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  1. Broadly speaking (I'm sure there are notable exceptions) I don't believe in bailing out business owners. If there state wishes to support an organisation it should receive shares in return for investment.
  2. Good luck. I've just read todays emails - one from the letting agency talking about a renewal in July...... Perfectly reasonably written but they are never normally prompt on such things. Also read a couple of posts from younger people on forums who are being asked for guarantors in places they have rented without for a couple of years. One was told it was now a legal requirement.
  3. Plus the word is out now - if there is ever a crisis you don't need to pay your rent. But anyway - I'm sure all the sophisticated investors understood political risk so no issue there.
  4. Of interest don't most estate agents earn most of their money on commissions? How are their staff coping right now?
  5. and scan a copy removing your name. Plenty of people are starting to post these and much of the population has a relative in trouble at the moment.
  6. I guess he is a lodger - not sure how the legalities work at the moment.
  7. I think an immediate period of 3 month where no rent - commercial or residential - is required to be paid is required. Universal - no bureaucracy. If anyone has time while 'working' from home its worth making sure that these who are struggling and deeply scared at the moment are aware of the no evictions rule, and that no courts will be hearing cases for ages.
  8. Thats what I've been telling them when explaining my lack of compassion! Recall when we heard they were all sophisticated investors?
  9. Anyone else getting annoyed with squealing landlords? I've engaged with some online - none seem to realise that they run a business with business risks, and that legislative changes and disease outbreaks are the kind of risks one may take into account when investing.
  10. Very much my observations. There doesn't seem to be a lot of demand or supply. Anything which is a little cheaper goes pretty quickly but a lot of flats are stuck on Rightmove with owners not willing or able to drop the prices enough to shift them. Which areas are you following?
  11. Even £250k for a one bed at or larger than 40 sq meters would be a step forward. We have so far to go to return to sanity.
  12. My memory of the the mid 90s was that if you were young and had some office experience you could go places fast. Computers were taking over and people who could use them could skip 10-15 years ahead in their careers.
  13. If I were an HGV driver (and I really envy people who can do that) I'd look for all towns where there is a decent flow of work at decent pay rates and check the best deals for property. Ideally somewhere with public transport - if anything happens and you can't drive you don't want to be imprisoned. Then try to research cheapish areas - find out why they are cheap and look for one where they downsides (for example poor schools) don't bother you. South Leeds/ Ponte area - you might get something good for £100k. Other places are out there. Do your research then buy when you have the cash or can face a low mortgage. Anyway, I'll bet that if you met with a proper sample of fellow students on your course and compared your life and income to theirs you would feel pretty positive about it. IT/ whatever skill is required can do great - but shortages don't generally last forever.
  14. I'm looking in north London - zone 4 and 5. There seem to be some slight reductions in established areas, much more notable in East London. As a general theme there is very little supply. Areas which really should have 20 flats for sale at any one time in whatever price bracket you look for have at most 5-10. Some priced fairly high (needed for next move?). Others priced a little lower seem to move quickly.
  15. I'm a bit younger but certainly remember all my peers buying in London at multiples which were achievable on their salaries - most would not have been able to get assistance from their parents anyway.
  16. Not sure how far back you can remember? I recall when people might borrow the legal costs from their parents (which they repaid) - large gifts from family were unusual.
  17. Thats been my experience. Pretty much a given in Greater London - and people are becoming more and more aware of it. Any flat I've viewed had couples with their parents.
  18. A couple of thoughts. £120 a week is a fortune for a student. I tried looking at potential universities with a younger relative - there seems little information about relative costs of different locations. Even on The Student Room there is little comparison of living costs. The repayments are for earnings over the lower limit (£21k rising to £25k shortly) - so won't pay £4,500 pa until they earn something around £70k. However there seems to be a huge number going onto masters degrees which cost another 6% of income over a lower level. Add that to 9% of salary for undergrad we've managed to add 15% to income tax rates. Get your first managerial job - pay 55% marginal tax! This is socialism through the back door. I wonder about the effects of this. It doesn't seem worth sweating for a promotion or taking a worse commute for a better job on those tax rates.
  19. I've noticed this over the years. People bought expensive houses with little in savings to cover for loss of job, ill health etc. Likewise they pay hefty school fees with no great financial cushion. When I asked those I knew who seemed pretty sensible and clued up most did have a plan B if the worst came to the worst - move back to large parental home, work a basic job in a family business.
  20. I was looking around zone 3/4 East London a few years ago - might well have been some of the areas warriors friend was in. As an observation some places (Leytonstone, Leyton) have massively improved in this time. Places I wish I had bought then 2012/13 have doubled or more - but the area has also changed. I hope they crash soon...
  21. Actually I've lived in (very) North London for a few years now - but occasionally look on rightmove for flats near to Potters Bar station. As you say, the Herts area has a lot to offer, and I find being a little further south adds a lot to the driving time going north from London. Are you seeing any positive downwards moves with prices? I'm not seeing any good news at all - if anything there seems to be a gradual rise at the moment and places selling pretty quickly.
  22. Thats what beats me. I love Kingston and would love to live there, but it used to be relatively affordable due to the limitations of transport links. Any idea how people afford this, or is turnover low enough that inheritance / HPI gains leave enough people able to pay?
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