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  1. Good luck to them. Nice to see the BBC showing balanced people.
  2. We need a story like this to hit the national news to really demonstrate how much property can fall. Any links to the local press?
  3. Cells, Where do you work? Can I get a job there? The f/wits I work with are far more annoying. They say 'I withdrew MY equity', emphasis on the MY, proceeding to tell me how they are 'investing' their 'equity' in a new bathroom and/or car. Oh and the holiday ("you only live once"). Forget the chavs can't fly anymore thread - I know office monkeys who have been flying business class.
  4. I was of the impression that it simply meant 'in paid employment' - given that most poverty related stories involve people on benefits.
  5. When i graduated and worked in West Yorkshire in the early to mid 90's a lot of my colleages bought three bed houses (mainly with a partners income to help with the mortgage but not in all cases). I believe that older employees had done much the same so this wasn't only possible due to the recession. Thinking about it many members of my family with starter type jobs had bought terraced houses as their first place and had children in them before moving to better places.
  6. Erm, what would happen if no-one lived on the wrong side of town?
  7. Whenever I visit friends with low wages who complain about a lack of money they always have the heating set to 21-22 degrees. I think he has a point.
  8. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned one time prominent poster 'Catch22'. Once an outspoken STR IIRC correctly he bought about a year ago. Anyone else remember anything?
  9. Agreed. Its easy to criticize the events in Iraq and forget the many brave men and women out there doing a job, and the terrible things some of them go through. Sorry to hear about you friends 29929.
  10. I'm not so sure - people will move anywhere to find work in a recession. If its a choice of no job or internal transfer to the other end of the country you go. Forced sellers always help a crash along.
  11. I hear what you are saying, but every town in West Yorkshire is full of people who think that their property is worth a fortune because people can commute to Leeds. What happened in the last 5 years? Could no-one drive or take the train before that?
  12. Dont knock it - this is the work-life balance ZaNu Labour are in favour of.
  13. Fair enough, but its in a decent location - you know, the sort that people always want.....
  14. Note the lack of interior pictures - must be a bombsite if the exterior is the selling point!
  15. I stayed in Cardiff Bay a couple of weekends ago in a major newbuild development (Century Wharf). I know many on here don't like such places but personally I'm happy to live in a decent flat. The site was a gated community - very impresive in some ways but the area around looked decisively dodgy. I walked into Cardiff centre past the Somali community centre and local council estate in the afternoon and made sure I got a taxi back in the evening. The major thing which struck me was the number of warnings about crime and car theft from the underground car parks. Its fine having big fences and a security guard at the entrance, but what happens when a struggling BTL'r rents out to some local characters? Would you fancy living it your executive box with the local winos sat on the expensively laid out lawns?
  16. To be fair she will look less flaky that the average arts graduate when she applies for a real job. I remember looking for graduate employment in 1992 - not a pleasant experience. The current crop of hopefulls will have lots more competition and much higher debts.
  17. Barrets problems have come from excessive debt- how many VC backed companies can we expect to go under in the downturn?
  18. Cheers Mattsa, I remember thinking much the same and thought I was the only fool out there. I'd put my money on big falls - 98 prices (adjusted for inflation), possibly lower. This may take years of small nominal falls, or come as a short sharp shock. Quite apart from the impact of interest rates and the difficulty young people (especially graduates) are having saving a deposit, current prices and income multiples make no allowance for the change in the world of work where the job/ career for life has gone and we should contemplate time out of the workforce for job hunting and retraining. There is a lot of discussion on here about the effect of low interest rates on house prices, I think we also need to consider that there has been a ten year period where jobs have been very easy to find.
  19. There are enough people with children for tax credits to impact the employment market - especially for single mother friendly positions. With little marginal benefit from a higher income people look for flexible hours, an easy location to get to and reliable, non too stressful work. A nightmare for the childless looking for a break in life.
  20. What! Where do you live? Its pretty much impossible to recruit a newly qualified 25 year old qualified accountant for £35k in much of the country. If there is a glass ceiling its a long way above that level.
  21. Well said. What kind of society are we building when the disfunctional are paid to breed?
  22. Both the Grangemouth and Shell workers earn notably more than similar positions. As is typical in Britain we complain about incomes when it would be far easier to target costs. Why not campain for more land to be developed thus reducing the price of property, and associated prices from comercial premises?
  23. I find the lack of discussion of this topic both in the media and society pretty amazing. I've read countless articles about 'glass ceilings' and pay differentials, but no reference to the fact that a woman aged, say, 28-35 will have a much harder time than a man in finding a new job, and particularly a management level position. Do you think the rules have gone to the point where discrimination becomes inevitable?
  24. Amazing isn't it. All look lovely inside, but have poor parking and most are a fair treck from the Thameslink. Who do you think the core buyer for such places is? I'd suspect these houses are a trade up from a two bed London flat. Will St Albans house prices only go down when London does?
  25. Mabbie, What part of Reading are you in?
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