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  1. Let me translate - my software fails 5% of the time. Hmmm....
  2. Current thoughts anyone? My perusals of Rightmove are showing a much better quality of properties in the £240 - 270k range (ie buy below £250k) in the St Albans area. I also noticed that many ads state that properties are ideal for 'first time buyers/ downshifters'. A few months ago the ads were all aimed at BTL.
  3. RB Well said. I think allowing frustrations to overflow demeans the forum. I dislike the type of comments you have noted. They add nothing to the discussion and make the membership appear infantile.
  4. If its made in Britain will they change the plot to avoid having a convicted paedophile as the lead character?
  5. Steve, where did you buy? My recollection of 1994 prices in West Yorks is that factory workers were buying on a single income.
  6. Hi Topher Hear hear. I smoke - I blame no-one but myself. My choice and my failing. The people who have borrowed too much also made their own decisions.
  7. He has the annoying loud, arrogrant ***** personality. Ive worked with a few people who came accross just like him. They seem to progress in life beyond any level of ability.
  8. Further down the same thread: Significant or what! HO regret owning and are considering never buying again! Propertysnake to blame. I bet Tom feels guilty!
  9. Its nothing like natural selection! The inept and foolish can still have children, and having children gives access to council houses, tax credits and the whole benefits caboodle. Where in the normal evolutionary process do unproductive members of society have more children?
  10. A year ago they would have taken MEW. Could be an interesting trend...
  11. When do the poles get the right to work in Germany? Lower costs, Euro pay packets and a shorter trip home should temp them there dont you think?
  12. I can't say that I find city types particularly to my taste but Boom Boom seems to be missing the plot completely. For all that many seem to be excessively paid no-one sensible can claim they are other than hardworking and talented individuals. The pushy sales types will do fine in telesales (just a lesser paid version of what they do now) or running market stalls (plenty of opportunities in a recession). The more academic, the best of our maths and science graduates can move back into science or IT. The people who really suffer will be those who supplied services to the cash rich but time poor and recipients of government spending when the tax take reduces.
  13. Perhaps they do understand some economics. The profitability of newspapers has been seriously hit in recent years due to the move to the internet by both advertisers and readers. It won't take much of a recession to destroy advertising spend - they are afraid for their jobs.
  14. Try "Nebraska" for earlier Springsteen crash inspired songs: Johnny 99: "Now judge judge I had debts no honest man could pay The bank was holdin' my mortgage and they was takin' my house away Now I ain't sayin' that makes me an innocent man But it was more 'n all this that put that gun in my hand" Atlantic Cty: "Well I got a job and tried to put my money away But I got debts that no honest man can pay So I drew what I had from the Central Trust And I bought us two tickets on that Coast City bus"
  15. Thats interesting. How well do you speak German and how did you learn?
  16. I'm not so convinced - how about improvements in the quality of schooling? Although my knowledge of education is limited I suspect that teaching standards are higher than when I was at school (I'm in my mid 30's). League tables may have their faults but do seem to have focussed attention on outputs following the misadventures of 1970's and 1980's child centred nonsense. I recently bought a maths 'A' level textbook to revise some algebra. It was far better than anything I used at school - standards of materials must be an aid to teaching.
  17. I think another issue is that there are far fewer jobs which fall within a formal pay grading structure than in the early 90's. Far more starting salaries are set by individual negotiation, which allows employers to pay far more for new recruits without increasing pay across the board when labour markets are tight. The flip side is that when more people are looking for work the rates will fall - and employers will be tempted to lay off staff and save money if and when they have to replace them.
  18. Why are teachers on a 1/80 salary scheme? It seems well below the norm for the public sector?
  19. Mmmmm, I wish this were true. I strongly believe that teachers should be paid at a level broadly equivalent with gradiuate professions (not the office monkey jobs many graduates do). However I just don't believe that many of the people I knew who went into teaching would have ever gained jobs as lawyers or accountants - let alone progress in such professions. I'm also conscious that many people who would have been successful in anything they chose went into teaching and have been sorely let down by the pay and conditions they receive. I'd like to see differential pay rates for different subjects reflecting supply and demand - in particular more pay for science and language teachers, and a general improvement in pay and conditions for teachers. However, I'd also like to see a weeding out of weaker teachers to match the change. Out of interest, it now seems common to see teachers pay compared with that of police officers and nurses - and the teaching unions going along with this comparison. This is nonsense - we need top grade graduates to enter teaching, people who really are sacrificing lucrative careers elsewhere. Thus my great respect for teachers. Classroom teaching really is a job I couldn't face.
  20. How long ago did Cletus turn to the dark side. Seems only yesterday - I must have been on here too long.
  21. Lets think, one of them has a 100% secure local council job with a decdent pension scheme and plenty of paid overtime and Christmas tips. The other has huge loans to pay back as well as he mortage.
  22. Quite agree - Im sure the general guide was up to 3x (in London the 3.5 or 4xx figure was used). Does the London centric press mislead (amongst other things) by suggesting multiples and prices which may be ok for young career people but dangerous for everyone else?
  23. Was it just a coincidence that HPC was established when the FT forum was falling apart?
  24. A fair few of my friends bought their first places like this back in 92/93. Not quite sure how it swung with the mortagage companies but it must of worked somehow. IIRC the amounts them were pretty big - one guy got a 'gifted deposit' of £5k on a place he bought for £32k - I dont think that was unheard of elsewhere.
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