mining companies and made fortunes...
  6. Its worth a trip for a nose around - I went Autumn. The building is impressive but the area is run down and the location is too far out for anyone with enough money to have other options. I dont remember the annual fee for the Spa/ Gym but remember that it was as much or more than a central London subscription. Not sure I fancy their chances!
  7. Who is paying for the security firm? If few residents were paying the bills in the first place it seems strage that they would start now? Do Barretts have more flats to sell?
  8. Dont let them kid you - the idiots who paid for the properties were also scamming the banks. Very few were wholly innocent.
  9. Surely this shows the demand for graduates in demanding couses? I have wondered about the extent to which British industry suffers from the loss of the brightest and best to financial type jobs (and of my era - mid 30's - to IT jobs)? Any thoughts?
  10. I think you have noted the truth - in the push for places cheaper courses are more popular. To add to this proper science/ engineering degrees require a lot of committment and attendance which must be discouraging for any student who needs to work to support themselves. I'd like to see the reintroduction of decent grants for 'proper' students on science courses (which means top line 'A' level results).
  11. The impression put out in public is that Mr Gray had fallen on his sword and left his job, not taken a cushy internal transfer. Why was resigning the decent thing? It has not had a negative impact on his income.
  12. Now things are getting interesting, is anyone else still watching the St Albans market. Threads on the subject seem a bit out of date - I found an old one where Casual Observer was still a bear
  13. BoomBoom, have you ever met a city worker? What makes you think they have some 'grand' sense of entitlement. It appears to be your jealosy at play here rather than the failings of others. I remember the last crash and recall a story about a young man who lived nearby who committed suicide after losing his job and facing repossession. He was manual worker - not a city boy - but I believe we will hear similar stories again soon from many sections of society. Not something to wish for.
  14. £35 per week and no cooker! Seemed like a decent person who had tried to save but just saw prices rise. These are the people I'll really feel for when it crashes.
  15. Excellent thread - I think the decision making during a recession will be far more important to most of us than house prices. Quick suggestion from me - dont take expensive holidays - if you are out of work you may really appreciate the extra cash to take a decent break.
  16. Not true - you can VAT register with no revenues. There is a level of turnover where you must register - is that what you are thinking of? Many start ups and small businesses register for VAT to recover the input VAT. If you only sell to VAT registered entities the only reason not to reclaim is to avoid the admin.
  17. Mmmm, I live on a planet where I would expect people who have been on large salaries for any length of time to have reasonably easy access to £15k.
  18. I think the difference between a maths or physics degree from a decent university and a Micky Mouse certificate is that the subjects demand ability and effort, and develop skills in people with an ability to be developed. Thus graduates in harder subjects have a wider range of careers to chose from and seem to finish up with much better jobs. Perhaps they are able to get jobs outside the discipline as their skills are in demand (unlike the majority of recent graduates)?
  19. Wow, Derek and Topher Bear back on the same day. How's business Derek?
  20. For me, the horror scenario is a marginal win by Cameron, followed by a recession. Labour would be in power for the next 20 years if that happened.
  21. Many congratulations to both of you.
  22. Agreed. Firemen, the police, the armed forces - the sort of jobs society needs doing well, and should recognise a more limited working life than someone based in an office. I guess many of us have been guilty of generalisation when discussing the public sector. Personally I object to the size of pensions being accrued by the civil service with no funding in place to cover the exposure, and the cost of the Local Governement pension scheme which offers benefits far in excess of the private sector. I understand a lot of BTL Landlords do...... What age do you receive a pension BTW?
  23. You seem to be missing something here - what anyone wishes for is irrelevent to what will happen. You may be right in thinking that the status quo is the better of two evils, but this wont prevent a credit crash and the accompanying problems. I don't think many people here want to see mass unemployment (perhaps some are too young to remember the realities) but many are trying to arrange their affairs to best prepare themselves for the future.
  24. Banks wouldn't lend to a private company on such favourable terms as they will to an individual - or would demand personal guarantees.
  25. Erm, how about bricklaying, plumbing, plastering.... I could name a few more trades where I see pretty decent wages being earned. Guess what - shortage of training opportunities leads to limited number of people with the skills thus pushing up wages.
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