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  1. But surely you made an offer "Subject to survey" ? You survey has indicated the price is overvalued - I don't see what the moral problem is here. If you lower your offer you are not breaking your word.
  2. http://www.investorschronicle.co.uk/InvestmentGuides/Property/article/20100205/9459cbcc-0cf5-11df-9472-0015171400aa/The-return-of-Inside-Track.jsp
  3. Markets are up since announcement. Obviously bad news is the new good news.
  4. This case was won because MBNA couldn't provide a signed copy of the loan agreement - a well known get out. It's doubtful the case would have been won on the PPI commission alone.
  5. I don't like it either - here's some constructive criticism.. rather than the get rid of it or I'll leave brigade... Blue on Blue on the main forum page doesn't work - it's too hard on the eyes to spot the threads you want to read. Also there's too much padding! I have to scroll half a mile down now to view the entire page. Dark grey buttons on Blue doesn't go either. What I do like is the [1,2,3,4...next>] buttons on the threads - they are much easier to use.
  6. Serves him right for doing a history degree. What's the point of that?
  7. I can't believe the people who are saying this is a master move and they are financially savvy.. Since when does flooding the market with 900 properties become a good idea. Who's going to pay full price for a property when there are 899 similar ones in the same area? It sounds like a firesale to me. I think there's a lot more behind this story than meets the eye. My guess is the creditors are forcing their hand.
  8. It's interesting to see that the 3 previous recessions were the longest - each getting progressively longer. Does'nt bode well for this recession at all.
  9. All the NFP numbers tell you is who lost their job and who is looking for a new one. If someone gives up looking for work then they fall off the radar and don't get counted. So the rate of decline is falling (face it - the numbers are still going down not up) but that's as much with people giving up looking for work as companies not sacking people anymore. So exactly where is the good news here?
  10. Yes I just worked that out. You'll get a better return than that in a safe savings account once you take into account maintenance & other costs. You really didn't have your business head on the day you bought that did you? A flat yielding £700pm should be priced £70-100K.
  11. It's end of quarter - so thin volumes while portfolio managers tinker their P&L, which is less likely to observe fundamentals than to massage figures for the sake of their end of year bonus. We'll probably see the true reaction from tomorrow.
  12. This is not entirely true. Any UK savings account that pays tax gets reported to the Inland Revenue by the banks. So if you pay little tax and declare low earnings and the Inland revenue see that all of a sudden you are paying a large amount of tax on your savings you will be flagged up on their radar.
  13. Seriously guys - what is actually different to March when the market was at multi-year lows? This is a market driven purely on sentiment at the moment and it will be the next piece of bad news which will be the tipping point again. I have money sitting in the sidelines ready to invest - but there is no point going in at these levels. Sit on your hands and wait it out - the market will fall again soon enough once the herd of buyers have spent their money. I don't believe we've seen the lows yet. It could very well be a summer of ecstasy on the market but these things never last. People are getting carried away - honestly - where is the good news? 1/2m extra unemployed last month. These are people that are now tightening their purse strings, they are not going to borrow or spend a lot of money for the rest of this year - this will have knock on effects for months to come.
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